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You Guys Stink (Well, Some of You)
David Wagner  
4/17/2014   26 comments
Send us your stories of funny/bad/genius IT.
Making the Case for Refresh Cycles in Tight Budgets
Larry Bonfante  
4/9/2014   7 comments
Standard refresh cycles are being put under the microscope. Here's how to save yours.
CIOs: Build Some Walls
David Wagner  
3/19/2014   37 comments
Open office plans are the norm, but they may not be as helpful as people think.
The New E2 Poll: Ready for Google Docs?
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
3/13/2014   22 comments
Google is adding functions to Google Docs. Are they enough to make you switch? Take our poll and let us know!
Microsoft Revives Cortana in your Phone… Enslaves Her for Your Petty Needs
David Wagner  
3/5/2014   26 comments
Microsoft's new digital assistant could change your mobile development and BYOD plans.
ICD-10 Compliance: An Opportunity to Improve Revenue Cycles?
Brien Posey  
3/4/2014   6 comments
How can healthcare CIOs make a smooth transition to ICD-10?
Security: The Department of 'Go Ahead'
Sara Peters  
2/28/2014   44 comments
Information security doesn't have to be the "Department of No."
CIOs: First Befriend the CMO
Michael Hugos  
2/19/2014   21 comments
The CMO is a great place to start if you're trying to build allies in the business.
Monday Comic: IT Wizards
Brian Moore  
2/10/2014   56 comments
A little laugh to start your work week.
Super Bowl Boulevard Powered by Big Data
Sara Peters  
1/30/2014   47 comments
The NFL and SAP have partnered up for another user-friendly big-data application.
Enterprise E-Readers
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
1/24/2014   106 comments
Your employees are reading on their handheld devices. Are you taking advantage of their reading patterns?
IT's De-lightful, IT's De-lovely
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
1/8/2014   13 comments
"Delight" should be the focus of enterprise IT in 2014 and beyond.
Eye Tracking Video Game Controls Have Enterprise Uses
David Wagner  
1/8/2014   23 comments
Eye tracking controllers are about to change the enterprise.
2014 Will Be the Year of CYOD
Brien Posey  
1/7/2014   22 comments
Choose Your Own Device will replace BYOD.
A Case for Pushy Management
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
1/3/2014   54 comments
Knowing how hard to push is a key management skill.
Poll Wrap: Holiday Shopping IT Policies
Sara Peters  
12/19/2013   25 comments
Less than 18 percent of respondents to the last E2 poll said that their companies outright forbid online shopping from corporate devices.
In-Flight Calls: Fearing the Babbling Skies
Susan Nunziata  
12/16/2013   168 comments
The lifting of cellphone bans on air travel isn't the only route to in-flight voice calling. In-flight WiFi advances may soon make VoIP calling a reality, too.
Distracted Computing
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
12/11/2013   79 comments
Research says that technology-driven distractions are... wait, what was I saying?
The Enterprise Mobility Disconnect
Susan Nunziata  
12/2/2013   32 comments
Sure, we're all running around with smartphones and compulsively checking emails and texts. When it comes to true enterprise mobility, we're not as connected as we think we are.
Personal Clouds Challenge India's CIOs
Sudha Nagaraj Bharadwaj  
11/29/2013   21 comments
Personal cloud services are increasingly being used by workers for business interactions, collaboration and even transactions, often without permission from enterprise IT.
Giving Thanks for Technology
David Wagner  
11/27/2013   87 comments
Here's an all-you-can-eat tribute to technology.
Perfect CIO Harmony
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
11/27/2013   32 comments
A musical accompanist has lessons to teach today's CIO.
Marketing & IT in Government: Good Bedfellows
David Fletcher  
11/19/2013   29 comments
Here's how government IT can improve internal and public-facing experiences.
Windows 8.1: What IT Needs to Know
David Wagner  
10/24/2013   64 comments
Here's a slideshow of what IT folks need to know about Windows 8.1.
Tablet-Hacking Students Are Future Employees
Aaron Weiss  
10/22/2013   47 comments
What enterprises can learn from what these kids did to their tablets.
