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Well gang, This has been a great discussion as always. Zombies, werewolves, hackers, first aid kits...I always learn something chatting with you all. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

@eethtworkz: Like the old War of the Worlds radio broadcast? i also thought maybe it was an awesome guerilla marketing stunt. It happened to coincide with return of new season for zombie TV series The Walking Dead...

the thing abt attacking the EAS can only be to creat panic.I cant see any other advantage in that.

@Rich: That's the right spirit. though You could have gotten away with that one in my book, It would fall under the "good-hearted" category.

bye. thank you all for the conversation.

have a good day/weekend all - will see you on February 20 - God willing....

"thanks for not making fun of my accidental pseudo-Italian misspelling: Aspirini. LOL."

I hope I never kid for mean purposes, only good hearted ones.

@eethtworkz: + the Bitorrent paper too.

Curtis for this I got recepy... natural honey mix with propolus in the few table spon of overproof white rum or vodka... and applied on bandage... covering with plastic wrap...

@eethtworkz: Thx, will check that out as soon as we wrap. 

And with that I'm off to finish some writing. This has been a great chat -- I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Here;s something interesting

Network Forensics.

Another great product is Absorbine -- not the "Jr." version they sell in pharmacies, but the real horse linament that you get at the tack store. Truly superb for pre- and post-workout rubdowns.

@Rich: thanks for not making fun of my accidental pseudo-Italian misspelling: Aspirini. LOL. 

For what it's worth, the Cramer analgesics are great, as well. Atomic Balm is my favorite -- Cramergesic isn't as strong, and Red Hot is, well, pretty much as advertised.

"does apsirini help with Dengue fever?"

I don't know what would help with that other than avoidance of disease vectors and maintaining general health.

@Rich: does apsirini help with Dengue fever?

"what's that about? we should airlift some over there."
I'm trying to understand the issue.

@Rich: what's that about? we should airlift some over there.

theres  a very interesting research paper for misusing Bittorent for DDOS attacks

Thanks batye. I also found it at Amazon. I will be placing it in my softball bag in two days (with free shipping no less)!

@susan nunziata: saw the price of aspirin in italy. have you seen it? it's astronomical.

@eethtworkz: Curt wrote about it this week, but you may not have seen it. Here's the link

Dave -

as dollar store one hp a lot of the time not stong... or to clean to use...

@curt- thanks, I'll look into it. Because i refuse to wear long pants to play softball so I get cuts and scrapes on my legs all the time

concentration to your own liking...

when I was in Russia, I got stock up in tablet form when you could just add water and get your own hydrogen piroxide...

@Rich: Yikes! Dengue is no joke. yes, my family emigrated some time ago so we have lost touch with relatives there. But that is terrible news. Far worse than West Nile.

@susan-lemme read up abt it.EAS DDoS

@Dave, neosporin is good stuff. If you're playing softball a lot you should look up some stuff called "Cinder Suds" -- it's a product used by athletic trainers to clean out scrapes when runners fall on cinder tracks.

I use 70% hp for day to day... also when I travel I drinkin it... few drops in the unknow water... mix before drinking to kill bacteria...

@Curt: Yes, that is true. But it keeps a wound from healing too quickly, according to one of  my docs. Sometimes you don't want a wound to heal too quiclkly. And it's not paranoia if you live in hurricane or earthquake country to have a kit. 

"via 1 grandparent. "

Was reading about spread of dengue fever and similar there due to asian tiger mosquito. Big problem That mosquito is making in-roads in the US.

@Susan, hacking has changed since the days when I was exploring the inner workings of the NCSA. Ahhh, the memories of triggering accounts by rapidly hitting the off-hook buttons on a rotary phone...

@Dave-Sorry to spoil ur misconception!

@Curt- i know when i hurt got a slide burn playing softball, I tried peroxide and it definitely took forever to heal. the next time i got a slide burn, i did not use it, used neosporin instead and it healed in a tenth of the time.

@Rich: Yes...via 1 grandparent. 

David... you are right on the money...

@Susan, I've been a fan of peroxide for years though I know many ER docs who don't like it -- they say it kills too much healthy tissue. I now keep some OR prep soap in our emergency kit along with sterile saline to help irrigate and clean wounds. It's amazing what paranoia does for your preparedness!

i don't know why but I feel like saying "that's what she said" to everything Rich has said for the last 10 minutes. :)

@Susan Nunziata: Did you mention you were from Bari once?

