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me too, I thought this was 3 EST noon pacific time?

Thanks, @Scott -- it's always an adventure out there!
Have a great weekend, @Marta -- thanks for joining us, today!
As for me, I've got a great story for this evening that I need to finish -- it should be thrilling reading!

Okay everyone. Nice catching up, but I've got to skeedaddle. Have a great weekend!

Must go back to contractsland; have a good weekend, everyone!

@Susan, Happy Writing and have a great weekend! I'll look forward to seeing everyone next week from CES in Las Vegas!

@Susan- It can be done. There are some fun ways to package things including suspending ti with rubber bands.

All the talk about testing phones reminds me of some testing we did on laptops when I was managing the lab at BYTE: We'd throw the laptop in the back of my Jeep and drive over the small, rough roads around Peterborough, NH. It was a decent test of rugged construction!

Well folks, this has been a great chat to start off the New Year. Gotta go patrol the perimeter and then do some writing. Have a great weekend everybody!

@Dave: Might as well just give me the "F" now, why go through the motions.

Maybe we can have a contest where we package smart phones and drop them.

@Sara: Love it, we'll use a blue wig logo as our "seal of approval." @Scott: that work for you?

Awesome, I want to play that game. Actually it reminds me of school when we had to package in egg in a bx and drop it from high up. You got an A if it didn't break. An F if it did

@Dave: Did you miss the part where I only picked one game a week? Chance of a push pretty small I would think. (I do wish I had bet for more than peppermint patties :-)

Susan, Scott, maybe we need to start our own mobile device certification called S-Proof. To earn the certification the device simply has to survive being handled by Susan, Scott, and Sara for at least one month.

@Susan N: My kind of people :-)

He switched to consumer grade devices and told them "you break, you buy" and suddenly the guys were treating their devices as gentle as babies.

so he walks into the break room one day and finds the technicians having a contest. They were flinging the devices against walls, dropping them, etc. to see if they could break em

Ahh...I'm surprised you only had one push against the line. But it sounds like you're ready to play for money. :)

Told them they were drop proof, resistant to spills, all the great qualities those things had

Great story from years ago, from a CIO in charge of a maintenance and logistics operation. He purchased rugged Motorola  mobile devices for his technicians.

@Scott, I don't know, but I'll see the company next week in Las Vegas and I'll ask! Should have the answer during next Friday's chat...

@Dave: My one tie was when the game was a "push" (bets made with line, not straight up)

@Susan, as long as many people want thinner and sleeker devices, probably not. The electronics are fairly tough--the display is going to remain the weak link for a long time. I'll keep sending business to OtterBox...

@Dave: maybe the vendors will donate. 

@Scott: Seems hitting the corner of the device is the kiss of death for the screen. did yours fall screen flat down or hit a corner? Mine was a corner shot.

@Susan- No, but I figured insurance might cover it. :)

@Curtis: Good to know. Do they offer it for the GS3, though?


@susan- Not on that machine. I will though. I just was too busy enjoying the machine to take the time to upgrade.

@Curt: Will we ever have handheld devices that don't require the purchase of military grade cases to protect them? 

@Marta- does that mean you picked SF to beat St. Louis when they tied?

The Mythbsters once did a fantastic test to show if toast lands butter side down more often. they dropped 1000 piece of toast off a 3 story building. I think E2 should do this with smart phones.

@Scott, if you can handle the extra bulk, an OtterBox case (always on the phone) is a good investment. Anything short of running over it with a truck (or dropping it in the ocean) will probably leave the phone undamaged.

@Dave: Forgot to mention: Picking one game a week I went 12-4-1 for the regular season.

@Marta: It's ALWAYS the phone's fault. :)

@Dave: you haven't updated to Win 8 yet?!? Sounds like a great machine though. I think the touchscreen will become standard on PCs from now on.

My Otter box is a wonderful thing.

Made it sound like it was the phone's fault (my ability to type went for coffee)

@Curtis: The problem is that it smacked screen first. I did't have a chance.


