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Tylenol 3 is powerful stuff. I've been on it for short periods after breaking bones, but it's worth treating it very carefully. Take care of yourself -- and have a great weekend! I'm off to finish writing my article for this afternoon...

alive is not good for a liver, but I'm affraid of codeing in tylenol 3

Curtis is reality of human nature, my doctor keep offering me tylen 3 I'm tying to keep my pain at bay with alive...

I'm always worried to get addicted to anything, except the Lord...

@batye, I've had several relatives go the same way -- not pretty. Seeing all that is part of why my brother is a substance-abuse conselor.

my uncle is died from his adiction to vodka...

@batye, it's amazing how many things that taste good or feel good in the short run are very bad for us in the long run!

many good things could act as a poison in the human body if we forget Bible... :)

if it prochibited human nature - wanting it...

Have a great weekend everyone -- we'll see you next week, live from Austin, TX!

Thanks for joining us, @Pablo -- we've missed you!

Have a good weekend everyone.

see you, good holidays to all :)

I should go, too. Have a great weekend eveyrone.

yes... I would prefer gov just allow things and tax it... it would prevent crime at USA/Canada...

@batye, I've seen that. I think it's the start of a wave of legalization: We'll reach the point where it's legal and taxed like tobacco or alcohol.

but in Canada it illegal... :)

@batye, my family did that sort of thing (with fruits) as well. Lovely when the fruit is served over ice cream.

and product got delivered from BC canada

Curtis as you know in some parts of usa they legilize marichuana - 

I have to say good night, it was great to be here today. 

Have a great weekend everyone


Have a great afternoon, @SusanN -- see you in Austin!

<grin> I'll see if I can decant less than three ounces.. for medicinal purposes.

Bye folks, gotta run to a meeting. Fun chatting, as always. Now I am starving and need more coffee...Have a wonderful weekend everybody! 

for part of my jamaican family it normal to make rum out of oranges and fruts during holidays in Jamaica... I always help...

@Curt: brinigng that to Austin?

@batye, you may just have summarized the differences between Canadians and Americans right there...

@Pablo   That's not fair.

Since most of my family has relatively recent roots in the Appalachians, we have (as a group) something of a taste for "corn squeezin's". I have about half a flask of some very good whiskey of very questionable legality left in my cupboard as a parting gift from my dear father.

@Marta: Thx for the reminder about Pearl Harbor day. Guess I should go on FB and wish Larry Bird a happy birthday? ... <grin>

Curtis I could do it at home but I prefer to do everything legal way as like to be able to sleep at night in my bed...

@Sara, this morning we went downtown for "Chocolate con Churros", and the chocolate was so thick we had to eat it with a spoon.


@batye: yes, my auntie used to make her own homemade kahlua. my cousin brews his own beer. 

my father use to have a small distiliry at home in the basement he used parts from his works :)

@batye, that's a shame. In the US it's legal to make up to a handful of gallons of your own spirits each year. For more than a little you need a license, but that license is mostly about taxes. In recent years it's become much easier to start distilling small batches of stuff in your own home.

Apropos of nothing: In addition to being Pearl Harbor Day, today is also Larry Bird's birthday (for any NBA fans in the house).  (See @SI_vault on Twitter for photos.

@batye- You should go into a side business.

Wow. Moonshine, batye? I thought that was solely an American thing. But maybe I don't fully understand the definition of moonshine.

I see by part of my russian/polish blood line I have knowledge and skills to make holiday moonshine based on the coffee with caribean taste - but in Canada I could not get a legal licence to  distil it at home... :) lol

@Marta: be afraid. Be very afraid.

Thanks Pablo, yes I did see that. Thanks! home I'll do French press sometimes with a coarse ground or autodrip. I use a lot of grounds because I like it strong, but unlike Pablo I like a nice dark, rich roast. It isn't bitter... although the Starbucks car IS too bitter because of the chicory I think. When I'm out I might get a cafe au lait. But never any sugar.

@Dave: That's terrible <g>


Since I started limiting salt in my meals my dear wife has become an expert in cooking with herbs and spices. I had to count them for a project I was working on -- we have more than 90 different spices and spice blends in the kitchen.

@Curt: I'm not sure I'm old enough to see that <g>

Make your own seltzer? The only way I'd make my own selzter was if I was a 1930's clown and a need some more to squirt down my pants.

@Sara, did you see my email about flights to Barcelona?


