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David Wagner, Managing Editor | 12/26/2012 | 42 comments

David Wagner
Pardon us if we ask you a personal question, but what device did Santa bring you this Christmas? You know we adore all of our E2 community, and all of you have been quite good this year. So we figure Santa brought you guys a lot of devices.

We’re not asking because we’re nosy or because Santa didn’t bring us anything good. We’re asking because we know that E2 readers are on the cutting edge of mobile devices. And we know that the direction you all are heading is also the direction the enterprise will be headed. There are a lot of form factors out there right now, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. The one you guys 'n' gals are picking is likely to be the one that will be the workhorse in the enterprise for the near future.

We’re offering four choices: tablets, smartphones, ultrabooks, and coal.

A lot of analysts are predicting that tablets will replace the PC as the primary work device. But while the tablet is fantastic at consuming data, it is still hard to input data with it. Innovations like the Surface keyboard cover may help, but we’re still talking about a small form factor to use all day.

The smartphone is probably never going to be the true workhorse of the enterprise because of its size. But penetration is high and still growing. It may be that the enterprise’s best choice is still the reliable old PC paired with a smartphone for mobile use.

Speaking of that reliable PC, the old reliable has had new life breathed into it by ultra-light, ultra-powerful PCs running Windows 8 with touch screens. Even ultrabooks with no touch screens, running Windows 7, still give tablets a run for their light weight, ease of use, and mobility, plus they're significantly better for inputting data. Of course, cost is an issue, as well as dealing with the fact that moving them around, while better than a desktop machine, is still more work than a true mobile device.

Tell us in the comments what you think the dominant form factor will be for the next year or two. And, of course, we know some of you, however good you were, got coal or socks or underwear for Christmas. Feel free to tell us about that in the comments section, too. We’ll happily commiserate.

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batye   Intro to E2’s North Poll   1/18/2013 2:37:16 PM
Re: New tablet here
yes, No problems, I still recal Nokia , IBM, Sony - when battery use to blow up...

myself with thing what happening in my life, I just could not afford any new phones or iphones for at least three - five years :)... until I pay all of my bills/loans...
Susan Nunziata   Intro to E2’s North Poll   1/18/2013 2:24:47 PM
Re: New tablet here
@batye: yikes, thx for the warning. Remember a few years back when aftermarket power supplies were blowing up Nokia phones? scary.
batye   Intro to E2’s North Poll   1/18/2013 2:23:14 PM
Re: New tablet here
yes, but this day's too many fake/oem/after market power supply could destroy your phone... even on original apple power supply -apple have recall...
Susan Nunziata   Intro to E2’s North Poll   1/18/2013 2:15:34 PM
Re: New tablet here
@batye: Oh yes, been there, done that. I happen to now own 2 original power supplies for my iPhone5. When I shattered the first one, the insurance co. only wanted the device returned, they did not want the power supply returned. some small silver lining there.
batye   Intro to E2’s North Poll   1/18/2013 1:49:31 AM
Re: New tablet here
yes, No problem, but as extra power supply for the phone make sure you get original one... as too many phones get destroyed by after market power supply...
Susan Nunziata   Intro to E2’s North Poll   1/18/2013 12:30:42 AM
Re: New tablet here
@Batye: Thanks! I will let you know what I select. 
batye   Intro to E2’s North Poll   1/15/2013 1:10:35 AM
Re: New tablet here
I would recommend case based on fiber/kevlar with rubber it would be best in my option if compared to plastic and rubber...
Susan Nunziata   Intro to E2’s North Poll   1/14/2013 5:24:38 PM
Re: New tablet here
@batye: Really? What have they changed? Is there a particular model for iphone 5 I should look for?
batye   Intro to E2’s North Poll   1/11/2013 11:13:58 PM
Re: New tablet here
Otterbox never fail me... but now with changes in technology some of my customers do complaine Otterbox quality not like before...
Susan Nunziata   Intro to E2’s North Poll   1/11/2013 10:08:16 PM
Re: New tablet here
@Batye: thanks, you're right, it seems by popular consensus that Otterbox is the way to go. So far my replacement iphone has remained unharmed. Then again, I've only had it for a week. :)
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