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Good luck with the snowstorm back east. Gotta sign off now. Have a great weekend everyone! 

Wel, all of you. Even if you are at the eqautor, I hope you are warm and safe.

have a good one Dave...

I hope the east coasters stay safe and warm.

OK, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to get lunch


@Marta: And what does a Disney fish have to do with snow anyway? LOL.

Marta - Amazon have deals on Roku from time to time... as deal of the day - you could get Roku inder $40... USD

Yeah, for $50 you can get audio, video and games. And there's no mnthly fee. I tis nice.

Thanks Pablo - you stay warm too :-)

@Sara: You'll love the Gibson novels. The characters are very colorful and the narrative is great. And the tech parts are just cool.

@Susan: Totally agree - naming a snowstorm is just silly. And Nemo? At least give it somethging formidable sounding.

@Dave: I just googled - very cool!

@Pablo: Bye, safe travels. Hope to catch you next week!

@Dave: oh, cool. have to check that out.

@Marta: well, my question is when the heck did snowstorms start getting names? I mean, isn't that a little silly? We had snowstorms all the time when I was a kid. why are they now treated as if it's armageddon?

It streams internet to your TV

It is similar to Apple TV. It is a small box. It has hundreds of apps including netflix, Spotify, etc

yes, technology did change or tv watching habits...

I need to go now. I'm traveling next week but I'll try to join the chat on Fri night. Have a great weekend, and @Sara and @Marta, stay warm


@SusanN: There has been some criticism of for being overly dramatic about the storm. (I personallay could have done without the "36" possible in some spots" headline :-)

@Marta: Oh, I had those. They are great! I used to liek to go hiking in the snow with my dogs when I lived back east. Just put those over my boots and off we went!

@Batye Yes, celestial seasons Sleepytime. Plus 500 mg of Magnesium. works like a charm. I got in on a late flight last night and I'm always kinda restless after flying so it took me a while to settle. That's why I love the Weather Channel.

It's interesting how viewing habits have changed thanks to technology. Now people DVR or dowload entire seasons of shows and watch them in marathons. TV seasons don't really matter anymore, nor do the channels. I couldn't even tell you which channels my favorite shows are or when they actually air.

I'm a big fan of my Roku, too.

Susan, have you try camomile tea, or passion frut juice it helps me sleep

I cnsume my TV with all of the above Susan. I like multiple options. the only thing I'd say is that I prefer my DirectTV over cable for options.

@Susan, thanks. I'll read it later. BTW, I need to have a chat with you guys about the MWC. I have a long list of possible companies to see at the conference.


@SusanN: YakTrax - sort of like snow tires for your sneakers <g> 

I have DirecTV and their OEM'd DVR, which used to be TiVO but now I think is made by another company. I can't recall life without a DVR. I also have Apple TV which is really great for downloading shows and movies from Internet and watching on large screen TV. I'm impressed with image quality. 

@Susan  No, I haven't read the Gibson novels. I'll look into it.

@Sara: Have you read the William Gibson novels? They are squarely in our wheelhouse. And also brilliantly written thrillers.

@Marta: Walking everywhere...yikes. Snowshoes? I saw your gov on TV late last night when I got home & couldn't sleep. he was already telling everyone to stay home.

I haven't watched House of Cards. But I just finished reading a novel called The ExPats. Didn't realize it when I picked it up, but it turned out that a big part of the storyline ended up being related to info security and cyber crime. Even in my recreational time I can't escape IT!

I'm watching on demand new shows called:" Americans"

my provider only support PVR with 320GB hard drive, after recording 70 HD shows I'm out of space...

@Pablo: Here's the link @Marta sent out earlier: Here's a link,2817,2414276,00.asp

@SusanN: I DVR almost everything so I can skip the commercials...  (Speakding of Netflix: Has anyone watched "House of Cards"? I watched it last weekend - thought it was very well done.)

