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Have a good weekend all! I'll see you around. Where's that Geekend post about NASA and Star Wars?

Well, it seems like everyone is heading off -- I hope all have a great weekend! See you next week!

Have a good weekend everyone.

I'm hoping right after that, NASA will work on a 0 G ball pit.

I've got to head out too. Have a glorious weekend everyone!

I'm also going to head out a tad early. i still have to finish my Geekened about $18 million bouncy castles in space.

@rparker, sounds interesting -- keep us posted! Have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend!

@Curt- the problem is that no one is going to actually draw a hard line there. they're going to see the money potential over the education potential as always

Oh and hope to see some of you on twitter in between chats take care all

The experience did not come across as crammed in as I expected. Try a class you might be surprised. Off to work on a IT Service Monitoring Design template. Latest work is in enterprise monitoring architecture, its interestingI have to invent terminology on the fly

@Sara, that could have some serious repercussions since many states (like Florida) give money to schools based on how many students take AP exams. I wonder if they'll have to start doing the same for MOOCs?

@Dave, in a graduate seminar or small class, I think you're absolutely right. I think that online classes could very easily replace some of the English 101 classes with 500+ students that are common at the larger public universities.

@Curt Evil Wil Weaton is great. The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorites now.

Here's a link to a review of the book:

@rparker  Interesting that you mention high school students using the courses for college prep. One of the people I spoke to at U Penn about Coursera said that he expected they'd start treating MOOC classes like AP tests.

I hear all the time that online is the future of education. And while I have to admit that EVERYTHING is eventually going to be online, I just can't bu it for education. Maybe i'm too loyal to my wife who is a professor, but i just can't believe you can replace the interaction a real expert ina field can giv eyou with an online course crammed with thousands of people.

Not so crazy about the homework, some things dont change!!!

@tinym, that does sound cute! Will has become quite a social media honcho in the last couple of years -- I've had fun keeping up with his adventures in home-brewing beer, and it's always fun to see him on The Big Bang Theory.

I thought the class was really good. I am gettin my HS kids to take a few for college prep

Corsera and others like it may be the future of education. They just started offering certificates for completion. Oh and last book Cloudonomics by Joe Weinman. Is Cloud all I think about? ummm yes

@rparker   We actually just did a post about Coursera earlier this month. What do you think of the class?

links don't look like links in chat - here's the sweater link again

@Sara: I've read about 1/3; will let you know when finished. (The education part scared me so badly I'm looking for company.)

@Sara I'm so excited I can hardly wait :)

More about the 90s and ST:TNG (did I abbreviate correctly?). Will Weaton bought his nephew a Wesley Crusher sweater for Christmas. It's super cute!

@Marta  I also have to make time to marry Tyson Chandler. I've asked him to marry me, but I don't think he could hear me over all the other people in Madison Square Garden.

@Marta- i have not read it, but I will now put it on the list so we can possibly cover it for E2's education section.

Has anybdoy else tried Free online classes from top universities like Stanford. I sandbagged a network class.

@Marta, I'll echo @Sara's question!

@Marta  Never read it. What's the main takeaway? ANd, since we're on E2, any IT-related implications?

@tinym  Thank you for your vote of confidence in my relationship with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You can be the maid of honor at our wedding.

Before I forge - and I realize it's off topic, so go right back to TV - but has anyone read "That Used To Be Us/How America Fell Behind In the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back" by Tom Friedman & Michael Mandelbaum? I just finished the chapter on education in the US (current state & what's needed to becompetitive with other countries) & found it scary/sobering. Would be interested if anyone else has read.

@Dave, we thought it was a cute comedy. Sometimes, you just want to laugh, and that was one that did it for us.

@Sara of course you would. He's coming up as an A-list actor...

@Curt- Oh, so you are the one. i wondered who watched Dharma and Greg.

he was a little young for me then, but I think we'd work as a couple now.

Dukes of Hazzard is by far the best show of the 80's. It is the first, and to my knowledge, the ONLY, postmodern TV series.

@rparker, I've seen some material on the Dell cloud -- it looks fairly solid. Haven't had a chance to build anything over there, yet, but I hope to have a chance to play with it in the future.

3rd Rock from the Sun! That was our first introduction to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, my boyfriend.

Oh yeah, 3rd Rock. That was a good one.

I will see your baywatch and raise you a dukes of hazzard

OK, thanks to IMDB, I can confirm that I was watching 3rd Rock from the Sun, ER, Babylon 5, Home Improvement, Dharma & Greg, Will & Grace, Stargate SG-1, and a few others.

The chat has stalled...

Oh! Oh! And the winner....Baywatch!

On more of the quality front there was ER and NYPD Blue

@rparker that's interesting. I didn't know anything about it, unlike Dave. He knows all.

@rparker- I knew that they were working on it. i didn't know it was up and running

Oh, and now that my brain is going, how about Party of Five and Melrose Place.

I am not joking, seriously Dell has a Cloud service like Amazon.

@Sara: If you ever watch an episode of "NCIS", I would go home with Gibbs. <g>

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that was more my speed at that age! I watched that one all the time.