@eethtworkz: Good point. It's not just wiseguy students having fun anymore. Although I have to give credit to the Zombie hack of the EAS. Assuming again it wasn't a test probe, it really was pretty funny. Did you hear about that?

@eethtworkz- You're ruining my hollywood perception of really nerdy guy's in their parent's basement writing malcious code to entertain themselves between rounds of Call of Duty.

"that's what they all say."

i stay out of that part of town.

yes, Susan it helps.... they also use it in cosmetics...

@Rich: that's what they all say.

@Susan-Really smart and experienced Hackers can still figure out whats going on behind the scenes.But for a newbie its very tough.

@batye: I had read that about dead sea mud. The high salinity has a healing effect as I recall. 

Susan... soon we all get arrested for sharing chem. warfare recepies... lol

@Dave/Susan-The days of the script kiddie and simple coders are over.

@Curt: plus bleach. plus peroxide.

yes, Rich... you are right Aloe mixed with dead sea mud helps a lot... as in Israel they use this mixture in the hospitals for vounded IDF soldiers after rehab therapy to help with scars...

@eethtworkz, @Dave: But a determined hacker knows what to look for before he (or she) downloads that porn, right?

Heres an interesting piece of software.

@Susan, I think Windex should be part of every emergency first-aid kit.

It's OK, @Susan. I have a long memory. Not always reliable, but very long. <grin>

@Rich, @Curt, @Batye: i'm sticking with Vit. E and Aloe for now, but thanks for the suggestion...Those of you who are fans of the film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" may also want to consider Windex. It apparently cures everything. 

@David-Most Malware is not written by one author today.So u cant just callup the author and ask him/her to turn it off!

@Curt: Sorry, can't resist a straight line when I see one. ;)

"wuild bears fat, helps one of my indian native friend to remove scars from his face/head"

i've seen some surprising results from aloe

@Sara: I hear they can do wonders with 3D printing these days. 

Thanks, @Susan. Kick a guy while he's in the swamp...

@batye, we don't have a large enough bear population here in Florida for there to be any real hunting. Now, if there were something special that could come from hogs or gators, we'd be in great shape!

@bateye/Rich-In case u missed it ,DoD and NIST already created a Hardened mobile OS and now they also work with Invincea to create a hardened browser.

wuild bears fat, helps one of my indian native friend to remove scars from his face/head

I missed the memo too, Dave. At least you, Susan, and Curt work from home offices so nobody would notice if you were on the beach while hackers impersonated you online.  I'd have had to create a very convincing android to sit at my desk in the office.

@batye: good question: Curtis - question do you have any friends 

we've been trying to figure that one out too...  :))

Curtis, do they hunt wild bears?

Do you think hackers who look at porn worry about getting malware? Or do they just call up the hacker that put the malware there and ask them to remove it as a professional courtesy?

@batye, yes I do. Quite a few.

"Kasperski  is ex-KGB"

didn't know that, but good to presume backdoors in all software that isn't open source

Curtis - question do you have any friends - hunters?

@Dave: Sorry, didn't you get the email?

"vitamin e it helps even with old scars"

watch out with vitamin e if you have any blood clots--consult a physician

@Sara: I was trying to be polite. :)

@batye, I used vitamin E on my arm and chest scars and it seemed to help. The face happened before vitamin E was widely available -- and there are those who would say that a poor vitamin could be expected to do only so much given my face.

Rich... Kasperski  is ex-KGB, now they gonna made secure OS. accessble by...

@Susan- Why didn't anyone tell me? You stuck me with the site while the rest of you tan?

@Susan  I didn't think it was all that subtle.

@rich- As Nick Cannon says in Drumline, "No one can do me. I'm he only one who can do me."

@Sara: LOL. The subtlety of your point escaped me. 

@Susan-Yes this is what makes more sense to me.

@Rich: Hahaha, and the real Susan is out on the beach catching some rays. OK, we admit it. We did it so we could get some time off., also sell vitamin e it helps even with old scars

@Susan  No, that's my point. Hackers want to take down tech sites, but leave up porn sites. If they DDOSed porn sites, then they wouldn't be able to watch them.

@Sara-No you got it wrong.Tech sites are most infested with malware than Porn sites today.