@Susan  I think that it isn't just that the Hopper can do the multi-room DVR thing, but that it can store a lot more shows than most DVRs... but I'd have to look into it more.

on the other note just few years ago we got PVR in Canada... some people still use VHS and DVD-Recorders.... I think it gonna be 5-10 years before I see Hopper... :)

@SusanN: I wouldn't mind the snow if I didn't have to walk everywhere, but as I do...  (Sara: Public transit shut down at 3:00; governor ordered no driving after 4:00.0

How do you all prefer to consume your TV BTW? Do you use DVRs? Netflix? Apple TV? what about cable versus satellite?

So really, i should shut up. :)

@Susan @Sara @Dave, I neet to catch up with the news you're talking about


@Dave: well, now that's an interesting point. What is this Hopper thing anyway? Isn't it basically a multi-room DVR?

Of course, this is coming from someone who is currently not in the chat because i'm writing an article with a silly list of who should play Han Solo in the new Han Solo movie. :)

@sara- I agree about freedom of the press, but the reason why media is tempted to do this is because readers consume bad media. If we raised our standards beyond silly lists, then we could have more nuanced stuff.

Also as a side note, the Hopper just isn't good enough to care that much about.

@Sara: that would be a mighty cold swim! 

@Dave: I'm with @Sara and @Marta on this one. It's not about the list at all. It's about the judgment call that was  made and what it means in terms of corporate overlords getting involved in influencing editorial judgment in this case because of something that was happening in a completely different division of the company. 

@Susan  I agree, actually. I love it when it snows here. Especially when it's new-fallen. My only gripe is if it causes transit to shut down... I don't really want to have to swim across the East River in order to get from Bryant Park to my apartment in Queens.

if Joe would be with us - it would be interesting his point from legal point of view...

@Pablo, @Sara, @Marta: I have to confess I miss big giant snowstorms that happen on weekends. I love snow and I always loved the way it brought this peace to frenetic Manhattan, one of the few things that stops everything in its tracks without really causing any great harm. The city is so beautiful in the snow. 

CBS and CNET is more like day to day politics... true reality for things to come...

@Pablo  Thanks. At the moment I'm quite warm and happy to be inside... but I think I'd better make a trip out to buy more coffee before the stores start shutting down.

@Dave  "The fact that we take these lists seriously is a larger poblem than the problem at CBS and CNET." I'm afraid I disagree. Perhaps more is made of lists than there should be. But this CBS/CNET thing gets is about corporate ethics and freedom of the press.

@Dave: I disagree - I don't care about the list at all - I do mind that CBS put it's nose where I don't think it belonged.

Dave you are right... gadgets dependancy... :)

@Marta: Oh, I know you didn't. Alot of chatter online was critical of that editor for not quitting and I thought alot of people were being really unfair about that. The bigger issue is the egregious behavior of CBS, not the fact that a single person wasn't in a position to walk off the job. Yet that's what the twitterati were focusing on. That's what I was thinking of when I wrote that.

@Marta- We're in between football and baseball. I can stay away from ESPN until pitchers and catchers report. :)

@Sara, I hope the storm is not so bad in NY. Stay warm


Sara, I read report coffee not always good

My quick take on the CNET thing is that while it is awful, we do have to remember that this was just a list of gadgets. The fact that we take these lists seriously is a larger poblem than the problem at CBS and CNET.

@Dave: Well if you could stay away from ESPN for more than 5 mintues <g>

@Susan, yes, and going to Catalan classes :-). Actually I grew up here, but at that time Catalan was banned


Since we're all struggling from these post-travel lack-of-caffeine troubles, maybe coffee needs to be on that FDA "controlled substances" list.

@Susan: Agreed - did not mean to sound critical.

Thanks for asking, Batye. I'm doing my best to stay hydrated. But my caffeine habits are also making it hard. :)

@Sara: In other news, Microsoft parted with a good chunk of change early in the week <g>

@Pablo: That's true, it's sunny and low 50s/mid 60s here today. We had rain overnight. But's not Barcelona. Is that where you are right now?

Susan, you right... it not easy

@Susan  I love the phrase "F-U money" and yes I fully agree with you.

I think the weather in the SF bay area is not so different from here


@Marta, @Sara: I don't judge her for not quitting. I think most people have to put their family first, not many people are in a position to just walk off the job. If we all had F-U money (or at least universal healthcare) it would be a different story. 