I make my coffee many ways Dave, depending on the situation... let's see...

@batye, I'll have to post a photo of me in my new kilt when I go to the next Scottish festival down here.

@Sara: Better late than never.

and in part of the scottish cooking some bitter spices is a must...

Hey, @Sara -- we're glad you're here at all!

@Dave @Susan  The soda maker is very popular for a couple of people in our NYC office who make their own seltzer. Those machines make A LOT of noise.

Hi Sara. What crazy way do you go out of your way to make coffee? :)

My dear wonderful friend bought me an ice cream maker once. I haven't taken it out of the box. I don't knwo where real people keep that stuff in their kitchens.

@Dave: just wait, it'll be the next hipster craze

but do not worry Curtis , she call's me commoner too when I complaine about spices smell in the kitchen... as on her scottish blood line - her grand father was an Earl

@batye, the editor of one of our sister sites is from Trinidad. He and I have enjoyed some memorable (and memorably spicy) meals together.

Hi everyone. Sorry I'm only getting here for the last few moments.

@Susna- Yeah, what a freaking waste of time and money, not to mention counter space, those things look like. :)

Jamaican and Scottish -- spicy haggis dishes? Oatmeal and salt fish? I can actually imagine a lot of good food coming out of that combination!

@Dave: Awwww. Thx. Tell her to have extra for me. :)

Good night SusanF, let's talk sometime next week, now we are on the same time zone.


@Dave: don't they have those home soda makers now too? Now we know what to get you for Christmas.

@Susan N- I'm currently making pasta for my daughter's lunch. I feel like setting you an empty chair as a salute. :)

Thanks, everybody. Have a lovely weekend. :)

and spices is a must in carribean cooking :)

Oooh, @batye, you're right -- I don't have that many grinders. But now I'm jealous!

her bllod line mix of Jamaican and Scottish 

Have a great night, @SusanF! We'll see you next week!

@Dave: Try the Angry Birds soft drinks. 

@batye- Wow, that is commitment. i know cooks who do this, but that's a lot of grinders.

I think any real soda drinker would do this.

Curtis but you did not have a grinder for each type of spices.... my wife have a grinder for each type of spices... kitchen is full of grinders... 

@Dave: Martin Freeman. Very charming.

I have to say, that after years of Coke, I'm think about making my own cola. I'll grind my own coke, refine my own sugar, create my own CO2 from scratch.

Well, everybody, I'm moving down close to the sleeping cocoon. I hope you guys going to TX travel nice and safe. Have a good time at the Dell World, and Dave, we will be here helping you holding the fort. Good night everybody! 

@Curt- Alton Brown, my cooking god, does the same thing

@Curt, I found American coffee really bitter and strong. The dark roast preffered by Americans is giving coffee its bitterness, I like the Italian light roast for an espresso.

My first investment in Barcelona was a Krupps expresso machine for our apartment here, and I have my grinder from the US, no electricity needed:


@Curt: You are officially a coffee snob then.

@batye, I don't think it's a "commoner" thing at all -- I've seen studies that say that some people are more sensitive to particular flavor groups than others. I just have trouble taking a lot of the ultra-snobbish behavior very seriously in any realm.

@Dave, I have to admit that I actually have a separate coffee grinder just for spices. I'm so ashamed...

Oh, Earnhardt Iced Tea and Dew. We need a name for it like the Arnold Palmer. Little Tea? Brisk Dew? there's got to be a good one.

@Dave: he might actually require medical attention if I did that.

but her blood line was towards polish royalty... I'm a commoner by blood line :) for me any coffee will do...

@SusanF: Ha, that's what I said. that's my kind of hand-me-down!

I think you should mess with your friend one day when he is over and use his coffee grinder to grind spices or something right in front of him. :)

my grand mother she was a crazy about good cup of coffee ... - all her life...

@Curt: My own invention - I wonder if I could patent it <g>

@Marta, I think that sounds like something I would have had by the gallon if I knew about it 20 years ago.

@batye, I grew up on industrial coffee, and can handle pretty much anything that doesn't wrestle the cup out of my hand. I do like slowing down and enjoying a cup of coffee and a bit of conversation, though. It's one of the reasons I enjoy going to the neighborhood coffee shop to work once in a while.

for some people coffee is an art... same as good wine... due to the diabetes my taste bud is off I just could not taste the diffrence...