Don't forget Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I clearly did not watch the "cool" TV shows...

And of course, don't forget the show that made Will Smith a star- The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

@tinym  I'm actually immortal, so the years just blend together.

There were the increidbly annoying but popular Home Improvement and Mad About You.

Me neither, really. Right now apparently NCIS is the most-watched show. I've never seen it. There's also NCIS: Los Angeles... I'd be more likely to watch that once since LL Cool J is in it. But never saw it either.

Has anybody tried the Dell Cloud services? The service similiar to Amazon? I have started to use the interface is a little slow and limited operating system templates. I think I am the only person that knows Dell has this service. well now about 30 of us. shhh..... 

@Sara yes, you did a great job... wait no...we're the same age...



Don't forget X-Files. For a brief period that thing was huge.

It's funny -- I never really watched either of those sitcoms. Just didn't speak to me.

Oh right, I forgot that I was busy in the 90s playing Counselor Troy in Star Trek The Next Generation, wasn't I?

I was never a major fan of either one.

Of course, Friends and Seinfeld were the big sitcoms

@rparker, I think that Microsoft investing in Dell could be very interesting -- it would give them a solid hardware play from one end of the enterprise to the other.

ST:TNG was in full swing in the 90's.

I recommend the movie for the Lars scenes and because Kate Beckinsale may just be a perfect human being.

Lessee...I'm sure I was watching whichever Star Trek series were going through the 90s. Dang, it's terrible when your mind starts to go...

The Northern Exposure guy does an awesome cameo in an otherwise uninteresting movie called Serendiptity. He players this alternative pan flute artist names Lars

@Sara: I'd vote for CloudCamp.

Probably Cloud Camp in Summer

What doed anybody think of MS possibly investing in Dell?

So if you had to choose one, where would you go: Cloud Camp, Summer Camp, Band Camp, Space Camp, or Boot Camp?

I am @parkercloud on twitter

@Curt it was kinda weird to see the good doctor as an FBI agent on Numb3rs (Rob Morrow).

I have been hanging out on twitter, created basically a cloud channel. Recommend following @clouderati anybody recommend others to follow?

@Curt Northern Exposure was one of my favorites. I watched News Radio too... I missed Twin Peaks but it's on Netflix streaming now.

@Sara, it reminded us of New Hampshire when we lived there. Lots of familiar characters...

@Curt I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED Northern Exposure. Obsessed.

I had to gooogle CloudCamp - look like it would be a lot of fun.

So is cloud camp for beginners, or for more advanced cloud people?

@tinym, I'm trying to remember what I watched in the 90s: Lots of kids programs (since my son was young), "Northern Exposure" -- I'll have to work on the other things I might have been watching.

Rueven Cohen and Dave Nielsen started it, I have been to 3 of them

Band camp with jetpacks

I imagine the Cloud Camp has more obstacle courses than space camp or band camp.

Its like band camp just not as cool

@rpaker, who is running Cloud Camp?

If you have never attended a Cloud Camp highly recommmend free unconference

Is Cloud Camp like space camp? Or band camp?

@Sara- That's the thing about 90210. It was a train wreck you didn't want to watch but you had to.

Thanks all I am off to London for work tomorrow and found out Cloud Camp London is Tues. way cool


@rparker: Welcome to the neighborhood.

Hello rparker. I see you're new around the site. Welcome.

I never even liked 90210, and yet I watched it...

Hey, @rparker! Welcome to a very chatty Friday!

@Curt it was THE drama of the 90s. It's good to be done with that era.

Interestingly enough, wide receivers are much like race horses. Amazing to watch, difficult to breed, and sometime you have to put them down.

None of the songs from that decade make me dance with as much abandon.

@Marta- Awesome! Fast and mouthy would be great for that, too!

@tinym, you were too young to be watching -- I was too old to care about that show. Good thing we have a crowd in the middle to remind us of what's important.

As for Beyonce, i have no problem with her. But I think there were better songs from the decade. Though none were as popular.

@Curt: Favorite race horses? I though the next word was going to be "women" <g>

@Sara haha! I was too young to be watching, but I watched most of the show back in the 90s.

@Marta  Yes. I want to BE Beyonce.

@Curt- Fast and mouthy would be an awesome name for a race horse.

@tinym- 90210 v1 is the 90's in microcosm. The Kelly vs Brenda debate is the most important problem to solve from the whole decade. :)

@tinym  Dave found some really exciting news from Luke Perry about his feelings about the 90210 girls.

@Sara: Even though she cheated at the inaugural? <g>

@Dave, first "fast and mouthy", now "needs a strong hand" -- you keep making athletes sound like my favorite race horses...

Watching TO on Chad ochocinco's dating show was a blast. Now, *that* was probabl the dumbest thing I've ever said.

@Dave  Nothing you say about TO will change my mind.

It looks like a you've got a house full of editors for today's chat. I can't believe you guys are talking about 90210 v1.

In ENTIRELY unrelated news... VH1 named Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" the number one song of the '00s. And I fully approve.