@Dave, @eethtworkz: that's my suspicion as well. Trial run?

How do any of us know that the hackers aren't--AT THIS MOMENT--impersonating Sara, Curt, David, Susan, et al?

@batye @Curt  You gentlemen have had to overcome a lot.

Curtis, I use vitamin e - it helps a lot with scars but I drunk a lot of blueberry and carrot juices - did not help much

@Sara: No, other way around. Hackers are targeting more tech sites than porn sites now.

@David-Dont be so sure,it could very well be just a Test run ahead of the real show!

@eethtworkz: Right, to your earlier comment as well, no particular IP was stolen or even accessible via this hack.

@eethtworkz @Susan  So hackers like porn more than they like technology. Is this really a surprise?

"when I was a teenager I had an accident that destroyed much of my face."

I had no idea. That was undoubtedly traumatic. Very sorry you went through that.

@Susan-My sentiments exactly!

Speaking of William Shatner, I understand there is a rumor that Jonathan Frakes will direct a remake of Forbidden Planet, the movie with no music but only sound effects that sound as if they were made using a microphone pickup on an abdomen from someone who just ate at a White Castle. This version will actually use abdominal sounds instead of electronically synthesized versions of them.

@Dave   Thank you for sharing. I'm always happy to have a little bit of Shatner to brighten my day.

I find it vaguely flattering if we or our parent company was the target. In a funny way it means you were doing something right that you were noticed by anyone probing you.

@batye, when I was a teenager I had an accident that destroyed much of my face. I had emergency surgery, much of which was designed to allow my left eye to keep working. I understand the loss of depth perception -- no fun at all. Fortunately, mine came back, and I now have binaural vision (one eye nearsighted, the other farsighted).

@eethtworkz: Wow, tech sites are actually more popular malware targets than porn? I'll take that as a positive sign. Means more people are reading about tech than that other stuff. Geeks shall inherit the earth. :)

No after insident I got MRI they could not find anything wrong but I just could not measure/see distance during driving...

@eethtworkz: that's what we're trying to figure out. It did not touch any of our critical information, just took down the front-facing sites. Someone suggested it may have been a probing attack to see what our weaknesses were. To me, it's just odd that we became a target versus say a bank or healthcare organization with depp PII. 

Susan from what I see - Hackers not a regular people... and I got training as volnteer street outreach worker... if you follow assesment rules for people in need help of pro... and assess the hacker - and follow assesment rule...

@eethtworkz  I guess that hackers like porn better than they like technology? Doesn't sound all that newsworthy to me.

@bateye-Now your kidding right?

@Susan  I think I read something about Asperger's and hackers before... I'll see if I can find it.

@Susan-I was also reading in an interesting report published by Sourcefire and Symantec recently that Technology Sites are more likely to be infested with Malware than Porn Sites today. No idea why?

OK, this has nothing to do with anything w're talking about. But a friend just sent me this and I couldn't help but sharing. And since it is William Shatner being...William Shatner...I thought it would be OK.!

"Sara... after hitting my head 20 years ago.. I could not drive... as I could not see distance... after incident... I lost the ability to see/measure the distance..."

Sorry to hear that, batye

@Susan-In the sense,think about it rationally.Where is the Money to be made in attacking a site like this where no money changes hands?

"I started my doomsday machine."

Is that the one with the pull cord that never starts?

Sara... after hitting my head 20 years ago.. I could not drive... as I could not see distance... after incident... I lost the ability to see/measure the distance...

@Susan-But do you feel any Particular IP was stolen?What did they achieve with the DDOS?

@batye: how many hackers do you think also suffer some form of mental illness? is this proven by any research?

and by "fun" Curt means the opposite of fun.

"if all this was happening during a full moon"

Does it have to be Earth's moon?


@Rich, if all this was happening during a full moon I'd be truly worried.

As it is, I'm having email fun today, but I don't think it has anything to do with yesterday's excitement.

@Rich-I read that a Cable connecting Egpyt with Europe snapped that day.Guess that could also have something to do with it?

@eethtworkz: Only our specific division of UBM Tech was hit as far as our company goes (we are part of a big  multinational media organization). As Dave notes many other unrelated companies were hit in that datacenter as well. Our UBM Tech division accounts for some 50 websites and it was all those out-facing websites that were brought down. 

using his hacking skills or social engenering skills...