@SusanN: Lol. Well, it's great your friend gave you that poor bad machine. :D

@Curt: I don't drink coffee but am currently drinking a Dale Earnhardt Jr - iced tea with a serious splash of Mountain Dew.

I've watched a little of it. Great interview with the dude who is playing Bilbo whose name I am blanking on.

Here's the thing: The best cup of coffee I ever had was a traditional cup of Ethiopian coffee made by a lovely Ethiopian lady who explained what she was doing as we talked through the entire (rather lengthy) process. It was slow, relaxing and quite wonderful. As un-American a process as I can imagine, but that cup of coffee is the perfect cup that lingers in my memory.

for me coffee just a tool to keep me going during the day...

@Dave: That's what the Lord of the Rings is for...BTW, have you been watching Stephen Colbert this week? Whole set is Hobbit themed. He had Peter Jackson on last night.

my client did buy one cap of it for me to try... I did not taste any difrence from my regular instant nescafe...

@Pablo: 12°C sounds quite high comparing to -4°C here now. 

I wouldn't pay $1000 for Ricardo Montleban to come grind my coffee for me by hand. That guy is nuts.

@Susan (N) I have a nice Japanese manual ceramic grinder. It works great.


@Susan, and here I thought my $50 grinder from Starbucks was a big deal...

@Pablo: Bet the coffee is great there!

@Susan, I haven't made it to the store, yet. Since I'm traveling to Dell World later in the weekend, it may be next week before I can try it (unless I can find some on the road).

@Curt, we're having a cold front now, but still 12C during the day. Today was a wonderful sunny day


@SusanF: yes! And I've been caught up in the local hipster coffee craze here in SF Bay Area. I am now grinding my own beans thanks to a hand-me-down grinder. My coffee snob friend paid $400 for it, but it wasn't good enough for him. So he gave it to me gratis and he upgraded to a $1000 grinder. 

packed in the gold plated tin...

in Japan I did see coffee in the store for $1500 usa per pound...

@Curt: Did you try the almond milk? 

Hi Susan, I'm in Barcelona now


@Batye: thanks for the coffee advice! 

@batye, I can't even IMAGINE coffee that would be worth that much money.

@Pablo: Are you back in the neighbourhood? 

@Pablo, you're still on the East side of The Pond, right? How's the weather where you are?

I'm sorry that I miss most of the chats, but the time difference doesn't help


@Pablo, good espresso is truly a thing of beauty!

Maybe that's close enough for this. :)

@curt- It is still often my breakfast thing. I grew up in the pseudo south. South of Mason-Dixon but north of DC. :)

@SusanN: Oh! French press extra dark is my fav

Thanks for the tips, @batye! I'm always looking for the Next Great Coffee Machine. I just wish it was possible to get a really good home espresso machine for less than the price of a compact car.

Stasrbucks have limited edition blend $70 per pound...

Curt, coffee is one of my favorite subjects. For me there is nothing better than Italian espresso


But my complaint is that Bilbo come sout of the mountain and the dragon is dead, and there are these armies below and they fight this great battle. But Tolkein retty much gloses over what happens in the fight, the point of the fight, and the aftermath of the battle.

@Susan, I like dark roast coffees, but I'm enjoying trying different single-nation beans. I'm truly looking forward to Ethiopian, soon.

Starbucks usa have it new coffee machine at home outfiters $50 off...

I love LoTR, but I hate the Hobbit, because it doesn't really end. But supposedly Jackson fixes that by reading notes.

@Dave, Coke was my breakfast beverage for years and years. I always thought it was a Southern thing.

@Curt: I have a mug of coffee. French Roast. Extra dark. 

Good afternoon everyone


Tassimo have a lot of the coffee machines on sale and $20 off rebate

@Dave, it's been forever since I read the books but I enjoyed the Ring trilogy so I'm looking forward to this. I also don't have a problem with 3D films, so I think the new 48fps technology should be wonderful.

I have a can of coke with a polar bear on it. :)

@Dave: I've never been in rehab. :)

@batye- I'm close, both Santa and the Green Giant say "ho, ho. ho"

Speaking of food and drink, I'd like to continue the coffee discussion from yesterday. I have a large mug of Kona on the desk now -- what do folks have as their favorite caffeine delivery vehicles?

@Dave: i'll be starring in an episode of Intervention on A&E...

The reviews for the Hobbit have been very interesting. Basicaly people say if you aren't already a fan, you'll hate it. But if you are a fan, you'll love every second.

David Green Giant at the frozen food section of you store...