@Curt: Apple does have customer service down, for sure. I dealt with Verizon and Asurion for my replacement iPhone and I must say Verizon have vastly improved their customer service. I was totally impressed. 

@Scott, stories like that are why I generally have my iPhone in an OtterBox Defender case.

@Scott: I got it; I was being smart alecky - you made it was the phone's fault. And Marta, not Martha.

And Windows 8 ready though I actually have been too lazy to upgrade yet

@Martha: "IT" as in the phone fell. Slipped right out of my hand and never had a chance.


It is a fantastic gaming machine with a touch screen just in case people start making use of it.

@Susan- Love it. All-in-one. I have room for my feet under my desk now. :)

@Susan, AppleCare had expired but an Apple Store person helped figure out how to get a new replacement for $99. They then helped her transfer everything to the new device and synch it with her (Windows 7) laptop. When the cell radio on the replacement iPad turned out to be faulty, the staff in a different Apple Store helped her do it all over again. It was quite impressive.

@Scot: IT fell on the concrete? <g>

@Dave: How's your new PC working out?

@Sara: I was sitting outside and it fell on the concrete and shattered the screen. It still functioned but it had a huge spider web crack.

@Curt: Did Apple replace the whole iPad for Carol, no questions asked? Did you have AppleCare?

@Dave: oct was my tech month, iphone for my birthday. Had a low-tech Xmas, but did get an awesome globe for my home office.

@scott How'd you break your Galaxy?

@Scott: Ouch. Mine lasted two months. Agreed on the insurance thing. Having previously: 1. drowned a phone, twice; 2. lost a phone (once) 3. and shattered a phone on my driveway I have learned the hard way that it is worth the extra $$ for the insurance. Claims process is painless.

November was the tech month. New PC and a new router in the span of two weeks.

I didn't get much tech this year. But I got socks. I really needed socks!

@Curt (and everyone)- Yeah, he seems not at all worried. He's just going about his busy life.

Speaking of Christmas, we know what Curt got. What else did everyone else get? Any other cool tech toys? 

@Susan- At just shy of 2, you'r elucky if you can get them to since the alphabet song. :)

@I broke my Samsung Galaxy S3 about a week after I got it. Luckly, it was insured. I wouldn't buy a smartphone without it.


@Dave, that sounds rough, but 2-year-old mouths are fairly resilient. I hope that the trauma remains only as stories his parents will tell.

@Dave: Poor boy... (Although better to do that to baby teeth than permanent...)

@Dave: your poor nephew! did you make him sing "all I want for Christmas are my two front teeth"? 

I think pink would be more flattering than blue, but you can find some of these wigs for only a few bucks on eBay, so why not give it a try?

@Susan- The 80's never leave.

My devices have been safe. But my poor 2 year old nephew broke his two front teeth and they had to be pulled.

@Dave, @Marta: The 80s really are returning aren't they? 

I haven't dinged mine, but Carol had someone crush a corner of her iPad a couple of months back. Getting it replaced converted her into a major-league Apple fan.

@Curt, @Sara: Not red. Rich reddish brown. Will look great with your skin tone and eye color. @Marta: i'm not sold on the blue. :)

I think the color blue that Katy Perry wears a lot.

Auburn and bright blue. Okay. Those should be easy enough to find.

@Curt: sounds like I need that just for daily iPhone use. Anybody else do damage to their mobile devices recently? 

@Sara, I'm forced to agree with @Susan: Auburn would suit your personality very well.
@Susan, I've seen a case that lets you use your iPhone as a dive computer. I'm intrigued by the idea, but I'm not at all sure I trust any case quite that much.

@Sara: You are totally an auburn lady in my mind.

Hey guys this is totally off-topic, but if I had to start wearing wigs again, what color/s would you recommend? I've already got a blond bob, a short black wavy one, and a long-ish lilac purple one.

@Curt: Ah, don't even get me started on the delicacy of the iPhone. Destroyed mine over holidays. That alone makes the GoPro worth it.

@Dave, the GoPro has really changed the way people document activities. The number of mounts for the camera is incredible, and watching some of the ganged applications is amazing.
@Susan, if you're involved in any sort of activity the GoPro is incredible. The best thing is that you don't really have to think about it. You can get an armored iPhone case that lets you use it in similar circumstances, but I still treat my phone much more carefully than I treat my GoPro.

