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India Proposes Public-Private Cloud Joint Venture
Sudha Nagaraj Bharadwaj  
4/18/2014   13 comments
India is trying a unique cloud solution to help smaller businesses take advantage of enterprise-level technology.
Big Data in the Cloud: It's Not for Everyone
Andrew Froehlich  
4/16/2014   17 comments
Big data in the cloud is not without some hassles to think about.
3 Larger Lessons From Heartbleed
Sara Peters  
4/10/2014   19 comments
The new OpenSSL vulnerability raises questions about online trust, open-source security, and vulnerability disclosure practices.
Visit Dell at Red Hat Summit 2014
Kim Hubert  
4/8/2014   10 comments
At this year’s Red Hat Summit, April 14–17, Dell will be presenting new advancements in SDN, OpenStack, and enterprise cloud solutions.
When You Lose the Outsourcing Battle
Brien Posey  
4/8/2014   19 comments
How to best provide for your people and the business if IT gets outsourced.
Monday Comic: Bring Your Own Cloud
Brian Moore  
4/7/2014   30 comments
A little laugh to start your work week.
NBA Team Hosts Tech-Themed Game
Sara Peters  
4/3/2014   12 comments
In the heart of Silicon Valley, a sports team is using in-arena technology to boost ticket sales.
BYOE Era: How IT Can Lead
Susan Nunziata  
4/1/2014   8 comments
Leading an IT organization in the era of Bring Your Own Everything (BYOE) offers plenty of opportunities.
What You've Missed on E2 Radio
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
3/21/2014   12 comments
E2 Radio is getting better and better. Here's what you've missed if you haven't been here for every show this year…
E2 Radio: An Interop Preview With Steve Wylie & Jimit Arora
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
3/18/2014   6 comments
Join us as we talk about cloud adoption in the real world with these two Interop conference leaders.
The CIO Relationship With the CFO Is Based on Managing Risk
Michael Hugos  
3/5/2014   15 comments
Want to get along with the CFO? Help manage risk.
Swimming in the Data Lake
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
2/28/2014   28 comments
A data lake might be the key to better security and more useful information for your enterprise.
India's Cloud-Growth Lessons
Sudha Nagaraj Bharadwaj  
2/27/2014   19 comments
India is the fastest-growing cloud market in the world. It has lessons to teach the rest of the globe about how cloud is done.
CIOs: First Befriend the CMO
Michael Hugos  
2/19/2014   21 comments
The CMO is a great place to start if you're trying to build allies in the business.
Big Data & Advanced Persistent Threat Mitigation
Andrew Froehlich  
2/11/2014   16 comments
Big data can help defend your enterprise from the most sophisticated attacks out there.
EU Data Protection Regulation To Harm Indian IT
Sudha Nagaraj Bharadwaj  
2/7/2014   18 comments
While India can rejoice over the harmonization of data protection laws in the EU, restrictions on the free flow of information may be a new barrier to trade.
The Virtual Slowdown
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
1/17/2014   31 comments
Enterprises are rushing to virtualize everything. It might be time to tap the brakes.
Malware Exploiting Cloud Providers
Sara Peters  
1/16/2014   30 comments
Cybercriminals are using legitimate, popular, enterprise-level cloud services providers to host malware.
E2 Radio: Real Wins From Virtual Servers
Susan Nunziata  
1/13/2014   3 comments
Join us for this special encore episode of E2 radio with an all-new, live community discussion.
Poll: CIO Priorities for 2014
David Wagner  
12/18/2013   17 comments
Take our poll on the top priorities for 2014.
The CIO & Cloud Brokerage in India
Sudha Nagaraj Bharadwaj  
12/6/2013   13 comments
Cloud brokerages are taking off in India and elsewhere as a solution to management headaches.
Personal Clouds Challenge India's CIOs
Sudha Nagaraj Bharadwaj  
11/29/2013   21 comments
Personal cloud services are increasingly being used by workers for business interactions, collaboration and even transactions, often without permission from enterprise IT.
3 Steps to Bigger Data
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
11/15/2013   23 comments
Big Data is old hat. Analytics 3.0 is where you should be.
Cloud to Turn Hybrid in India
Sudha Nagaraj Bharadwaj  
11/15/2013   13 comments
India's focus on private clouds is about to end.
Mobile Gains in Windows 8.1
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
11/13/2013   20 comments
Windows 8.1 offers new enterprise options for mobile device management.
New Microsoft Cloud Offerings
Paul Ferrill  
10/21/2013   11 comments
Microsoft shows off two new cloud offerings.
Microsoft Announces More Pieces of the Cloud Puzzle
Paul Ferrill  
10/11/2013   38 comments
New additions to Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 fill in holes in the Windows cloud offerings.
7 Surprises From CIOs & CTOs at Interop
Sara Peters  
10/9/2013   11 comments
Some of the key takeaways from Interop were highly unexpected.
India Joins EU to Guard Against Cloud Surveillance
Sudha Nagaraj Bharadwaj  
