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 Accelerating Application Delivery in the Cloud
E2 Radio  
4/10/2014   566 comments

Sponsored By Dell

People today are used to low-latency, on-demand delivery. Traditional application delivery processes were based on a step-by-step timeline that often could take days to implement. But with cloud computing, developers are expected to be able to deliver applications in near real-time. Today, leveraging self-service provisioning, configuration management tools, service catalogs, and automation capabilities, application delivery that used to take days or even weeks can be accomplished in hours -- or minutes. Join us for this special episode of E2 Radio, sponsored by Dell, to learn about the role of cloud management in accelerating application delivery and how you can leverage this functionality within your organization.

Our guest for this show will be Bernard Golden, director of cloud computing enterprise solutions at Dell Software. Bernard has vast experience working with CIOs to incorporate new IT technologies and meet their business goals. Most recently, he was the VP of Enterprise Solutions at Enstratius, a leading provider of cloud infrastructure management software. Prior to joining Enstratius, Bernard was CEO of HyperStratus, a Silicon Valley cloud computing consultancy that focuses on application security, system architecture and design, TCO analysis, and project implementation.

Bernard is also the Cloud Computing Advisor for CIO Magazine and was named a "Top 50 Cloud Computing Blog" by Sys-Con Media. Bernard's writings on cloud computing have been published by The New York Times and the Harvard Business Review. He is the author of best-selling books Virtualization for Dummies and Amazon Web Services for Dummies, and co-author of Creating the Infrastructure for Cloud Computing. Bernard has an MBA in Business and Finance from the University of California, Berkeley.

 Interop LIVE! It's Time to Wrap Up at Interop
E2 Radio  
4/4/2014   303 comments

This week, E2 Radio is coming to you live from the expo floor at Interop 2014. In today's show we'll have news, features, and interviews as we close the books on another successful Interop Conference and Expo. We'll look back at the big stories, bring you the pieces that just wouldn't fit anywhere else, and work to figure out just what it all meant. Join us for the show and the conversation!

 Interop LIVE! The Network Infrastructure Show
E2 Radio  
4/3/2014   281 comments

This week, E2 Radio is coming to you live from the expo floor at Interop 2014. In today's show, we'll have news, features, and interviews as we look closely at infrastructure -- the routers, switches, load balancers, and other pieces of kit that are the foundation of all networking activity. We'll talk IPv6 and so much more in this live episode.

 Interop LIVE! Software-Defined Everything
E2 Radio  
4/2/2014   334 comments

This week, E2 Radio is coming to you live from the expo floor at Interop 2014. In today's show, we'll have news, features, and interviews as we take a deep dive inside one of the hottest trends at Interop: software-defined networks, servers, services, and everything else.

 Interop LIVE! It's All About CIOs
E2 Radio  
4/1/2014   298 comments

This week, E2 Radio is coming to you live from the expo floor at Interop 2014. In today's show, we'll have news, features, and interviews as we take a close look at CIOs -- how the job is changing, what keeps them up at night, and what the future holds for those at the top of the IT organization.

 Interop LIVE! Inside the NOC
E2 Radio  
3/31/2014   253 comments

This week, E2 Radio is coming to you live from the expo floor at Interop 2014. In today's show, we'll have news, features, and interviews as we take a close look at the beating heart of the Interop network: The Network Operations Center (NOC) and the people who make it work.

 Interop Preview: An Interview With Rob Cordova
E2 Radio  
3/27/2014   779 comments

Join us for a compelling hour on leadership with Rob Cordova, master leadership trainer and one of the keynote speakers at Interop 2014 in Las Vegas. No matter where you are on your career path, you don't want to miss this opportunity to learn leadership lessons from someone who has taught scores of top executives at global companies how to better lead their organizations and their enterprises.

As a leading expert in the field of learning and development, Mr. Cordova has improved creativity and innovation capabilities for thousands of people in over 20 countries. He is known for transforming corporate learning into a dynamic and impactful experience while utilizing breakthrough techniques in active learning and adult business education.

