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Have a good weekend everyone


@Dave, got it, thanks


Good weekend to all hope to see you on 16th/17th

And Pablo, i just resent that

Yeah, i have to run, too. Thanks for the chat everyone!

Oh well, folks, I have to bow out now. Great chatting as always. Thx for the book recommendation, Pablo. Great weekend everyone!

Yeah, i'l resend. It is in my send folder.

I'd want to read the paper on how they cleaned it and then do some reseach, but yeah.

@Dave, really? not in my Spam box


Cancer... would be end result...

the Alcoa story is incredible. There was a building in Edgewater NJ that was so poluted it stood vacant for decades. i think they finally were able to remediate it and turned it into office or housing. You couldn't pay me to live there.

Hey Pablo, just got your email. I actually responded yesterday. It must have gone to spam. I'll resend.

@Pablo: thanks. I'm convinced I need to read this book. All of our habits ultimately come from some kind of emotional need. smart marketers learn to exploit that, for good or bad.

I did a similar story for an earlier job on a guy who did that for a division of Chevron. It is really intersting how a focus on safety creates a focus on process which creates profitability

@pablo- Yes, I've heard about this. It is really fascinating.

But one of the interesting stories was the way the former CEO od ALCOA changed the entire company culture focusing only on safety.


David nothing is free in North america/USA

but Bible say no to gambling... :)

y parents actually insist that they get "free" vacations from the casinos all the time


Even though by law they are forced to send a win/;oss statement to anyone that requests it, my parents deny that they'veactually losts the tens of thousands of dollars the casino shows they lose every year

I know that the casino manipulate my parents perfectly

@Pablo: Excellent book! (And now I really am leaving.)

But also the possibility to change our habits if we can get to understand them.


@Susan, there was the Target story, which I read on the NYT before. But also the way other companies maipulate our habits, some to make us "need" new products; others, such as the gambling empires, target our adictions to squeeze every penny from gamblers.


@Dave: Almost forgot: Denver, Green Bay, Seattle, Houston (think NE will win but not cover).  If disagree, send me an email: :-)

See you Marta. Have a good weekend.

@Marta: Enjoy the weekend. Happy proofing!

@Pablo: what was the main takeaway for you from The Power of Habit?

Sorry to type & run but can't proof contracts and chat at the same time. (All right I could, but that's how accidents happens, so...) Have a good weekend all...

@Dave: LOL. I'm sure there are stranger relationships going on right here in Berkeley.

I started reading them... but now during the chat my wife reading them... and after I will get her opinion as she have medical background...

@pablo- Good to hear it. I almost picked it up in the airport on Wednesday. I'm now going to run out and get it

@Pablo: as well is should. Honestly, i think the concept is really cool. To equalize healthcare for rural citizens for example. 

About eating habits, I just finished "The Power of Habit", one of the best buiness books I ever read.


I'm hoping instead to convince my wife to live in an open marriage between the two of us and the TV

he said it helps him a lot...

No, but one of my customers with diabetes live by them like a bible...

@Susan, hope so, looks like a lot of cleaning is going on between users


@Dave: no one would blame you. That thing is awesome.

@batye: do either of those books recommend using the happifork?

The 84 inch OLED 4K flat screen from Sony is so gorgeous i might leave my wife for it. :)

@Pablo: that's great. It kind of reminds me of a pay toilet you'd seen on a street corner. But hopefully cleaner. :)

I'm reading two new books from Amazon - 

  "The Thrive Diet: The Whole Food Way to Losing Weight, Reducing Stress, and Staying Healthy for Life"
Brazier, Brendan; Paperback

"Whole Foods To Thrive: Nutrient-Dense, Plant-Based Recipes for Peak Health"
Brazier, Brendan; Paperback

Oh really? wish i knew that before i put in the Geekend. It is old news now

Susan, Curt's post remind me about the competition to develop the "tricorder", the Star Trek medical scanner.


And someone said there was an almost 10 ft wide flat screen TV. For a mere 20K.

@Sara- I haven't seen a spoon version but I'm sure it will


Steven Colbert did a great bit on the Happifork last nite

@Dave: I saw that on a Twit video.  Too funny


I need the happifork. Does it also come in a spoon?

And it tracks it to help you train to eat slower

I have no choice...

1.  she always right 

2. iff not look first line...


The Happifork is a smart fork that measures how quickly you eat

What else caught everyone's attention at CES? Did you guys see this post from curt? Doc in a Big Blue Box

So my favorite thing at CES this year was the Happifork!

@Batye: as well you should! :)

after laptop died I changed to netbook and trying to type properly will take some time keyboard is to smaller...

@Marta- The only reason it is funny is because it is true. :)

@David: I'm with your wife on the sock thing. And the sneakers with anything thing. Sorry. 

too many wires. I think if they make a wireless version it will work though.

@Dave: Re "I wear white socks with sneakers no matter what else I'm wearing. Athletic shoes-athletics socks is my opinion." I do the same thing! (I wonder if this is why my husband left me for the cocktail waitress? :-)

@Sara: Ditto. But I'm with Pabo, I don't walk out of the store with any shoes -- even heels -- unless they are totally comfortable from the first moment I try them on. Then I buy in multiples. It's just that I need more options than the guys, so there are multiples of the multiples. Oy.

Too expensive and restrictive i think.

@Pablo- They still sell them, but they were a bomb

@Sara- Funny enough, my leg was hurting when I went to the gym this weekend, right where RG3 got hurt. For awhile I thought I was having sympathy pains. Then I realized I had been walking in boots on the east coast for weeks and my body didn't like the lack of supprt. Do you have problems like that?