10/9/2013   14 comments
The EU and India, among others, are going to make it hard on US cloud companies.
E2 Radio: Virtualization & the Path to the Cloud
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
10/7/2013   3 comments
Join us at 2:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, October 10th for this special, sponsored radio show!
E2 Live Video: How to Get to Hybrid Cloud Management
Sara Peters  
10/7/2013   Post a comment
Excellent systems management software is an essential tool for anyone running a datacenter. Those tools are even more important when you’re facing the challenges of managing a new hybrid cloud.
E2 Radio: Gathering Clouds – Building a Winning Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
10/1/2013   Post a comment
Join us for this sponsored episode of E2 Radio and learn how to build the right hybrid cloud infrastructure.
Can We Ever Trust Cloud Encryption?
Jim O’Reilly  
9/25/2013   66 comments
The NSA issue is causing a serious reevaluation of encryption in the cloud and elsewhere. Is this putting lipstick on a pig, or is it sufficient to safeguard secrets?
Healthcare CIOs Need Personalized Medicine
Pablo Valerio  
9/24/2013   20 comments
Personalized healthcare is making drugs more effective, saving lives, and promising much more.
Facebook Shares Secrets to Gain 5 Billion Members
David Wagner  
9/17/2013   22 comments
Facebooks gives corporate secrets for charity?
E2 Radio: Social Law & Cloud Apps
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
9/17/2013   2 comments
It's an E2 Radio two-fer this week!
Hospital Online Payment Systems Need to Be Better Utilized
Brian T. Horowitz  
9/4/2013   21 comments
CIOs can do much to improve their online payments systems.
System Management & the Cloud
Paul Ferrill  
8/29/2013   14 comments
Microsoft's Systems Center has multiple features to aid in cloud management.
American Cloud Providers Need Bigger European Infrastructure
Pablo Valerio  
8/28/2013   29 comments
NSA spying is hurting American cloud providers abroad.
Hacking the IoT: From Light Bulbs to Baby Monitors
Alan Reiter  
8/27/2013   29 comments
As the Internet of Things adds more Things, it adds more for CIOs to secure.
Who Is Using the Cloud?
Larry Loeb  
8/26/2013   66 comments
There are wide variations in how businesses are putting the cloud to use in IT. See how your "cloud profile" stacks up.
WGBH Turns to Cloud to Spur End-User Adoption
Tony Kontzer  
8/16/2013   34 comments
Appropriate use of SaaS and cloud has spurred more creative use of tools for at least one enterprise.
Monday Comic: Cloud ROI
Brian Moore  
8/12/2013   27 comments
A little laugh to start your work week.
PowerShell Powers the Microsoft Cloud
Paul Ferrill  
8/8/2013   9 comments
Powershell makes server management easier.
Slow Adoption of Containerized Datacenters
Jim O’Reilly  
8/7/2013   10 comments
With containerization, installing and commissioning datacenters is much faster and can save you a lot of cash. So why aren't we doing it more?
Transforming the Way Visual Effects Are Created
Michael Vizard  
8/6/2013   10 comments
Standardization helps Pixomondo develop visual effects faster and recruit talent wherever it needs to across the globe.
The Trade Off Between Traditional DR Sites & the Cloud
Andrew Froehlich  
7/31/2013   22 comments
Cloud DR offers advantages in cost and ease, but there are some disadvantages as well.
Microsoft's Small but Useful Cloud Additions
Paul Ferrill  
7/30/2013   17 comments
Microsoft's array of new cloud solutions addresses specific problems IT pros will enjoy having solved.
Private Cloud Path Should Start With Consolidating Active Directory
Michael Vizard  
7/16/2013   5 comments
Consolidating the active directory has a lot of benefits, but it is a necessity for private cloud adoption.
Microsoft Releases Cloud Tools
Larry Loeb  
7/12/2013   38 comments
Microsoft offers new tools to help get the most out of the cloud while saving you money.
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Mark Blackburn   4/23/2014   0 comments
The term "eating your own dog food" originated in a 1970s dog food commercial, but its use in the software business started with Microsoft in the late 1980s. The idea is that you use your ...
Andrew Froehlich   4/22/2014   14 comments
For those of us who study enterprise IT security, last year's Target store hack turned out to be a fantastic case study that was loaded with lessons to learn.
Brian Moore   4/21/2014   26 comments
Coming to a break room near you...
Sudha Nagaraj Bharadwaj   4/18/2014   13 comments
India will soon offer reliable, affordable, and efficient cloud services for the private sector through a unique government-private sector joint effort. With an eye on helping the micro, ...
Andrew Froehlich   4/16/2014   17 comments
With news that Google slashed the price of their big-data offering "Big Query" by up to 85 percent, one has to wonder if the move is to ward off competitors -- or simply that the ...
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A Video Case Study – Translational Genomics Research Institute
e2 Video