In addition to his contract work as the Director of Training with Futurethink, Rob has extensive global experience at American Express. In collaboration with an executive leadership team, he established a program to ensure training consistency across dozens of Asian countries. He also works closely with OPEN on partnership-training design, which has been utilized at Lowe's and Costco stores across the United States.

Rob's career includes immersion in such heavily regulated industries as pharmaceuticals, energy, and financial services, as well as expertise in operations, customer service, and quality. In addition to achieving his Master's in business education from New York University and publishing research on the transfer of learning in the Journal for Business Education, Rob is currently an adjunct professor for the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University in Manhattan.

 Interop Preview: An Interview With Steve Wylie & Jimit Arora
E2 Radio  
3/20/2014   725 comments

Cloud is disruptive -- the industry can agree on this statement. But it can be hard to distinguish the facts from hype when it comes to how cloud actually disrupts an organization. In this Interop Preview episode of E2 Radio, we're going to talk about the findings from the Enterprise Cloud Adoption Survey and get some insight into what's happening in the real world.

We'll be talking with Steve Wylie, General Manager of Cloud Connect, and Jimit Arora, VP of the Everest Group. Together, they'll shed light on the meaning of the results from this critical industry survey.

Conference industry veteran Steve Wylie has been involved with some of the world's leading business technology conferences for the past 15 years. As the General Manager for UBM Tech's Cloud Connect conferences, Steve is the driving force behind the defining cloud event for IT professionals, developers, and leading cloud providers. Steve has been a regular columnist on InformationWeek.com and serves on the Social Networking advisory board at HR.com. Steve can be found on Twitter @swylie650.

Jimit Arora leads Everest Group's IT Services research practice, which is focused on conducting in-depth research on the full spectrum of technology services across applications, infrastructure, cloud services, and next-generation IT. Jimit is also responsible for Everest group's vertical-specific research practices that are focused on banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), and healthcare outsourcing.

 Interop Preview: An Interview With Lee Badman
E2 Radio  
3/14/2014   712 comments

Mobility is the hottest topic in enterprise computing today: hotter than cloud, hotter than security, hotter than software-defined networking. That's why we're thrilled to have Lee Badman as our guest on this Interop Preview episode of E2 Radio.

Lee is Chairman of the Mobility Track at the conference of Interop 2014 in Las Vegas. That's not all. Lee is a network engineer and wireless technical lead for a large private university. He also teaches classes on networking, wireless network administration, and wireless security. Lee's technical background includes 10 years in the US Air Force as an Electronic Warfare Systems Technician and Master Technical Training Instructor, and a stint in telecommunications in the private sector. He has presented at several higher education and industry conferences, and has done extensive freelance writing work for IT, low-voltage, and communications periodicals.

Join us at this special day and time for an interview and online discussion that will open your eyes to the new possibilities of mobility in the enterprise!

 Interop Preview: An Interview With Chris Murphy
E2 Radio  
3/6/2014   743 comments

If you want the latest take on the life of today's CIO, you can't miss this Interop Preview episode of E2 Radio.

We're going to be talking with Chris Murphy, editor of InformationWeek and Strategic CIO columnist on digitial business issues. In the conversation and online discussion we'll hear about key technology and organizational issues for today's CIO. We'll also get the latest on the CIO-specific program that's part of the conference at Interop 2014 in Las Vegas.

Chris Murphy has been covering technology leadership and strategy issues for InformationWeek since 1999. Before that, he was editor of the Budapest Business Journal, a business newspaper in Hungary; and a daily newspaper reporter in Michigan, where he covered everything from crime to the car industry. Murphy studied economics and journalism at Michigan State University, has an MBA from the University of Virginia, and has passed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams.