@DBK: Ha! It surely is somewhere. Cheers.

@Susan- Are you out of rehab yet?

We're taking my sister-in-law to see The Hobbit for her birthday next Saturday. I'll probably see it twice -- once in standard format with her, and in Imax 3D with my son.

@susanF: no. not unless they're made with rice flour or somesuch. Blech.

My doctor says to eat something green 5 times a day. I've been doing that really well since Thanksgiving. Green Christmas cookie sugar counts, right?

@Dave: you haven't seen me lately...pasta withdrawal is not pretty.

@SusanN: No Christmas cookies? :( That's cruel. Not even one or two? 

@Curt: You're right. They've turned technology debuts into the same PR spectacle as a movie premier. Speaking of which: who will be lining up to see The Hobbit next week. 

We have awinner the glass of wine, is it 5 oclock yet?

@Susan- I'm surprised your Italian genes would allow you to go wihtout pasta. I'd have thougt you'd go into withdrawl

I do not know but I got couple invites for next week for a few IT seminars but my knee give up and I'm staying at home

@Susan, have you tried the quinoa pasta? A relative on a gluten-free diet thought it was pretty good.

@DBK: I'd need a glass of wine I think.

@Curt, @Dave, @Batye: thanks for your sympathies. Happily I live in an area where gluten-free items are on all the grocery shelves. I miss my pasta though, and the "fake" stuff just doesn't cut it. Cruel fate for an Italian. Sigh.

@curt- It is the same at Christmas. The media kept score of who had the most people waiting outside their door at Black Friday without making any connection to the fact that crowds don't necessarily equal proftis

lactos intolerant, gluten free not egg whites, hold the chocolate not bake and what do you end up with?

@Susan: I would also say that the iPad/tablet is a much different type of device technology. It's all these companies worked on but never got right. Apple might not be perfect, but it showed us the way forward and what these products can do.

@Susan, Apple has also changed expectations for new product introductions. I've started seeing it in several directions -- if a product isn't "world-changing" with lines stretching around the block on the day it goes GA, then it's a failure. Microsoft is fighting that perceptions wth Surface and Windows 8 right now.

I am officially jealous of everyone going to TX next week.

I have to say, I don't mind staying home, but I'm jealous over the keynotes.

@Curt: Agreed, there's actually a whole entertainment tech track there.sign me up.

My wife has a recpe for no bake chocolate cookies that might be gluten free. I'll check. She makes them every Christmas

@Dave, @Scott: the other thing to consider is how much apple has changed the way we interact with technology, kids will have tech expectations as a result that will transform the workplace. It's not just the device or the brand but the interface and interaction that they're changing.

No Christmas cookies? That's terrible.

@Susan, it seems to me that there are significant business lessons to be learned at SXSW -- I think we should have a major E2 presence there next year!

Susan for gluten free diet you have many options including pizza...

@SusanN: How exciting! I saw Sara's Vblog with Steve. I don't remember if I commented or not, though. I guess you guys are going to send a video update on the top veggan speaker, and all. 

Oh, @Susan, that's no fun at all!

One of my consistent battles during my son's earlier education years with with teachers who would give students incredible instructions because "That's how real writers write." The fact is that academic writers have some consistent practices (most of them due to the requirements of peer review) that would drive the majority of "real writers" out of their minds. I had some very interesting conversations about this.

@batye, @curt: my doc kindly put me on gluten free diet JUST before the holidays. Thanks doc. No Christmas cookies for me. :(

@Curt/Dave: I kept the laptop <g>

@Dave: Austin is a fantastic city. I've been there several tiems for SXSW, best music fest in the country. Also cool: San Antonio, Houston, Dallas. 

@Dave: Oh, it's been snowing and snowing. There's been a new record temperature in the north, and everything. However, Santa and the elves don't fear. They are preparing all the nice gadgets for us. 

Creativity comes from the device you use best, not any specific device or object


@Marta, I love it when they let idiots teach classes on writing...

@Marta- My degree is in creative writing. That bunk was constantly spread throughout grad school when I was there too

I try but it not always possible... :(

@Dave, I think the amazing thing is that Apple has any business penetration at all since they'd steadfastly ignored that market for the last couple of decades.

@david: fair enough on the Mac fron but one of Jobs' last projects before he died was looking at the school text book industry, which means the company still has skin in that game. And if you are intersted in tablets, where will you go? Android? Windows?

