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Pedro Gonzales
I think people are tired or bored of the negative comments and trully find such alternatives worth their time.  Since the large number of users are active users on their site is something worth noting.   I think by keeping comments to just love it or leave does make a real difference. 
> For example, I routinely get marketed to by my cable provider to sign up
> for their "triple play" package. I find it interesting since I've been a customer
> of that package for over four years. 

@ Larry: It appears that the more things change, the more they remain the same. We as consumers really have to *seriously complain* about these *small things* for such matters to improve.
@sara >> Is it fair for Target to replace their CIO?

One would think the hand on the helm has got to be steady and trustworthy. One way or another, she lost that trust. The only way to get it back is to refresh responsibility. Also today Gary Cohen resigned – he lead the agency that made many of the rules for the Affordable Care Act.

It's usually been the case that "Heavy is the head that wears the crown." (Shakespeare, Henry IV). Life isn't always fair. One could argue the CEO was also at fault.

Target hasn't done enough to recover the trust of consumers. Unlike Johnson & Johnson and the Tylenol poisonings of 1982, which was a textbook case of how to assume corporate responsibility (they took all product off the shelf and redesigned and redefined packaging to make bottles more tamper-proof). But that was then, and this is now.

I need to go to Target to buy some things, but now I will only pay cash and/or look for similar stores.
I may not buy one to have it wake me up in the morning but a device that would shoot some nice smelling stuff into the air just before I arrive home with my son after wrestling practice would be nice.

There are a lot of these little things that will become invisible to us but will also be very useful. Things like sensors that turn off the stove, lights or iron if you leave the house or if it detects a fault.
I don't see the point why Indian regulators want to regulate this sector. It's non strategic, has nothing to do with national security and regulations may end up producing inefficient outcome as far as the economics of it are concerned. IMHO, its not worth regulating even at the state level.
Being at a small development company, our CIO is also entrenched in Development.  We went through a cycle two years ago where sales was trying to reinvent our product as a Saas offering, consistent with your "monthly fee" allure of the new business model.  That failed miserably, the VP of sales and his cronies have been fired, and today we are thriving on an ancillary product that was conceived through Marketing & Development.  So I proceed with caution with entertaining an idea that is conceived merely from an internal discussion the VP of Sales has and is not borne out of actual customer need.
I'd give anything to be in the room when von Furstenberg meets with the technologists from Intel. My bet is that the geeks see the utility of her designs, and they all start wearing the famous  von Furstenberg "smart wrap dress"  -- rather than Diane sporting any wearable technology.
@dave – much to talk about. I wish I was schooled in English common law if for no reason than I could say "Well, according to English common law..." and then solve the problem from a precedent in 1632 or so. Alas, I am not a law expert of any kind.

Here's a gem we can tackle:

>> You are relying on the very power of the anonymous review to do your selling.

In a time where everyone knows what phone calls we made last week to wherever, or data breaches take more information than that, there probably isn't a big future for the power of anonymous reviews as a singular, sustainable sales tool. But that depends on the product.

So, can technologists impact the law? Can enterprise IT be a factor in the courts? Or are they only reacting?
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Sara Peters
It Pays to Be Pretty

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How can brick-and-mortar book shops compete with online e-book stores, and what does Barnes & Noble have to do with it?
Curtis Franklin Jr.
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Ivan Schneider
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Practice Your Poker Face

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Marketing companies are using Webcams in focus groups and soon hope to use them in store displays to read our inner thoughts about products and displays.
Sara Peters
E-Books: Read 'Em Before They’re Dead

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Starbucks & the Gamification of Commerce

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