 Interop Preview: An Interview With Glenn Evans
E2 Radio  
2/27/2014   531 comments

Interop began as an event to test network equipment interoperability. The InteropNet is still one of the largest on-going interoperability test beds. That's why InteropNet's lead engineer, Glenn Evans, is such an important guest for E2 Radio.

Join us in this very important Interop Preview episode of E2 Radio when we talk with Glenn Evans, founder and president of Acrux Consulting and lead network engineer for InteropNet. He'll share with us how the network is coming together, which new technologies will be highlighted, and how you can follow all the action even if you can't make it to Las Vegas.

Evans brings more than 25 years of systems and networking experience in both management and technical operations, including 15 years in the event space.

Don't miss this episode with Glenn Evans -- there is guaranteed to be information that you can take from InteropNet back to your enterprise network to make it faster, more reliable, and more future-proof.

 Interop Preview: an Interview With Vivek Bhaskaran
E2 Radio  
2/20/2014   617 comments

IT and the enterprise it serves can't be separated. That's why business leaders can offer such valuable lessons to IT pros -- especially when those business leaders truly understand IT.

In this special episode in our series of shows bringing you speakers from the Interop 2014 conference, Vivek Bhaskaran, founder of Ideascale and Survey Analytics, will join us to talk about the business of IT -- and what IT can mean for a successful business.

He is a business leader experienced in bringing innovation to enterprise IT by changing the culture -- and we're going to be talking culture, innovation, and IT evolution in this information-packed hour.

Bhaskaran is the co-founder of IdeaScale. He plays a key role in defining company strategy, which uses technology and innovation continuously in order to maintain IdeaScale's leadership in the innovation software industry. IdeaScale is now the world's largest innovation management platform.

He is also the founding member and CEO of Survey Analytics, one of the industry's leading providers of Web-based research technologies. In 2008, Survey Analytics made Inc. magazine's list of the fastest-growing private companies, ranking 172nd overall and 25th among business-service providers.

Vivek Bhaskaran completed his primary education in India before moving to Russia and then the US. He holds a B.S. in computer science from Brigham Young University, Utah.

 Interop Preview: An Interview With Ethan Banks
E2 Radio  
2/13/2014   574 comments

Enterprise data doesn't move without enterprise networks. Few people understand those networks like Ethan Banks.

Join us as we talk with Banks about Ethernet, software-defined networks, and the future of enterprise networking in a wide-ranging interview and online discussion that will tackle the most pressing issues in today's enterprise network.

Ethan Banks, CCIE No. 20655, is a hands-on networking practitioner who has designed, built, and maintained networks for higher education, state government, financial institutions, and technology corporations.

Since April 2010, he has also been a host of the Packet Pushers Podcast. The technical program covers practical network design, as well as cutting-edge topics like virtualization, OpenFlow, software-defined networking, and overlay protocols. The podcast has had more than 1 million unique downloads and today reaches a global audience of more than 10,000 listeners. Also a writer, Banks covers network engineering and the networking industry for a variety of IT publications. He is the editor for the independent community of bloggers at PacketPushers.net.

He will be speaking at a variety of sessions at Interop 2014 in Las Vegas. We're bringing him to E2 Radio ahead of the conference to share his insight with you and allow you to ask your most critical questions. Join us for this outstanding episode. Your network users will be glad you did.

 Interop Preview: An Interview With Jonathan Feldman
E2 Radio  
2/6/2014   804 comments

When you're running a city, data is critical. When that city is known for its creative population, data is interesting, too.

In this Interop Preview episode of E2 Radio, we'll be talking with Jonathan Feldman, CIO of the City of Ashville, NC. He'll be sharing his knowledge on what it takes to be a great CIO -- and what it takes to get the job to begin with.

Jonathan Feldman is CIO for a rapidly growing North Carolina city recognized nationally and internationally for improving services to citizens and reducing expense through IT innovation. His previous work in the private sector includes providing infrastructure and security services to government, military, law enforcement, and financial services organizations. You can follow him at @_jfeldman on Twitter.