You know, other than airports, I've never been to Texas? I've been to over 30 states and 20 cuntries, but never Texas.

@Dave: I took a writing workshop several years ago - and brought my laptop.  Was told that true creativity came only through pen and paper and I really should handwrite..

@batye, I'm glad to hear the PGX is helping. My biggest help is simply keeping a rein on what I eat -- not always the simplest task during the holidays!

@SusanF: Oh yes, team is headed to Dell World in Austin

@susan F- Have you visited Santa lately. How are the preperations going?

Busy week ahead next week, huh? 

Seriously though, my point is that Apple has used the school strategy for 40 years. They're share f the computer market is roughly unchanged in that time. The devices they've sold to make them so hot we non-school devices first.

I still happen to be here, so here I am. :) 

I did try dragon few years ago but give up... my wife try it and give up too....

@Marta: That's what I think. I would say also for kids with disabilities it opens up whole new possibilities. Just as iPad apps aimed at kids with autism have opened up new learning experiences.

@Susan/Dave: i was assumign they dictated and then went back & edited.

@susan- I didn't use a pencil in school except to take the SATs. :)

Curtis I'm trying PGX it helps a bit...

@batye- Thanks for worrying. We've got a good behind the scenes support staff and Curt, Sara, and Susan will stll be online while covering the event.

@Susan, I have seen that. My brother uses Dragon because he has trouble with a keyboard. As an experiment several years ago I dictated a couple of columns, but I find that it's much faster for me to write them -- and I liked the results better, too.

@Susan: I think DragonDictation would be great especially for kids (like myself) who absolutely hated to handwrite.

@Dave: I think we've come along way since days of Apple IIe. Kids are much more tech-savvy today and I think placement in schools could create lifelong affinity. I still love my No. 2 pencils. :)

great, thank you as I was a bit worried when sheaperds away - wolfs come to play :)

My wife, who grades more papers than she cares to can spot the use of it instantly. People do not write the way they talk.

Thanks, @batye. I'm actually doing quite well. All my numbers are good, I'm feeling good, and I know that my weight is closer to where I like it because I'm cold all the time. <grin>

@Susan- I sure hope not. It only takes 3 seconds to realize the average paper looks totally different when dictated.

@batye, I'd say send it to . Someone will be looking at that on a fairly regular basis, even during the holidays.

Send it the same way you always do. We'll take car eof it.

Curtis I hope you feeling better 

Have you guys seen the TV ads for Dragon Dictation software? One of the ways they promote it is for kids who have trouble with written language who can dictate papers into text. Will voice to text ever take the place of old-fashioned writing in schools?

@Susan, it was, and it was still very informative. The way the curriculum is set up, he takes one class at a time, each class lasting approximately four weeks. It's a compact curriculum, but I've been impressed by the different areas it touches on. I think it's going to be a decent general education.

as everyone will be out per dave email if I see profanity or the spammer on the E2 board to whom I should report it...

The iPod did more for them than any computer in a classroom did

@Curt: That is infinitely cool. Wow. Much less intimidating than standing at the teacher's desk when she does that, eh?

@scott-They've been doing that since the Apple IIe. It doesn't seem to work.

@Susan, it's all online. Most of the textbooks are electronic, though a few are traditional paper. I don't know about mobile device access -- his tuition included a Macbook Pro, so that's what he does most of his work on. I'll ask him about the mobile aspect.

@Marta, @Scott: Smart marketing in both cases. Will tablets ultimately replace textbooks? Will this create a digital divide for kids whose families can't afford the devices, or the Internet access?

Personally, I think the answer is "whatever the teacher uses best."

For example, one of this professors did a video (posted to a private YouTube channel) in which she did a split-screen of herself and one of his papers. She was able to walk through the entire paper looking at individual sentences and giving her feedback. It was very impressive.

@Curt: what's the primary medium for your son's courses? Is it all online? accessible via mobile devices?

I liked the Speak and Spell when I was a kid. Though I may be the worst speller in America.

Susan: From what I have seen and read, a lot of the schools are looking at tablets. Apple is putting a lot of its muscle behind K-12. It's a combination of getting the the iPad into schools and creating life-long customers.

@Marta- I'm impressed that you can tell the difference between 45 and 40

@Susan: I work for a textbook publisher; we are doing alot for the iPad.

@Susan, I hate to say "it depends" but it really does. For a lot of things it's hard to beat face-to-face learning but my son is doing an online university degree and I'm very impressed with the technology that's being used for his program.