@Rich- The meteor was my fault. I got so mad at the attack on us, I started my doomsday machine. When we went back up, i turned it off. But not before one slipped in.

@Susan  Fascinating.  Y'know what else is weird (which I've probably told you before) is that my favorite composer, my favorite artist, and one of the guys in my favorite band are/were all epileptics? I didn't know they were epileptics until well after they became my favorites.

my friend use to have tenant in his house... very smart hacker... but mentaly chalenged... Toronto police arrest him multiple times... send him to the mental hospital... he run away...

"Was it just UBM websites which were down or was everything to do with UBM was down?Every single one of UBM that is webfacing?

My Internet service went down that day for a few hours, as well. Probably coincidence. Just like the meteorite going down in Russia was a coincidence with UBM going down.

@Susan  Fastcinating. I'd have thought that something called "St. Valentine's illness" would have been somehow related to eating too much candy from heart-shaped boxes or from being impaled on a spear too much.

@Sara: but wait, there's more: Some of this reinforcement is seen in the iconic representations of St. Valentine healing people with epilepsy. These are frequently encountered in southern Germany, eastern Switzerland, Austria and northern Italy. The first such representation appeared in The Nuremberg Chronicle, a great illustrated book printed in 1493. They often show the Saint with a boy or man having a seizure or apparently recovering from a seizure. 

Susan... I see people like that at least once a months during seminars/shows... very bright but antisocial... not right upstairs... sad... always fighting dragons and do not care if anyone get hurt...

@Sara: according to Much is made of the phonetic similarity in the German language between the words 'fallen' (fall) and 'Valentine'. This reinforced St. Valentine's connection to epilepsy in German speaking areas and led to common names for epilepsy in German such as "Saint Valentine's illness" and "St. Valentine's affliction". 

It was part of UBM called UBM Tech. But apparently it got 9 datacenters before it was done. So other companies were hit.

I meant every single part of UBM Infrastructure that is webfacing?

@Susan-Just a question-Was it just UBM websites which were down or was everything to do with UBM was down?Every single one of UBM that is webfacing?

@Susan-I doubt u will get all the real information out.

@Susan  No, I did NOT know that. Or maybe I did, but I forgot. Why on earth was St. valentine the patron saint of epileptics?

Meanwhile, conspiracy theories abound.

We're still waiting for more info from our VP of IT on the attack. May be a while before all the forensics are done. 

@Rich  "Where was the cave?"  I don't know. If I was a vampire I could probably tell you more about what happened centuries ago, but we werewolves aren't immortal.

Sara... -

@Sara: Did you know St. Valentine is the patron saint of epileptics?

Also, the positive was that I got to catchup on some paperwork. :)

"Y'know I might be a werewolf. I'm epileptic, and back in olden times, they used to think that epileptics were werewolfs, so they'd chain them up in underground caves on the night of the full moon. True story."

Where was the cave?

@eethtworkz: Great question. The silver lining for me was how you guys rallied around us yesterday. Really made my day.

But frankly, i'd have rather you just been able to see the site. :)

@eethtworkz, I think the positive side was seeing the community come together on LinkedIn and other social media. That tells me that the community is bigger and stronger than just one web site -- very exciting news that hints we might be doing something right.

it helps a lot to one of my friends with epilepcy...

@Rich, some things never change!

@Curt/David/Sara/Susan-What do you think was the Positive side of the Outage? Seeing that so many people missed E2? Or was it that E2 has become an indelible part of our lives?

@Dave  Okay, but if I die from the silver pin, then you'll have to go cover RSA.

@Sara- Poke yourself with a silver pin and see what happens

" I think you're the new school marm. :)"

And a prim and proper one I am, too.

"yes, Curtis knowledge is power... and some people use it for evil..."

That was a line from the 1940's radio show "Lights Out!"

@Rich  HA! "One show about rodeos and David has gone Western."

@Rich- Don't laugh, because I think you're the new school marm. :)

Y'know I might be a werewolf. I'm epileptic, and back in olden times, they used to think that epileptics were werewolfs, so they'd chain them up in underground caves on the night of the full moon. True story.

@eethtworkz, when I have sparkly vampires on E2 Radio you'll know we've gone the Twilight way...

"Howdy, I'm back"

One show about rodeos and David has gone Western.

yes, Curtis knowledge is power... and some people use it for evil...

