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but the power surge did kill my laptop build in video card... now when I turn my laptop on in few minutes I get blank screen... try air can spray - clean all wents, try factory restore... same problem during restore blank screen...

finally got the power, good day for all and Happy Holidays :)

A good holiday to all & to all a good day!

Have to sign off myself now, folks. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Thanks to you all for the fun chats -- looking forward to more good stuff in the New Year. 

@Dave:Have a wonderful holiday!

Have a great holiday eveyrone and happy new year!

And with that, i think i shall leave you all to contemplate the great mystery of Mannlow and Stewart.

Guess Rod needs to stop singing Maggie Mae now right? How old would she have to be to be the "older woman" to Rod now?

Just trying to get you into the Christmas spirit. :)

@Dave: thanks, now I'm going to have nightmares all week.

They should do duets. I'd love to see Barry Manilow sing "If you want my body and you think I'm sexy..."

@David: and the color hasn't changed even as they age...

I think it is because they still wear the Siegrfried and Roy hair cut

Did you ever notice how much Barry Manilow and Rod Stewart are starting to look like each other?

@Dave: I've evolved to the point where I would vote them in.

And I'd rather it be all of them

@Marta: If you have to ask...


@Marta- I'm totally for voting them all in or none of them.

@Susan: What's wrong with the BeeGees and Barry Manilow? <G>

No Mannilow, no BeeGees, no Neil Diamond. :)

@Dave: Sorry - I must have misunderstood something you said a couple of weeks ago.

@Susan- Nope, the only one of my iPods that is still working is the first one, but i tried to use it lightly. It was the signature iPod that came signed by the band and loaded with all their music.

@Dave: or maybe Barry Manilow? they're programmed for instant fail if you put Barry Manilow on them.

@Marta- I'm not kidding. I really would vote for all 4

@Dave: really. what kidn of music did you put on those poor iPods? The BeeGees?

@Dave: Don't be a smart aleck - it's not an attractive quality in a person <g>

McGwire, Sosa, Bonds, Clemens to start :)

The easy eath of iPods is what turned me off Apple forever

@Dave: Yes. (If you have time, find the MLB HOF 2013 ballot & email me who you would put in the Hall.)

Funny, i've only had one smart phone, but I've watched 4 iPods die.

@Scott: will it withstand my abuse?

@Susan: wait until the X phone gets here...

@Scott: iPod is definitely more durable. I'v'e had mine for years...unlike the many many smartphones I've destroyed.

@Dave: You're right, I would have enjoyed that.

And they asked the guys what they thought had changed in the game. And they said, "the ball is so much livelier, the fences are too close, and the ball players are getting to big because of stuff they shouldn;t be taking."

My chat page froze-very strange. I came back just to say thank you all for the wishes, and Happy Holidays to all. 

@Susan: I'm part way through "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk" by Ben Fountain - resisting the urge to start the new John Sandford & Michael Connellly mysteries until I finish it.


The interview was inthe 50's.

I was watching a rerun of the old game show "I got a Secret" and they were interviewing wo guys who had played in the first World Seres in 1903.

Oh hey, Marta, you would have enjoyed something i saw last night


@Dave. Have not tried Amazon Prime, heard good things about it. I'm an audio geek so I need all my music to be originally on vinyl or CD before it makes its way onto another device. Otherwise I can't get the listening experience I want from my home stereo.

@scott- I use my phone in the gym, but perhaps you ran faster than i do. :)

@David: yes, my personal phone as Pandora on it but most of the music i use is at the gym while running, so the iPod is a little more durable. I also find a lot of bargins on Amazon.

Has anyone tried Amazon prime for saving money on reading? Are the free books on Prime worth it?

Just finished reading "Incendiary." Very powerful.

@Marta: That's a good policy. I'm a fiction addict myself.

Bye Curt! Feliz Navidad & Prospero Nuevo Ano

If you're sticking around, I'l get you in 15 minutes. :)

Bye Sara. Have a wondeful holiday, enjoy! 