@Susan, we have a few things to fix.. :-), anyway you're welcome to visit anytime


@Pablo: Thx, you need us to work on your house next? :)

@Pablo Welcome. I think we're all jealous!

Dave after flying I'm always feel dehydrated,,, are you drinking water and - no coffee...

@Marta, in Barcelona! 55F


@Pablo: Ignore my comment - we were typing a the same time.

BTW, nice building job in Phoenix


Pablo!  How are you?  Where are you?  (If in MA, are you looking forward to the snow? :-)

Sorry I'm late, it is difficult to join the chats from this side of the pond


@Sara: It's an interesting question re: where the line is re: quitting your job over this sort of thing.

things do happens - as in reality this days nothing could be hidden 100% or swiped under carpet...

@batye: exactly, that's what they were up against and they've done alot of damage in this case to the CNET brand as a ressult. It's really unfortunate.

@Sara: yes, it definitely sounds like they were in a tough spot. Not eeryone is in a personal position to quit their jobs over something like this, either. so I understand the bind she was in. It's just unfortunate that whoever was at the top of the totem pole at CBS thought this was the right thing to do.

in Corporate world is like see no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil... and everything be ok... no evil... :) lol

once I reported to my boss, idea what security Co. using could bring/create problems...  CEO gives me problem... Now the Co. is not of the market... I was right, but my boss and CEO did not want to accept/see my point

@Susan  "All they needed to do was state for the record that parent company CBS was in a lawsuit with The Hopper. It should not have come into play in the awards decision." Preeecisely.

I don't think that the editor-in-chief did a TERRIBLE job, because at least she was 100% clear and honest about what happened -- which must have rrrreeeeeaaaalllly ticked off the bigwigs at CBS. But if I were her I might have quit. This part was interesting: "All night and through to morning, my managers up and down CNET and I fought for two things: To honor the original vote and - when it became clear that CBS Corporate did not accept that answer - to issue a transparent statement regarding the original vote," she wrote. ... Turrentine said CNET staffers "were in an impossible situation as journalists" because of the "real" conflict of interest. She said she opted not to quit because "if I abandoned [the team] now, I would be abandoning the ship.""

@Marta: I know, it's baffling to me too. I can't imagine the internal pressures that must have come into play, big bad CBS putting the screws to CNET, but if they had half a brain they would have recognized the power of the CNET brand and left things alone. All they needed to do was state for the record that parent company CBS was in a lawsuit with The Hopper. It should not have come into play in the awards decision.

Martha... people wanna play safe...

@SusanN: What I can't understand is how no one could stop it - surely in a company that size someone had to have some common sense?

@Marta, @Sara: Yeh, it's a crazy story. Editor quit over it, another editor issued this really awful attempt to justify the decision to drop the product from the winners list. Big PR fiasco.Lesson in what NOT to do.

Sara, I send email to Dave about E2 and social media... - some ideas I stole from Dave :) lol

people afraid to say what they think in the board rooms

So batye, Marta, what else happened this week that Dave, Susan, Curt and I might have missed while we were in meetings all week?

their, not there (and I work for a publisher :-)

@Sara: I know - you think SOMEONE would have raised there hand and said "This may not be the best idea we ever had"

too bad I have no time to watch tv :)

You'd think CBS would be smarter than that.

things happens everyones fight for the ratings

@Sara: Here's a link,2817,2414276,00.asp

@Marta   Oh, that's messed up. BIG mistake on CBS's part.

@Marta- thanks for the tip. I'll check it out

@Sara: Cnet wanted to name The Hopper best of show - CBS told them they couldn't. (the short version)

Susan, Marta, I'd say that it's bad PR for CBS and CNET... but does anyone know WHY CES decided to drop them?

after I never fly aeroflot...

where they tell you the plaine you are on is need to be fixed and transfer you to the other plaine, but after in the new plaine they tell you this plaine have engine probles... and they will transfer you back on the first plane - what need to be fixed but could still fly... :) only Bible and vodka helps...