Poll: Will Tablets Be Your Users' Sole Device?
Sara Peters  
10/17/2013   95 comments
In E2's newest poll, we ask, will tablets become users' primary computing devices at your organization?
E2 Video: Tablets as a Primary Device
Sara Peters  
10/15/2013   18 comments
Join us on Friday for the next episode of E2 Video, about how tablets can work as a primary business device.
Windows 8.1 Boot to Desktop – A Good Option
Brien Posey  
10/4/2013   50 comments
Is booting to the desktop the right move for your Windows 8 users?
Screens That Touch Back
David Wagner  
9/11/2013   75 comments
Creepy or cool? Touch screens, mobile devices, or pretty much any other object will soon touch you back.
PYOD in the Post-PC Era
Michael Vizard  
9/9/2013   20 comments
BYOD's management issues may lead to changes in the way enterprises manage mobile.
My Biggest Triumph as a CIO
Brien Posey  
9/5/2013   19 comments
A CIO makes a big difference by making a small step to help end users.
WGBH Turns to Cloud to Spur End-User Adoption
Tony Kontzer  
8/16/2013   34 comments
Appropriate use of SaaS and cloud has spurred more creative use of tools for at least one enterprise.
The Banned App Answer
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
8/14/2013   69 comments
How many mobile apps must you ban to make your network secure?
Solving Tech Problems Without IT
Susan Nunziata  
8/9/2013   76 comments
Vendors are making it easier than ever for business leaders to implement technologies without major intervention from IT.
Geekend: Behind Closed Doors
David Wagner  
8/9/2013   84 comments
A new virtual gaming table brings the excitment back to the closed dungeon door.
CIO Success: Conduct Worthwhile Meetings
Michael Beck  
8/1/2013   27 comments
Bad meetings are killing your department, but there is something you can do about it.
The PGA of America: Lessons in Real-Time Mobile Data
Susan Nunziata  
7/24/2013   23 comments
The PGA of America's approach to collecting real-time information from the field could be applied to any business need, no matter what industry you work in.
Collaboration Confusion
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
7/15/2013   25 comments
Collaboration systems should be great news, but all too often, they're not.
Make More Power Users
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
7/11/2013   49 comments
Are you creating enough power users in your company?
The End of Disruption
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
6/21/2013   36 comments
Change is speeding up, but is it still disruptive when it happens all the time?
Client Options Grow
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
6/11/2013   7 comments
There are more options than ever for the end-user devices the enterprise can choose.
Microsoft Provides a Windows 8 Roadmap
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
6/4/2013   8 comments
At TechEd, Microsoft tells Windows XP, Vista, and seven customers where to go.
Control Issues & Self-Provisioning
Andrew Froehlich  
5/22/2013   8 comments
Looking for compromise between control and allowing full self-provisioning is difficult, but worth the trouble.
What I Learned... When We Established Our BYOD Policy
David Fletcher  
5/22/2013   33 comments
Part of an ongoing series where CIOs share their hard-earned experiences from their careers.
IT to Empower Middle Management
David Wagner  
5/9/2013   6 comments
Middle management is the key to enterprise success, but is often overlooked by IT.
BYOD in Healthcare: A CIO's Story
Susan Nunziata  
4/25/2013   52 comments
The move toward bring-your-own-device (BYOD) at the Green Clinic in Ruston, La., was a series of step changes.
What I Learned... When We Moved to the Cloud
David Fletcher  
4/24/2013   30 comments
The latest in our series to show the hard lessons learned by CIOs during major moments in their careers.
Should You Deploy Office 2013 With Windows 8?
Brien Posey  
4/22/2013   35 comments
Should you hold off your Office 2013 migration if you're already in the middle of a Windows 8 migration?
Using Game Mechanics to Improve Boring Tasks
Michael Hugos  
4/9/2013   36 comments
Game mechanics are finding their way into popular software by SAP to help make boring tasks easier to swallow.
Putting Users More at Ease With Windows 8
Brien Posey  
4/9/2013   43 comments
A few tricks to make the transition to Windows 8 easier for end users.
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