If I missed anyone, happy holiday to you, too. :)

Bye Sara. You have a great holiday too. :)

Thanks, Curt. Have a fantastic holiday and new year.

I'm afraid I've got to sneak off too. Happy Everything everyone!

@Scott: Ah, a true music fan. Me too. phones can't fit all the things that suit my tastes.

@scott- Spotify mobile will help you drop one device from your backpack. I actually haven't spent a dime on music since getting it.

Folks, I'm going to flake out a bit early - I have a 2-year old nephew who's asking for ice cream. Merry Christmas, blessed Solstice, Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever holiday you're celebrating. If you're not celebrating, then I hope you have a great weekend.

Me, I'm going to spend some quality time with family and look forward to a 2013 that's better than 2012 has been.

@Susan: I don't have any music on my phones. I carry the 160GB iPod classic for all that.


@Sara- Not a hater, just a disinterested observer. :)

@SusanN: I try to read at least one appropriately themed book per sports season; no hockey this year, so no hockey book :-)

@Scott: How many songs do you have on your phone/s?

Get a partridge and put them all in a tree?

@Curt: Merry Christmas to you too. (You say the nicest things :-)

@Marta- Don't bother. The New Jersey folks are now lost in Boss Worship. :)

@David: I get apples, oranges & pears via Harry & David from my mom every year....  Need to find something to do with the pears....

Marta, a Merry Christmas to you -- thanks for being part of our E2 community. We'll look forward to more fun in the new year!

Tenth Avenue Freezout is also among my faves. Clarence...miss that big man.

Sara et al: Sorry I disappaeared - can't do this & webex at same time...  Am currently reading "Coaching Confidential: Inside the Fraterinaity of NFL Coaches" by Gary Myers.  A little gossipy for my taste, but interesting to see how all the coaches are related in one way or another; next up David Hablerstam's book about Michael Jordan.

When the song actually came out, I was too young to drive. But that stuff takes a while in suburbia. :)

@SusanN: Thanks. I'll try to pet one. :)

@Susan   Classic. And true.

Springsteen hit in that gap between Southern Rock and Punk for me. Golden years, those were...

My first car was a Camaro right about the time "Bitchin' Camaro" made it to my small suburban town. I think people gae me like 50 copies of the cassingle.

As for Springsteen, "Born to Run" hit at exactly the right time in my life. I think I was 18, with my first motorcycle -- it was the perfect song at the perfect time.

"I'm from New Jersey. I don't expect to much. If the world ended today I would adjust..."

@Sara: it's great. Check it out here:

Then again.... I think I started crying during Racing in the Street when I saw the E-Street Band in concert...

@Sara: For rare tracks, you can find a song called Sugarland on YouTube

@scott All good picks.  Adam Raised a Cain is another good one... But I think I'm still sticking with Born to Run

@SusanF: and pet some reindeer, too. :)

Have a great holiday, Susan. Say hi to Santa for us.

Bye Susan F. have a wondeful Christmas!

@Susan N  No... I'll have to look into it

@Scott: Good choice. I also like everything on Nebraska. And Racing in The Street...

@Susan, @Sara: Also Jackson Cage, Rosalita, Nebraska, @Johnny 99

I still love Bruce's Jersey Girl though.

I am going to move to Dreamland while you keep on enjoying the conversation. Happy Holidays to everyone, and see you next year, or in the course of the next days if you are around. 

@Sara: haha. Did you ever hear the John Gorka Song "I'm from New Jersey"?

Tom Waits' version of Jersey Girl is far far superior to Springsteens. Guess that's b/c Tom wrote it.

Susan, I'm from New Jersey, and therefore I can do whatever I want in relation to Bruce Springsteen. So there.

Oh hey, the sausage and cheese has arrived at my house. Every year, my wife's aunt and uncle send us sause and cheese from Swiss Colony. Would anyone like some? :)

@Sara: Not allowed to think about it. Mine is Blinded by the Light.