I wonder if modern day monsters would have smartphones.

@Rich... "Are you guys going to turn into werewolves now?"   I doubt it. But we won't know until the next full moon. Check back on the 25th


Hola! sorry I'm late. Hope everyone is doing well today.

@Sara-Lol!!! Werewolves. Don't tell E2 is gonna Go the Twilight Saga way now!!!

@bateye-Here's more on the latest IE Patch issues.

"We weren't dead, Rich. We were only mostly dead.  And as we learned from The Princess Bride, "Mostly dead is slightly alive.""

Are you guys going to turn into werewolves now?


@Curt-Yes thats right.However I feel that having so many Infected Computers(including Mobiles) on the market does'nt hellp matters much.

@Sara, all we have to do now is find Miracle Max and have a long, serious conversation...

Dave or any one who looks for extra Roku players Amazon have new one - $10 off :)

"You familiar with how DDOS attacks operate?"

enormous numbers of requests to connect?


and a full moon?

We weren't dead, Rich. We were only mostly dead.  And as we learned from The Princess Bride, "Mostly dead is slightly alive."

@batye, if you engineer a DDoS attach properly you can ditch the T1: Just get enough computers with cable modems (or even DSL) and you can bring a site to its knees.

"You familiar with how DDOS attacks operate?"

enormous numbers of requests to connect?

undead is a good explanation of why everyone elses website died, but theirs didn't--their website was already a zombie.

and it cost a prety penny...

@eethtworkz, there does seem to be a split: Customers who want an "experience" versus those who just want a reliable piece of kit. I suppose it's one of the wonders of the market that there are solutions for both types of customer!

on the other hand I think some one  do subsidies DDOS attacks... as to do it... you need good hardware and T1 line...

@Rich -You familiar with how DDOS attacks operate?

Speaking of long weeks.... because of our disruptions yesterday we'll be publishing more blogs on Saturday.

"Ahhh... do you suspect that someone at EETimes had some personal vendetta against the rest of us?  :)"

If they have become undead, then it wouldn't be personal.

@Curt/Sara-This one is really ironic-McAfee just released a Report by Scott Sloane-Defending against DDOS attacks



@Rich  Ahhh... do you suspect that someone at EETimes had some personal vendetta against the rest of us?  :)

I think when providers talk about phone subsidies  it more like a lip service for me...

"they're both UBM, but they are run by different groups within the company."

oh. i thought they were suspiciously immune.

@Curt-I also dont know how closely you follow Hardware prices but just paying for Hardware won't cost you a fraction of what the Iphone charges for the Whole "experience" thing.

You know how it is: another acquisition, another opportunity to either integrate systems or let them continue operating as they were.

if we look at the cellphone clones from China/HK they very cheap...

"'bare' smart phone"

depends on what you call a smart phone.... net10 and trakfone have low-cost phones

@Curt-I doubt it.Samsung could very easily Squeeze prices (lower) for their Phones.

@Sara: I agree - I was ready for Friday on Wednesday!

@Rich  They're in different parts of the company. (UBM is huge.) So they run off of different gear/services.

@Rich, they're both UBM, but they are run by different groups within the company.

This week seems to be taking forever... how have all of yours been?

@eethtworkz, the thing about the phone subsidies is that the price of all phones would go up -- not just iPhones. There would be some price difference, but I think most people would be very surprised at just how much a "bare" smart phone would cost.

so how come seemed to be up and running when was down? they're both ubm, yes?


Good afternoon campers; welcome to Friday!

Will be more with you in a minute. Just finishing up a few things

@Curt-I am sure you must have keenly followed the decision by T-MObile to Cancel All Cellphone Subsidies.If AT&T and Verizon also follow Suit,Whos gonna have the cash to Buy an Outrageously Priced IPhone?

yes, Curtis... I think Apple will become a catalist/game changer for this market...

@curt-Just because the built-in market is there today[In US and a  Europe] does'nt mean it will still be there 2 years from now!

eethtworkz  it more politics... some of my Iranian friend married to the Jewish people... but two states are at war... - it sad

@eethtworkz, you might be right, but Apple brings something very important to the table: A huge built-in market. That's going to overcome the aversion to the Apple mind-set for many, many developers.

@bateye-Not in your sense,You are in Canada! I was talking abt Ruling Establishment in SA Today.