On the Case
TGen IT: Where We're Going Next

7|11|12   |   08:12   |   10 comments

Now that TGen has broken new ground in genomic research by using Dell's storage, cloud, and high-performance computing solutions, the company discusses what will come next for it and for personalized medicine.
On the Case
Better Care Through Better Communications

6|6|12   |   02:24   |   12 comments

The achievements of the TGen/Dell project could improve how all people receive healthcare, because they are creating ways to improve end-to-end communication of medical data.
On the Case
TGen IT: Where We Are Now

5|15|12   |   06:58   |   5 comments

TGen is breaking new ground in genomic research by using Dell's storage, cloud, and high-performance computing solutions.
On the Case
TGen IT: Where We Were

4|27|12   |   06:45   |   10 comments

The Translational Genomics Research Institute wanted to save lives, but its efforts were hobbled by immense computing challenges related to collecting, processing, sharing, and storing enormous amounts of data.
On the Case
1,200% Faster

4|18|12   |   02:27   |   12 comments

Through their partnership, Dell and TGen have increased the speed of TGen’s medical research by 1,200 percent.
On the Case
IT May Improve Children's Chances of Survival

4|17|12   |   02:12   |   8 comments

IT is helping medical researchers reach breakthroughs in a way and pace never seen before.
On the Case
Medical Advances in the Cloud

4|10|12   |   1:25   |   5 comments

TGen and Dell are pushing the boundaries of computing, and harnessing the power of the cloud to improve healthcare.
On the Case
TGen: Living the Mission

4|9|12   |   2:25   |   3 comments

TGen's CIO puts the organizational mission at the heart of everything the IT staff does.
On the Case
TGen Speeding Up Biomedical Research to Save More Lives

4|5|12   |   1:59   |   8 comments

The Translational Genomics Research Institute is revamping its computing to improve speed, storage, and collaboration – and, most importantly, to save lives.
On the Case
Computing Power Helping to Save Children's Lives