@Sara, @Scott: Quick: what's your favorite Springsteen song? don't think about it, just answer.

@Scott: I think the S3 screen trumps iPhone. I have iphone 5 though and really find the form factor  much more compatible with my hands. Easier to hold and use that earlier versions. 

@scott  Still not frivolous enough. I'll only let you get away with all of your professional, productive, apps and conversation because I know that you were listening to Bruce Springsteen today.

@Dave: I find noisy computers quite annoying. I work in silence most of  the time, and I like silent computers. :)

@Curt: Not at all. Kipling is great. 

I think the way the companies advertise "8 million apps" or whatever is silly since most people have about 30 apps on their phone and 25 of them overlap on most phones.

@Sara: I also like the Chrome browser for looking at the web.

@Susan- It is only a problem when the room is super quiet. I usually work with music. If the music is on, you don't hear it. And this is mostly my gaming/personal computer so quiet isn't a major concern.

OK, it marks me as horribly old-fashioned but I have to admit that I like the poetry of Rudyard Kipling, too.

@Susan: The range of apps on the iPhone is much better, but I really do like the GS3. The screen and picture quality is much better. It's a true mini computer. The iPhone does look and feel better.

@Curt @SusanF: good one. My favorite Frost poem is Desert Places.

Susan F., it is a classic poem. No question.

I'm guessing that if this form factor becomes popular, they'll dampen the sound, but since it is newish no one thought about it

@Dave: that would make me crazy. I hate those kind of noises. Too bad, sound great. 

Basically the same as a laptop but your lap isn't there to muffle the sound

@Curt @SusanN. The Road Not Taken is my favorite Frost's poem.

It doesn't come up much, but if you're working in a quiet room, it can be distracting

I love it. My only complaint is part of the nature of the beast. It is an all-in-one so no tower. All of the "bits" are behind the monitor. When the hard drie spins, it is rather loud.

Scott, you're making us look bad! Can't you pretend that you use Angry Birds more than the new york times? That would make Dave and I look less frivolous.

@Susan: You are betting on WP8 taking off. MSFT is tied to Nokia more than Samsung now.

@Scott: which do you prefer, Galaxy or iPhone?

@Dave: How is your new computer doing? Are you still happy with it?

@Curt: Frost is my favorite american poet. Also love Carl Sandburg: The fog comes on little cat feet. I know it's English Lit 101 but it's still great.

@David: The WSJ says the main concern is Samsung using other apps and not preloading some Google apps. So yes, money down the road.

@Scott- Right, but I'm sure they see money left on the table.

Scott, I think that WSJ might be right about Google. They've got the power to pull an Apple world-domination type maneuver if they wanted to.


@David: Goolge gets fat off the apps. It's the Google apps like Maps they want you to get. Android is the platform to deliver it.


For me, it's the ESPN Scorecenter.

Oh guys I meant smartphone APP, not smartphone "all"

@Scott: is the concern that Samsung will embrace Windows 8? And will we start to see Google opening stores like Apple did? 

I like Frost, but he's not my favorite American poet. That would be Walt Whitman. Favorite overall tends to be Rumi (though I also rather have a thing for Pablo Naruda).

@Sara: I have two. Samsung Galaxy S III for personal. iPhone 4S for work.

@Scott- Google must be annoyed that a good percentage of the money from Android has gone to other companies.

@Dave  Actually Pablo's wife does do some tech journalism too.

@Susan F- No, Pablo;s wife is a journalist but not a tech journalist

@Susan: The WSJ thinks it's a worry that Samsung might change strategies and leave Android vulernable. I also think some at Google want to do what Apple does, control the process start to finish and couple the hardware and software tightly together.

Hey this is a sort of random techie question, but what smartphone all do you all use the most -- not including the standard ones that came pre-loaded?