@Dave: If you think of it, try to find a clip of John Harbaugh on Letterman last night - he was very funny.

@Marta: To your CES question, that is really interesting. I hadn't seen that. I think it's worse PR for CBS/CNET than for CES. what do you guys think?

Having been there before, Dave, I feel your pain. My flight went entirely to plan last night, but it seems like several of our colleagues had troubles too.

@Dave: Hi. So sorry to hear of your travel woes. that is awful. feh on Delta!

They said it was supposed to start snowing here at about 4. But it's been snowing for over an hour now;

Hi Sara.  If you're in NY, how snowey is it?

Oh well, i made it, but i'm antsy to walk around

Dave you lucky - you did not fly russian aeroflot

@Dave: Bad Delta, bad, bad, bad.

Worst part was I missed my connection to home. i actually had to fly into an entirely different city and drive home

Pretzels without drinks however just makes you extra thirsty.

In non-weather related news: How much of a hardship is this for CES? "The Consumer Electronics Association, the trade organization for the U.S. consumer electronics industry, recently made a game changing decision: It has officially dropped CBS and its subsidiary blog CNET as official partners in the "Best of CES" awards for the annual show" (Just curious.)


so they had to bring back the repair crew to confirm what any idiot could see-- that the door was, in fact, closed.

They closed the door and the little plastic indicator that confirms the door is closed didn't say closed.

@Dave: Did they at least serve drinks?

The one that took the taco however was after they "fixed" the plane and told us we were ready to go...

I took to alives, wrap kinetic tape around my knee and ready to fight the snow...

@Marta- A series of small mechanical issues on a Delta plane. It was quite sad really.

@SusnN: I live in Malden, MA & yes, it's snowing.  And windy.

@Dave: 3 hours? Who did what to cause that?

HI Gang, sorry I'm late. Hope all our East Coast friends are ok. Is it snowing yet?

@Dave: Oh sure... <g> (I do agree about it being easier to relax when you know you can't go anywhere - so far today I have emptied my work queues, run walkable errands, vacuumed & done two loads of laundry - the weekend will actually be a weekend :-)

though the 3 hours I spent on an airplane tarmac yesterday have made it hard for me to sit still so maybe it is just as well

Somehow knowing i can't go anywhere makes it easier to relax at home

I'm sort of sad I'm not getting snowed in this weekend.

@marta-I dunno abt the Mac.The walled garden concept kinda scares the Developer inside me!

@marta-just be careful with the Snow

I see, you are the smart one :)

@batye: I know - that's why I'm on a mac :-)

imac have stability build in os... and apps running with less crashes windows is other story... :(

@batye & @eethworkz: Sorry to hear about Firefox crashes...  (I am running v. 18.02 on an iMac - so far so good.)

Good afternoon from soon to be quite snowey Boston, MA!

when I get time on my hands as soon I will be showeling my driveway 25cm of hard snow...

Hi all. Sorry, I'll be in and out for a few minutes while i finish some things up.

eethtworkz - this  few days, I'm just overwhelmed with too many things hitting me at once... but thanks will check it out...

Andother Great webinar-

me too, where is Dave - let ask him :)

I am really interested to learn what David gained from the conference.

@bateye-do you read Dark reading magazine regularly?They had a every interesting web conference yesterday in colloboration with Informartionweek.Highly recommened!


I try opera... but did not like it.. do not know why...

@bateye-I dont use Chrome.Just dont trust Google one bit! I use Opera as my Alternate Browser.Works really nicely!

at least twice a day on my end...

same with google chrome each time some type of crash - no

Still it kinda feels sad,to see such a fine project to go totally waste-Thats what has happened to Firefox today.Its just Crashes and more crashes.

@bateye=I agree man! very.very true!

things happens it life, nothing last forewer... or in the russian - you could not drink the same water twice from the stream


I dont know if u guys remember the good old days when anyone who used Firefox was considered cool.Those days are over now,Most unfortunately.

For a Browser that at one point of time was by far the Best in the world,The comedown has been beyond tragic today.

Please tell me I am not the only Dude who is Disgusted with Firefox today!

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