3|28|12   |   2:13   |   3 comments

The Translational Genomics Institute’s partnership with Dell is enabling them to treat kids with neuroblastoma more quickly and save more lives.
Tom Nolle
The Big Reason to Use Office

3|18|14   |   02:24   |   19 comments

Office and personal productivity tools come in a first-class and coach flavor set, but what makes the difference is primarily little things that most users won't encounter. What's the big issue in using something other than Office, and can you get around it?
E2 Editors
SPONSORED: Mobile Security — A Use Case

3|4|14   |   04:27   |   6 comments

New mobile security solutions can accommodate a wide array of needs, including those of a complex university environment.
Tom Nolle
Killing Net Neutrality Might Save You Money

1|16|14   |   2:13   |   11 comments

The DC Court of Appeals voided most of the Neutrality Order, and whatever it might mean for the Internet overall, it might mean better and cheaper Internet VPNs for businesses.
Tom Nolle
The Internet of Everythinguseful

1|10|14   |   2:18   |   19 comments

We really don't want an "Internet of Everything" but even building an Internet of Everythinguseful means setting some ground rules to insure there's value in the process and that costs and risks are minimized.
Tom Nolle
Maturing Google Chrome

12|30|13   |   2.18   |   25 comments

Google's Chrome OS has a lot of potential value and a lot of recent press, but it still needs something to make it more than a thin client. It needs cloud integration, it needs extended APIs via web services, and it needs to suck it up and support a hard drive.
Sara Peters
No More Cookie-Cutter IT

12|23|13   |   03.58   |   21 comments

Creating the right combination of technology, people, and processes for your IT organization is a lot like baking Christmas cookies.
Sara Peters
Smart Wigs Not a Smart Idea

12|5|13   |   3:01   |   46 comments

Sony is seeking a patent for wigs that contain computing devices.
Tom Nolle
Cloud in the Wild

12|4|13   |   02:23   |   15 comments

On a recent African trip I saw examples of the value of the cloud in developing nations, for educational and community development programs. We could build on this, but not only in developing economies, because these same programs are often under-supported even in first-world countries.
E2 Editors
SPONSORED: Is Malware Evading Your IPS?

11|18|13   |   03:16   |   4 comments

Intrusion prevention software is supposed to detect and block malware intrusions, but clever malware authors can evade your IPS in these five main ways.
Sara Peters
Where Have All the Mentors Gone?

9|27|13   |   3:15   |   38 comments

A good professional mentor can change your life for the better... but where do you find one?
Tom Nolle
SDN Wars & You Could Win

9|17|13   |   2:10   |   5 comments

VMware's debate with Cisco on SDN might finally create a fusion between an SDN view that's all about software and another that's all about network equipment. That would be good for every enterprise considering the cloud and SDN.
Ivan Schneider
The Future of the Smart Watch

9|12|13   |   3:19   |   39 comments

Wearing a bulky, oversized watch is good training for the next phase in wristwatches: the Internet-enabled, connected watch. Why the smartphone-tethered connected watch makes sense, plus Ivan demos an entirely new concept for the "smart watch."
Tom Nolle
Cutting Your Cloud Storage Costs

9|4|13   |   2:06   |   3 comments

Cloud storage costs are determined primarily by the rate at which files are changed and the possibility of concurrent access/update. If you can structure your storage use to optimize these factors you can cut costs, perhaps to zero.
Sara Peters
Do CIOs Need an IT Background?

8|29|13   |   2:11   |   23 comments

Most of the CIOs interviewed in the How to Become a CIO series did not start their careers as IT professionals. So is an IT background essential?
Ivan Schneider
The Internet Loves Birthdays

8|27|13   |   3:25   |   69 comments

The Internet has evolved into a machine for drumming up a chorus of "Happy Birthday" messages, from family, friends, friends of friends who you added on Facebook, random people that you circled on G+, and increasingly, automated bots. Enough already.