What happened to all those "smart" shoes from Nike and Reebook? The ones that connected to iPods. Is there anything like that at CES now?


freedom... but when I go out with my wife I have to fress up like ESQ

Conversely, I wear heels every day, and only wear sneakers to the gym, or boots when it's too snowy.

@batye- You are like that chef. What chef is it?

@Pablo- You've got the right idea.

Since I walk more than 3 mi/day my shoes are basically NB walking shoes, and only use dress shoes when I need to go to a formal meeting.


instead I wear crocs...

David, I try not to wear socks, it much more easy...

But she says if I'm not working out, i should match my socks to my outfit.

Of course, you'd also need socks that change. My wife accuses me of wearing socks liek a bus driver. I wear white socks with sneakers no matter what else I'm wearing. Athletic shoes-athletics socks is my opinion.

But maybe at next year's CES we'll see something like it

But is suspect only men would buy this shoe.

I'm waiting for someone to make a shoe that can change appearences so you can wear one shoe and it just changes style and color for the occaison

@Susan- Guilty as charged. I'm just worried about what happens When Nike stops making the shoe.


about shoes, my approach is the "typical guy". I just buy them if they are extremely comfortable the first time I put them on. No compromises


@Marta: I feel your pain. I have tiny wide feet with narrow heels. Think AFLAC duck. Whoever they use to model the lasts have nothing to do with feet like mine.

I'm so not into shoes, that I've bought the same pair of Nike Air Monarch IVs 7 pairs in a row. I just buy a new pair when that one wears out.

@Susan: A custom made shoe would be nice. (Typed the woman with the very flat size 11 feet :-)

@Marta: Love it!! entire music industry would be brought to its knees if drug testing were required.

Custom-made shoes are a dream come true in my book. Anyone ever buy a pair of any kind of bespoke shoes? 3D Technology is apparently making this easier than ever...

Well, clearly the person who put the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland of all places was on drugs at least. :)

@Sara: yep although she didn't have it in the shoe when I saw her


@Sara: Oh please. Everyone kows Garnett talks trash/goes way to far; that Anthony went for it is his own fault.

@Dave: From Jason Gay, WSJ: "Could you imagine if drugs prevented anyone from getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? It would be the worst Hall of Fame ever. It'd be the size of a canoe. Most of your favorite bands wouldn't be allowed near the place. You could have the induction ceremony at 8 a.m. and everyone would show up on time. The speeches would be bland. And the music? The music would be horrendous. "

@Susan  Is that a cell phone in her shoe???

@Marta- Agreed. Especially since there are known murderers and PED abusers already in the hall. But I'm more annoyed that they basically just threw a hissy fit. They didn't even vote for folks who look like they were clean. It is almost as if they think they can erase the whole decade.

@Sara: Ooo  Maybe someone will say something about Carmelo Anthony's wife <g>

@Marta, @Sara: Haha! Well, I'm still in awe of Ping Fu's custom-made shoes: 

@Dave: I have come around to the view that since you don't know who did/did not use PEDS, it's not fair to penalize the playes who got caught & so let them all in. So I was pretty disgusted.

@Marta @Dave  I'm going to the Knicks/Bulls game tonight, on a whim. Alone. Hoping that no little kids will be sitting next to me because I have a hard time controlling my profanity when I'm at sporting events.


@Susan  I'm happy to talk about both sports and shoes. What have you got to say on the shoe topic?

Seriously, that field was shameful.

@SusanN: Shoes? Clearly we have never met <g>

@Scott: been watching CES--what's been most interesting to you from the show reports this year?

I'm annoyed by that, too. I was syaing to friends that I wish we could vote for HoF voters.

@Dave: I agree; shame on Shanahan.  (And on Snyder too - that field looked awful.)

@Marta: Thx! I see you're talking sports anyway, over my head. Lemme know when we start discussing shoes. :)

That said, i don't think it was the first injury that caused the second. More and more, it seems like the dude who did his 2009 ACL urgery botched it and this was going to happen.

@SusanN: No problem - Dave was late too <g>

I was in the 9th row dirctly in front of him when he hurt it the first time int hat game

My friend (and everyone in the 20 rows around me) will attest to the fact that I said he should have been pulled after the INT where he clearly had an open receiver and couldn't drive the ball.

So what did you think of the MLB HOF voting?

(If he should have been playing at all.)

Actually, I'm pretty philosophical about it. Hated that we lost the game. But James Andrews is so good at hat he does, I'm happy about the new bionic RG3. I'm considering calling him RG4 from now on. :)

@Dave: Would you have pulled him much earlier? (I say a) It's the coaches responsiblity/do not leave up to player & b) Yes, he should have come out earlier.)

@Dave: I totally forgot that!  (When it happened I remarked to a friend that you had probably just hit the liquor)

i'm already on the "do not admit list." :)

I'm current in Florida holding vigil outside his hospital room

Hi Marta. I was actually at the game, too. Flew all the way in for it to watch the horror show

@Sara: Thanks Sara.  How are you?  Whrere are you? And where's Dave? I wanted to be sure the fiasco that was RGIIIs knee hadn't rendered him mute.

Trying to deal with a silly snafu

Not sure how chatty I'll be able to be today. I'm working on a story about massive open online courses...

@Howdy Scott.  Welcome to Friday.

Sara embracing mobility and consumerization -streaming video 

@batye: What was the topic? (As I obviously missed it.)

radio show was yesterday

All right. Where is everybody <g>

Am I missing something was there another chat earlier?

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