@Marta: Yikes! tomato soup weather.

@Curt: 45F. feels like 40; overcast.

so, I've got education technology on the brain today. What do you think are the best technologies for K-12 learning? higher ed? 

Sorry to hear that, @Scott. It's warmish and mostly sunny here in Florida. Which means that I'm only cold a little.

@Scott: Welcome to the chat. Sunny + 60s here in Bay Area.

Rainy and cold in the Big Apple.

Good afternoon (or evening) everyone -- what's up in your part of the world?

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Computing Power Helping to Save Children's Lives

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The Translational Genomics Institute’s partnership with Dell is enabling them to treat kids with neuroblastoma more quickly and save more lives.
Tom Nolle
The Big Reason to Use Office

3|18|14   |   02:24   |   16 comments

Office and personal productivity tools come in a first-class and coach flavor set, but what makes the difference is primarily little things that most users won't encounter. What's the big issue in using something other than Office, and can you get around it?
E2 Editors
SPONSORED: Mobile Security — A Use Case

3|4|14   |   04:27   |   6 comments

New mobile security solutions can accommodate a wide array of needs, including those of a complex university environment.
Tom Nolle
Killing Net Neutrality Might Save You Money

1|16|14   |   2:13   |   11 comments

The DC Court of Appeals voided most of the Neutrality Order, and whatever it might mean for the Internet overall, it might mean better and cheaper Internet VPNs for businesses.
Tom Nolle
The Internet of Everythinguseful

1|10|14   |   2:18   |   19 comments

We really don't want an "Internet of Everything" but even building an Internet of Everythinguseful means setting some ground rules to insure there's value in the process and that costs and risks are minimized.
Tom Nolle
Maturing Google Chrome

12|30|13   |   2.18   |   25 comments

Google's Chrome OS has a lot of potential value and a lot of recent press, but it still needs something to make it more than a thin client. It needs cloud integration, it needs extended APIs via web services, and it needs to suck it up and support a hard drive.
Sara Peters
No More Cookie-Cutter IT

12|23|13   |   03.58   |   21 comments

Creating the right combination of technology, people, and processes for your IT organization is a lot like baking Christmas cookies.
Sara Peters
Smart Wigs Not a Smart Idea

12|5|13   |   3:01   |   46 comments

Sony is seeking a patent for wigs that contain computing devices.
Tom Nolle
Cloud in the Wild

12|4|13   |   02:23   |   15 comments

On a recent African trip I saw examples of the value of the cloud in developing nations, for educational and community development programs. We could build on this, but not only in developing economies, because these same programs are often under-supported even in first-world countries.
E2 Editors
SPONSORED: Is Malware Evading Your IPS?

11|18|13   |   03:16   |   4 comments

Intrusion prevention software is supposed to detect and block malware intrusions, but clever malware authors can evade your IPS in these five main ways.
Sara Peters
Where Have All the Mentors Gone?

9|27|13   |   3:15   |   38 comments

A good professional mentor can change your life for the better... but where do you find one?
Tom Nolle
SDN Wars & You Could Win

9|17|13   |   2:10   |   5 comments

VMware's debate with Cisco on SDN might finally create a fusion between an SDN view that's all about software and another that's all about network equipment. That would be good for every enterprise considering the cloud and SDN.
Ivan Schneider
The Future of the Smart Watch

9|12|13   |   3:19   |   39 comments

Wearing a bulky, oversized watch is good training for the next phase in wristwatches: the Internet-enabled, connected watch. Why the smartphone-tethered connected watch makes sense, plus Ivan demos an entirely new concept for the "smart watch."
Tom Nolle
Cutting Your Cloud Storage Costs

9|4|13   |   2:06   |   3 comments

Cloud storage costs are determined primarily by the rate at which files are changed and the possibility of concurrent access/update. If you can structure your storage use to optimize these factors you can cut costs, perhaps to zero.
Sara Peters
Do CIOs Need an IT Background?

8|29|13   |   2:11   |   23 comments

Most of the CIOs interviewed in the How to Become a CIO series did not start their careers as IT professionals. So is an IT background essential?
Ivan Schneider
The Internet Loves Birthdays

8|27|13   |   3:25   |   69 comments

The Internet has evolved into a machine for drumming up a chorus of "Happy Birthday" messages, from family, friends, friends of friends who you added on Facebook, random people that you circled on G+, and increasingly, automated bots. Enough already.