@Dave Re Samsung displays--I really like them, especially the new Galaxy s III. 

@Sara: Is Pablo's wife here, too? I mean, on E2?  

Mine is Philip Larkin, but only read him if you're in a good mood. Peple in a bad mood might kill themselves.

@Sara: I know! With Susan Fogarty we have the same initials, so it's ever more complicted. We agreed that she is Sue, and I am Susan. :)  

Hey Marta, what are you watching in the world of sports right now?

@Marta: Ottimo! I love Robert Frost. Great choice.

I love Robert Frost. I think he's my favorite poet.

@Dave: NO, not even then! Though I do love that song. speaking of music, what did everyone have on their End of The World Playlist? This was my No. 1:

In keeping with one of today's themes:

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To know that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice. - Robert Frost

batye, if you do have to bolt I hope you have the happiest of Christmases!

@Scott: what's driving them to do this now do you think? 

And Pablo Valerio's wife is named Susan, too.

@SusanF  The trouble is, we also have a Susan Fogarty on our Enterprise Efficiency IT Migration Zone team.

@Susan N- would you tolerate being called Susie if the Everly Brothers themselves came and sang "Wake up Little Susie" for you?

People were encouraged o pretend their lights were flickering and then go silent to act like the world was ending

What nicknames would you like to go by, Susans? I know that we can never ever call Nunziata "Susie."

@Sara: It's easier just SusanN. and SusanF. 

@batye: Oh no, Happy Holidays!hope your power stays on.

@batye- Are you playing Mayan apocolypse?

@Susan: It's interesting that they are trying a new phone archtype. Mostly everyone thought the acquisition was a way to proect Android patents from lawsuits since Motorola holds so many.

I have to say, I'll never own a Samsung for a dumb reason-- i hate their displays. Everything looks hyper real instead of just real. It is too bright. And even if you play with brightness, it still looks weird ot me.

@Curt: Glad to know I'm not the only one...

@Sara, @SusanF: Or nicknames... 

my lights is flikering I think power will go down... Happy Holidays for all :)

Marta, I've discovered that same thing. And that the iPhone "Do Not Disturb" also includes "Don't bother me with alarm sounds."

I'm trying to hod out to see if i want to switch to Windows 8 phone or stick with Android befor ei upgrade again

I think we might have to start calling all the Susans by their last names.

@Marta: I seem to discover that only when I have to get to an important meeting. Welcome.

A pit-stop before everyone goes on holiday.

@sara- agreed, but for a two year old phone, if that's the only comprmise i have to make to have a phone that is just as good as a current gen phone, I'm not worried.

Hey, Susan F.! Thanks for joining us!

Today's helpful hint: An alarm only works if you take your phone off mute. (Sorry I'm late.)

bestbuy usa should have it for $199 or $149

@Scott: I'd have to agree. I think Motorola has a big hill to climb, the brand is associated with low-cost consumer feature phones. major branding effort required there.

Susan, you're right -- I forgot the neighborhood you call home...

Samsung IS doing well. The Galaxy is the one device that's been making me consider getting rid of my iPhone.

You do have to turn the sattelite off when you are using it.

Thanks, batye -- I'll check it out. My son is probably all over this, since he's majoring in game design at university right now.

@Curt:  I ended up walking down the street there while wearing my snake-skin diveskin. Even the cops wouldn't look at me...

That's just a typical day here in Berkeley.

@sara- I have no probelms with battery life. It runs all day. I will say one thing-- I did have to learn a few tricks

Right now, it's hard to see one company outdoing what Samsung has done with it's phone line.

Except, Dave, for the lousy batter power?

@Dave: can we figure out an way to travel to the moon without having to eat mushy food out of foil packages? Is Santa sending you the First Class tickets?

@Susan @Scott Well, with the right branding it might work -- "X Phone" is better than the motorola brand i think.

I love my motorla smart phone. It is two years old and still better than any iPhone I've ever touched

it old rewamp arcade from 1980's ...