Is it worth getting a GoPro? the camera on iphone 5 amazes me. I'm taking more pix now than I have in years since I got this phone. 

@Dave, @Susan is right -- that's a great joke. I've got to file that away for future use!

it is amazing what people are doing with GoPro. I don't even like to take pictures with a camera and there are people doing crazy things with goPros

So my mom stood laughing  quietly for 15 minutes as he tried to get hs fingers out around the edges

Susan, you're right about a dog's sense of priorities: They can be exceptionally protective of their pack members. Protecting stuff tends to take training.

@Curt: The Pet Plus Burglar Alarm. I think we have a business here.

You'd think you'd just plow through but human nature is to wonder what is behind the paper.

sorry had to skip out for a few minutes there, everyone. INVOICES. enough said.

She took a big roll of paper, and while he was in the bathroom, she covered the doorway with the paper. He opened the door inward and found the doorway covered.

Susan, Carol got me a bunch of Arduino boards for Christmas and I have a GoPro 2 -- mobile security should be a very do-able project. Hmmm...

After you do the cans on the door, my mother once played a fun trick on my dad

@Curt: Love it, let's work on it. Feel like writing up an app?

@Curt: that's true. Most dogs would probably do anything to protect their people. Only a few would care about the property. People matter more to the dog than material goods. Dogs are smart that way.

Susan, a GoPro 3 with WiFi would be perfect for this -- sounds like a great project!

@Dave: I like the tin can idea. We did that to one of my cousins once as a practical joke. 

Susan, the breed of dog matters a lot. Pretty much any dog in the bulldog family (and most shepherds) will be reasonably protective. A golden retriever, on the other hand, is more likely to pester the burglar into playing "fetch."

Maybe you can put a "monitored by ADT" sign on your dog?

How about a nanny cam on the dog's collar that notifies you via mobile app if someone's in your house so you can call the police if you don't recognize them?

@Dave: Thanks! @Marta: Good point. Although I think a barking dog might be a better preventative measure even if you're not home.

@Susan- Wow, good for your dog. And I'm glad you are OK.

An alarmy system will notify the police if you're not home; a dog will not.

@Dave: well, that's what I'd have thought, except my sweetie pie pit mix just scared away a possible burglar this afternoon. I've never seen her look so fierce. 

Personally, I think tin cans along the door frame like old Brady Bunch episodes work the best

Me, I'd choose a dog. Then again, I like dogs.
Susan, it depends on the response mechanism. If you're trying to alert someone on-site (and perhaps aid them in protection), then the dog is better. If you're trying to call someone else for help, then I'd go with a burglar alarm.

As a cat person, I'd go with the alarm. The reason i don't like dogs is that you can't trust them not to like everyone.

@Dave: Have you see the cost of kibble these days?

@Susan  Well, a big dog can be snuggled. So I go with the dog.

OK folks, personal security question: what's better, a burglar alarm or a big dog?

Sara, is it available on the Wii? Or on Xbox with the gestural control system? 'Cause if I can't play tennis and bowl, I'm not sure it's worthwhile...

@Sara, @Curt: Is it really worth it? I haven't played a video game in years...

@Curt: Maybe that's what Tebow was?

@Curt   I knew I'd get you to consider being a gamer eventually!

I do think that the Jets should receive some sort of award for being the most spectacularly disfunctional team in professional sports.

@scott & @dave: Especially since Rex all but asked to be fired last week....

Whoever thought it was a good idea to pay Mark Sanchez the same as Tom Brady deserved to get fired.

@Scott- Actually, i do think i tis more the GMs fault. But I'm surprised they weren't both fired.

@marta- This is a family chat. ;)

@David: How Rex Ryan still has a job is beyond me.

@Dave: Not to mention all that time he spent with his wife's toes....

OK, Sara, you just typed the first phrase that could convince me I need a gaming console.