I do not care if he rich or dervish wondering streets hi is my friend...

@curt-I have a strong feeling they will be able to dislodge IoS easily.SImply because Apple continues to treat Developers(especially those that prize interoperability,Freedom highly) very,very poorly.

not always... as they know part of my blood line is 1/4 jewish - it do not bother them  same way as it not bother me each day they praying 3 times a day or 5 times on public - to keep the apperance...

@Curt-Yes,the Smartphone OS Wars is really interesting.It good to see Mozilla,Ubuntu and Tizen try new strategies to break the Android-IOS Duopoly at the top.

@bateye-I have always had the feeling that Being Illiberal has more to do with Power can Control and how confident the Ruling Establishment really is about their Rule.

Thanks for the link, eethtworkz -- I'll take a look after the chat!

they more liberal... in thinking... just for now they not go public with they point of view...

No... his family Nomadic one away from any public view...

@bateye-This one is really interesting on the Smartphone OS Wars front-


Must read!

@bateye-SA has 412 Different Sheikhs(at last count),which one of these if your friend?

Hey, everyone! The rest of the editors should be here soon -- we're all still trying to recover from yesterday's excitement.

yes chrome get better too

we study at Unv. in Canada... I look at him as a normal western person :)... 

@bateye-Dont ask me,How it happened.It just did.

@bateye-I did .As a matter of fact,Firefox and Opera both became Less buggy for most our USers.

my good friend from SA is son of the Sheik...

Patch tuesday... I do not think so... as too many things happening in Ent.

thanks for the link yes I did...

@bateye-Its actually llike this.IF you are Rich and powerful,Anything goes.IF you are a commoner your screwed....

but if you get catched by SA police, be ready to pay with your life... ;(

@bateye-What do u make of the latest Patch Tuesday?Did it make a massive difference to your Enterprise?

in Saudi Arabia a lot of the things done hidden... so to say... but if you know the people and they trust you, you could get anything from drugs to wild wiskey party... where anything go...

@bateye-Did you get a chance to read up on the cool links I sent u last time?

@bateye-Yes thats whatsmost probably made the difference.That and Technology.

Western education do payoff... as now we could have common ground... so to say...

@bateye-I have been to Saudi Arabia,and believe me you have never been to any otheer place like it.Its sad.

at least now new generation started thinking like us... No disrespect to old generation...

I meant for those unfamiliar with Saudi Arabia....

For this unfamiliar with Saudi Arabia-let me give you a basic background.The country has something called as a Vice Squad which roam all over the country preventing Guys and Gals from Meeting up and stopping Gals from Dressing inappropriately. IN this case however,their actions backfired. In spectacular Fashion.


Too Funny!

Anyone in the mood for a Good Laugh? This will surely put a massive smile on your faces.


Its beyond Funny.

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A Video Case Study – Translational Genomics Research Institute
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On the Case
TGen IT: Where We're Going Next

7|11|12   |   08:12   |   10 comments

Now that TGen has broken new ground in genomic research by using Dell's storage, cloud, and high-performance computing solutions, the company discusses what will come next for it and for personalized medicine.
On the Case
Better Care Through Better Communications

6|6|12   |   02:24   |   12 comments

The achievements of the TGen/Dell project could improve how all people receive healthcare, because they are creating ways to improve end-to-end communication of medical data.
On the Case
TGen IT: Where We Are Now

5|15|12   |   06:58   |   5 comments

TGen is breaking new ground in genomic research by using Dell's storage, cloud, and high-performance computing solutions.
On the Case
TGen IT: Where We Were

4|27|12   |   06:45   |   10 comments

The Translational Genomics Research Institute wanted to save lives, but its efforts were hobbled by immense computing challenges related to collecting, processing, sharing, and storing enormous amounts of data.
On the Case
1,200% Faster

4|18|12   |   02:27   |   12 comments

Through their partnership, Dell and TGen have increased the speed of TGen’s medical research by 1,200 percent.
On the Case
IT May Improve Children's Chances of Survival

4|17|12   |   02:12   |   8 comments

IT is helping medical researchers reach breakthroughs in a way and pace never seen before.
On the Case
Medical Advances in the Cloud

4|10|12   |   1:25   |   5 comments

TGen and Dell are pushing the boundaries of computing, and harnessing the power of the cloud to improve healthcare.
On the Case
TGen: Living the Mission