@Sara- There are two versions of TO. There's the TO that had a strong leader around him to keep him in check (see the days in SF when he was paired with Jerry Rice) and the days where people failed to check him. Allhe needed was a strong hand.

@Dave  Yes. The Luke Perry thing was cute.

@Curt  Yeah, it's a surprise about Deion. Pleasantly so.

Hey, @tinym! Glad you could join us!

@sara- Really? Even dumber than my comment that the most important news story I've read in five years is the one about what Luke Perry thought of Jenny Garth and Shannen Daughtery?

@Dave  if you had ever had TO on your team you would hate him like I do. POISON. Exceptionally talented, one of the best wide receivers ever, and I would NEVER want him on my team. And, neither does anyone else in the NFL.

Good afternoon guys. I'm going to lurk for a bit. It's nice to see you all. :)

@Dave: Marta Thornton agrees with you re: Henderson & Sanders <G>

@Sara- A shocking surprise that we did not. We settled for TO's mini-me, Brandon Lloyd.

What you have to understand about Dave is that he like's his athletes to be fast and mouthy. :)

Deion turns out to be a pretty decent human being. Who would have thought?

The Redskins never had TO did they?

@Sara: Agree about Nash. (Bill Simmons blames Buss Sr. for giving the GM job to his son - who has absolutely no business experience that anyone can find - over Jeannie who is known to be quite smart businesswise.)

@Dave  "I happen to like TO, too" is the dumbest thing you've ever said.  :)

My favorite athletes of all time are Deion Sanders and Rickey Henderson. I like guys who refer to themselves in the 3rd person

Everyone really wanted to like him, but he made it very difficult. The kindest interpretation is that he was getting unfortunate career advice from somewhere.

I like my athletes with a little swagger.

From now on, i demand that all of you refer to me as the Big Aristotle.

Dwight Howard is a cocky baby. I don't feel bad for him. Would I call him the Terrell Owens of basketball? Not quite. But he's close.

I would even take responsibility for Kazam if I could have the rest of Shaq's life.

After living through the whole Dwight Howard fiasco, it's nice to get back to losing games for their own sake.

@Marta  The only person on the lakers that I have any sympathy for is Steve Nash.

i feel bad for Dwight Howard. All he wants is to be Shaquille O'Nell all over again. Is that so wrong? Who wouldn't want to be Shaq?

I was terrified that we were going to get Dwight Howard here in New York. Thank goodness the knicks management got something right.

@Sara: The Lakers might miss the playoffs entirely. (Somewhere Phil Jackson is smiling, just a litt.e)

See, my trivis knowledge is awesome! i once won a hat in a trivia competition at the Disneyworld ESPN Zone. :)

@Curt  It's not at all unseemly. EVERYONE should take pleasure in the Lakers' failures. Especially the Orlando people.

@Sara: I thought you'd be pleased. (Speaking of basketball: Just started reading David Halberstam's book re: Jordan.)

As for my Friday, I'm playing nurse and figuring out my piece for this afternoon. Aside from that...

@Sara, speaking of basketball, the folks in Central Florida are taking unseemly pleasure in the Lakers' difficulties this season.

hey Curt. How's your friday going?

@Dave  Super Harbowl maybe?

@Dave: Albert Belle in 1995: 52 doubles & 52 homers.  And I agree about Lombardi: I think he's smart & he's learned alot since OAK.

I DO like the fact that the Knicks finally beat the Celtics in Boston for the first time in like 15 years. That was a relief.

@Sara- I prefer it because it keeps the sounds of Super Bowl intact.

@Sara: I wouldn't say robbed exactly <g>

I think Lombardi is fine. i like him. But the coach choice was terrible.

Hey, sorry I'm late, everyone.

Super Baugh? I don't like it.

I'm 90% sure it is Albert Belle

@Dave: Speaking of Cleveland: What do you think of Mike Lombardi as GM? (The press  has not been kind.)

Folks out here prefer to call it the Super Baugh. :)

@Sara: This is one of those weeks where a car service would be nice.

I'm psyched about the Harbowl. We were robbed of it last year.

@Dave: <g> (Baseball trivia: Who is the only player to collect 50 doubles & 50 homers in the same season?
Jimmy Foxx, Hank Greenberg, Albert Belle or David Ortiz?)

Marta it is currently 16 degrees in New York, and feels significantly colder.

Or if you must name them, you may refer to them as the Cleveland Browns, part one.

My relationship with the Baltimore Ravens is...complicated. They are the team that shall not be named. :)

@Marta- Fine now. I slept ten hours last night. But earlier in the week, I was beat.

@Dave: I had ATL (a push) & BAL last weekend, so I'm OK...  How sleep deprived are you? <G>

@Sara: How cold is it in NY?  In BOS 24, feels like 14.

Other than cold, how are you?

I'm just fine, thanks. Happy for the weekend. My wife was away Monday through Wednesday this week and playing single dad was tiring.

(Warmer than I am goes without saying :-)

You are, indeed. Hi, Marta


But am I first through the door? <g>

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