Jonathan will be speaking in the Startup Hot Seat and So You Want To Be a CIO? at Interop 2014 in Las Vegas. Join us as Jonathan shares his expertise with the E2 Radio audience -- you'll be glad you made time to tune in!

 Interop Preview: An Interview With Howard Marks
E2 Radio  
1/30/2014   770 comments

Storage is a mission-critical component in any IT infrastructure. The success of your storage system can make (or break) the success of your entire application delivery system.

In this special Interop Preview edition of E2 Radio, we'll talk with Howard Marks, Founder and Chief Scientist at DeepStorage, and speaker in two important Interop conference sessions.

Howard Marks provides the kind of practical, hands-on analysis that can only come from spending 30 years in the trenches. As a consultant he helped organizations large and small including American Express, JP Morgan, Borden Foods, BBDO Worldwide, and Foxwoods Resort Casino solve real-world storage and network problems.

Now at DeepStorage he runs an independent test lab evaluating the latest in storage and datacenter networking products in beautiful Santa Fe, N.M., and writing about them for multiple websites including NetworkComputing.com. An entertaining and energetic speaker, Howard speaks regularly at industry events. He has written three books and hundreds of articles on networking and storage technologies.

Join us for the in-depth interview and live online discussion about how to get the most from solid-state storage and your entire storage infrastructure in this exciting Interop Preview episode!

 Interop Preview: an Interview With Romi Mahajan
E2 Radio  
1/23/2014   766 comments

Interop 2014 is fast approaching. E2 Radio will be bringing you speakers and topics from the conference in the weeks leading up to Las Vegas.

In this episode we'll be interviewing Romi Mahajan, Interop 2014 chair of the Business of IT track and a globally-renowned marketer, IT and strategy thinker, and author.

Romi's career is a storied one, including spending nine years at Microsoft. He was the first CMO of Ascentium, a leading digital agency, and founded the KKM Group, a boutique advisory firm focused on strategy and marketing. Romi has also authored two books on marketing -- including his latest, To Thine Own Self: Honesty in Marketing.

A prolific writer and speaker, Mahajan lives in Bellevue, Wash., with his wife and two kids.

Mahajan graduated from the University of California at Berkeley at the age of 19 with a Bachelor’s degree in South Asian Studies. He also received a Master’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

Join us for this important interview and plan to be part of the online discussion where you can talk with your fellow community members and ask Romi direct questions about marketing, the business of IT, and the upcoming conference at Interop 2014 in Las Vegas.

 Real Wins From Virtual Servers: An E2 Radio Encore Presentation
E2 Radio  
1/14/2014   556 comments

Sponsored by Dell and Intel

For many IT organizations, a new year means new pressure to virtualize the infrastructure -- and to get it right. Years of virtual half-steps often present significant roadblocks to that maximum virtualization benefits. You must be willing to leave missteps behind if you don't want to leave major IT benefits on the table.

This encore episode of E2 Radio with special guests Iddo Kadim, director of datacenter solutions at Intel, and Jim Wescott, senior strategist in Dell's Enterprise Solutions Group, will help you start your year of virtualization off on the right foot.

You'll hear our special guests discuss the state of the industry in virtualization and why the distance between virtualization and a cloud is shrinking by the day. During the show, a new, live community roundtable will help you recognize traditional infrastructure practices that can lead to excessively complex management environments and inflexible architectures. Join us in this special encore episode and live discussion. You'll learn:

  • How virtual networks are improving virtual server results
  • Why a solid virtualization effort can lead to a successful cloud deployment
  • Why the next big virtualization news will be around the desktop
  • How to pick the right management tools for your virtual infrastructure
  • Which virtual benefits might be enough to change your purchase cycle

 E2 Radio: Optimize Virtualization
E2 Radio  
12/19/2013   600 comments

Sponsored by Dell and Intel

IT organizations want maximum efficiency out of their virtual environments, but years of virtualizing often present significant roadblocks to that goal. If you cannot overcome the complexity to streamline operations, you're leaving IT benefits on the table.