Let me know when you roll it over. Unless the game let's you roll it over, it shouldn't count. :)

@Martha: You mean like your 2, 50-point wins this year?

@Curt and Scott- i blame Rex Ryan spending too much time looking at his tattoo.

@Curt   Exactly. Only the British version counts. I just got Gran Turismo 5 (finally) so I can pretend to drive a reasonably priced car on the Top Gear test track. And race a Volkswagon bus on it,

The AFC East did seem weaker than usual, this year. The Pats might surprise me, but I won't be shocked if they're upset in their first or second playoff game.

Heh, we're cleary all on the same page about this

@ScottF: I'm not sure you can say we breezed our way into the playoffs - we had a few really ugly games.

@Marta- And make sure you get the British version. There is an American version on History channel. It is OK, but it is like getting Methodone when you expected Heroin.

@Marta: let us know how you like it! :)

Now, it's important to note that we're talking about the BRITISH (original) Top Gear: There are versions made in the US, Australia and other places, but they all exist only to demonstrate the brilliance of the original.

@Scott- They'll be good right up until they lay a real QB. Their pass defense is miserable.

Well clearly I'm out of the loop (she typed while using her iPad app to set her DVR)

@Marta- Let's put it this way, it is the only time you'll ever see Dame Judy Dench behind the wheel of a racecar. :)

@Curtis: And as usual, the Pats just breezed their way into the playoffs. I not sure if they are that good or the competition in the AFC East was that bad. Probably both.


@Curt: Agreed! LOVE Top Gear.

@Susan  Beautifully, accurately stated.

@Marta- If you really want to know about Top Gear ask Sara. She's the Top Gear geek. Although if Susan likes it, we are unanimously in favor of it here at E2


@Marta: whew, thx! Hi Curt, Hi Sara. TGIF. This was a long short week. 

well that's an exaggeration.... but still. It's good. And you'd like it.

Marta, Top Gear is the best car show in the universe. It's on BBC America (here in the US) and is Must Viewing for anyone who likes cars, sports, or Brits doing funny things.

@Marta   WHAT?!!!!!  It's just the greatest show ever.

Hey, Susan! Welcome to Friday afternoon!

@SusanN: You weren't the only one... <g>

Hi folks, sorry I'm late. Happy New Year!

@Dave: You're going to the WA game?

Scott, I think you could be right. As much as I hated the way that Danver handled the QB situation at the end of last season, Manning has done beautifully out there this year.

@Sara: Google it.  Tattoo of his wife wearing a Sanchez jersey tebowing.  Most people are assuming it's a henna (sp) tattoo.

The Rex Ryn tatoo was fantastic. I'm going to get one just like it except Rex's wife in an RG3 jersey. :)

@Sara: I think Ray is focusing on his post-career now. He took a lot of heat for making the announcement so soon. Still, I like Flaco.

Of course, the 24 Hours of Daytona is soon, and we have new episodes of Top Gear coming up later this month, so things are looking up!

@Scott- You should move to the Redskins. I'll be at the game and everything. Keep the NFC East going!

Marta I missed the Rex Ryan tattoo!

Actually I'd also throw support to the Ravens, since my boy Ray Rice (RUTGERS!!!!) plays for the ravens.

On the AFC side, I think it will be Broncos and Pats for the title. Good to seen Manning and Brady play each other again.

I sometimes wish I could get excited about the NBA -- I'm looking at a lot of EPL while waiting for NASCAR to start up again.

Howdy all - sorry I'm late.  Did I miss the discussion of Rex Ryan's tattoo?

I'm a long-time Falcons fan -- especially since it looks like I'll be a very old man before any of the Florida teams are in it again.

Or you can just switch to basketball and put the sad football season behind you, like I have.

@Sara: Well, we know it's not the Jets. May Seattle as a underdog.


And hey, Dave -- hey, Scott. Good to see you here!

I do like the niners this year

Hi Scott!  That's a tough question...

Hi guys. Now that the Giants are out, who should I switch my loyalities to?

I'm all ready for NFL playoff Geekend!

Hi curt. Helo to anyone lurking!

Hey, everyone -- welcome to Friday!

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