Susan, you should plan a trip down to Ft. Lauderdale. Great scuba, neat restaurants and no passport required. I could tell you about the time I ended up walking down the street there while wearing my snake-skin diveskin. Even the cops wouldn't look at me...

@Susan: It's called the 'x' Phone. Sounds exciting for vaporwear

Think it's too late for Motorola brand to be revived as a smartphone contender?

@Scott; It's about time they did something with Moto.

batye, I'm way behind -- is this a new game?

@Curt: Yes, it's been far too long for me since I've done scuba--problem is I hate cold water (and sharks). So scuba in the "red triangle" of the Bay Area is kind of out of the question. need another trip to the Caribbean soon. hello, Santa?

Thanks Susan. I was starting to worry.

Just in time for next Xmas, WSJ is reporting Motorola is working on an iPhone rival using Android. Google owns Motorola


Dave, it would be cool if that were so. No, it's a hopelessly hip European magazine, founded by the same guy who started "Wallpaper." Very solid articles on global topics.

on the 18th Neogeo X gold become available in USA

@Dave: I never said that. I'll go with you.

I hope monocle is a magazine for people who like to wear monocles.

Hey, Scott! Welcome to the chat...

The biggest problem is I'm starting to feel an inferiority complex. No one wants to go to the moon with me. i'm starting to feel like no one wants to go with ME. The moon is fine, but I'm not spending a week in a space capsule with Wagner.

Susan, scuba is one of my favorite activities -- underwater is the most peaceful place I know.

Hey, Dave -- Hey Susan! My wish-list? Geeky toys, a new vest and a subscription to "Monocle" topped the list. How about everyone else?

@Sara: Yes, I would love to! I've been scuba diving, that's kind of like being in space as I imegine it. Minus the fish, of course. 

All this talk of "to the moon" is making me think of The Honeymooners.

Susan would you go to the moon?

Welcomd Curt. What's on your Santa wishlist?

I'd be the one playing video games, but all the rest of the time I already spend playing video games would go to getting famous.

Thanks Dave. I'll also consider other options. Really, I'll go pretty much anywhere on earth before I go to space.

Hey, everyone -- Happy Friday!

I don't feel I lack for time in total. I feel like I need time virtualization. The world forces me to waste a lot of time i want back. Waiting to pick up my kids, waiting in line for stuff, etc.

There's a great episode of American Dad when Francine and Stan both get their hands on something from the CIA that eliminates their need for sleep. Stan spends his time playing video games. Francine spends her time learning new languages and becoming a world-renowned marine biologist.

@Sara- Well, I'll tell you what-- if someone pays for me to go to the moon, I'll put in a good wor for you and Hawaii.

Can't he do something quiet in the wee hours and practice violin in the afternoon?

I'd prefer a trip to Hawaii.


@Sara: that is priceless. I am always amazed when I hear stories of high achieving people who sleep like 3 hours a night. Akio Morita, former chairman of Sony, used to practice violin in the wee hours of the morning before he started his day running the electronics giant.

What's on your wishlist for Santa? Are you hoping for a tirp to the moon, like Dave is?

I think I just decided that what I want most of all is more time... or maybe some sort of serum I can drink that eliminates my need for sleep so that I can get more done. Anyone know how much that might cost?

Hello everyone. Looks like the gang got here a bit early.


HI Batye! We're all still here. Yay!

Joni the editors at 3PM ET for the last Friday chat of 2012.

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Do CIOs Need an IT Background?

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Most of the CIOs interviewed in the How to Become a CIO series did not start their careers as IT professionals. So is an IT background essential?
Ivan Schneider
The Internet Loves Birthdays

8|27|13   |   3:25   |   69 comments

The Internet has evolved into a machine for drumming up a chorus of "Happy Birthday" messages, from family, friends, friends of friends who you added on Facebook, random people that you circled on G+, and increasingly, automated bots. Enough already.