4|9|12   |   2:25   |   3 comments

TGen's CIO puts the organizational mission at the heart of everything the IT staff does.
On the Case
TGen Speeding Up Biomedical Research to Save More Lives

4|5|12   |   1:59   |   8 comments

The Translational Genomics Research Institute is revamping its computing to improve speed, storage, and collaboration – and, most importantly, to save lives.
On the Case
Computing Power Helping to Save Children's Lives

3|28|12   |   2:13   |   3 comments

The Translational Genomics Institute’s partnership with Dell is enabling them to treat kids with neuroblastoma more quickly and save more lives.
Tom Nolle
The Big Reason to Use Office

3|18|14   |   02:24   |   16 comments

Office and personal productivity tools come in a first-class and coach flavor set, but what makes the difference is primarily little things that most users won't encounter. What's the big issue in using something other than Office, and can you get around it?
E2 Editors
SPONSORED: Mobile Security — A Use Case

3|4|14   |   04:27   |   6 comments

New mobile security solutions can accommodate a wide array of needs, including those of a complex university environment.
Tom Nolle
Killing Net Neutrality Might Save You Money

1|16|14   |   2:13   |   11 comments

The DC Court of Appeals voided most of the Neutrality Order, and whatever it might mean for the Internet overall, it might mean better and cheaper Internet VPNs for businesses.
Tom Nolle
The Internet of Everythinguseful

1|10|14   |   2:18   |   19 comments

We really don't want an "Internet of Everything" but even building an Internet of Everythinguseful means setting some ground rules to insure there's value in the process and that costs and risks are minimized.
Tom Nolle
Maturing Google Chrome

12|30|13   |   2.18   |   25 comments

Google's Chrome OS has a lot of potential value and a lot of recent press, but it still needs something to make it more than a thin client. It needs cloud integration, it needs extended APIs via web services, and it needs to suck it up and support a hard drive.
Sara Peters
No More Cookie-Cutter IT

12|23|13   |   03.58   |   21 comments

Creating the right combination of technology, people, and processes for your IT organization is a lot like baking Christmas cookies.
Sara Peters
Smart Wigs Not a Smart Idea

12|5|13   |   3:01   |   46 comments

Sony is seeking a patent for wigs that contain computing devices.
Tom Nolle
Cloud in the Wild

12|4|13   |   02:23   |   15 comments

On a recent African trip I saw examples of the value of the cloud in developing nations, for educational and community development programs. We could build on this, but not only in developing economies, because these same programs are often under-supported even in first-world countries.
E2 Editors
SPONSORED: Is Malware Evading Your IPS?

11|18|13   |   03:16   |   4 comments

Intrusion prevention software is supposed to detect and block malware intrusions, but clever malware authors can evade your IPS in these five main ways.
Sara Peters
Where Have All the Mentors Gone?

9|27|13   |   3:15   |   38 comments

A good professional mentor can change your life for the better... but where do you find one?
Tom Nolle
SDN Wars & You Could Win

9|17|13   |   2:10   |   5 comments

VMware's debate with Cisco on SDN might finally create a fusion between an SDN view that's all about software and another that's all about network equipment. That would be good for every enterprise considering the cloud and SDN.
Ivan Schneider
The Future of the Smart Watch

9|12|13   |   3:19   |   39 comments

Wearing a bulky, oversized watch is good training for the next phase in wristwatches: the Internet-enabled, connected watch. Why the smartphone-tethered connected watch makes sense, plus Ivan demos an entirely new concept for the "smart watch."
Tom Nolle
Cutting Your Cloud Storage Costs

9|4|13   |   2:06   |   3 comments

Cloud storage costs are determined primarily by the rate at which files are changed and the possibility of concurrent access/update. If you can structure your storage use to optimize these factors you can cut costs, perhaps to zero.
Sara Peters
Do CIOs Need an IT Background?

8|29|13   |   2:11   |   23 comments

Most of the CIOs interviewed in the How to Become a CIO series did not start their careers as IT professionals. So is an IT background essential?
Ivan Schneider
The Internet Loves Birthdays

8|27|13   |   3:25   |   69 comments

The Internet has evolved into a machine for drumming up a chorus of "Happy Birthday" messages, from family, friends, friends of friends who you added on Facebook, random people that you circled on G+, and increasingly, automated bots. Enough already.