This special, sponsored episode of E2 Radio will help you recognize that traditional infrastructure practices can lead to unnecessarily complicated management environments and inflexible architectures. Join E2 editors and their special guests -- Iddo Kadim, director of datacenter solutions at Intel, and Jim Wescott, senior strategist in Dell's Enterprise Solutions Group -- as they discuss the ways to simplify virtualization management practices and maximize investments.

Moving to an agile, streamlined virtual environment means re-evaluating your platform strategy to consider solutions that are designed with the key tenets of modularity and flexibility at their core. Join us in this special, sponsored episode for a discussion of how focusing on flexible and adaptable virtual infrastructure solutions will help you reduce complexity, streamline services delivery, and enable IT agility.

 Make Storage an Enterprise Asset
E2 Radio  
12/4/2013   760 comments

Sponsored by Dell and Microsoft

Storage is a critical asset in the datacenter -- but it can be more. New technology can turn storage into a system that gives your enterprise a competitive IT advantage.

Join us for this special, sponsored episode of E2 Radio that will take a deep look inside the world of enterprise storage in the 21st Century and tell you how the right approach to Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 can dramatically raise the rate of return on your enterprise data assets. Advances in ReFS (Resilient File System) and new ways to think about Work Folders mean that you can step up your data game from both ends of the process -- if you know what to look for and how to use the technology to meet your needs.

Our special guests from Microsoft and Dell will talk with us about how storage has changed, why the enterprise need for storage is evolving in ways that might surprise you, and what you can do to build the sort of storage infrastructure that will make enterprise storage a necessary advantage -- with no evil in the system!

 Get Hired: How to Become a Database Administrator Today
E2 Radio  
11/19/2013   853 comments

Sponsored by Dell

Discover the secret of getting hired as a DBA today!

Years ago, when you wanted a database administration job, you took training classes and got paper certifications proving you knew your stuff. Recruiters demanded those certs, and employers took them seriously.

Those days are over. In fact, today, certifications may even hurt more than they help.

Join E2 for an informative discussion led by Brent Ozar, Microsoft Certified Master (OK, we didn't say every certification didn't help) for this career-enhancing E2 radio show that will share specifics on:

  • What it takes to get DBA jobs today
  • Why certifications aren’t coming back
  • Steps you can take to increase your chances of getting hired

 CIO Interview: Bart Murphy of CareWorks
E2 Radio  
11/8/2013   394 comments

Join us for an in-depth interview with Bart Murphy, CIO and CTO of CareWorks, a family of companies that provides software and integration services for the healthcare industry.

Enterprise Efficiency editors will be talking with Bart about the challenges he faces in moving both internal and customer-facing services to the cloud. We'll also talk about the differences he sees in the two sides of his executive position -- on one hand focusing on the needs of CareWorks and its employees, and on the other looking after the needs and desires of CareWorks' customers.

This interview isn't just for those in the healthcare industry. If you have employees or customers there will be something in this in-depth discussion for you! Join us for the interview and the community discussion: It will be an hour well spent.

 Von der Virtualisierung zu Konvergenz und Private Cloud: Veränderungen für Infrastruktur und Business
E2 Radio  
11/5/2013   32 comments

Am Dienstag, 5. November 2013 um 15 Uhr

Ist Ihre Infrastruktur auch veraltet und nicht zukunftsfähig? Das Arbeiten in der Cloud wäre die Lösung, aber viele Firmen haben den Übergang zur Virtualisierung und die Cloud verpasst. Dabei gab es nie einen besseren Zeitpunkt als jetzt, um diese Technologien zum eigenen Vorteil einzusetzen und das Unternehmen damit voranzubringen.

In dieser Live-Internetsendung sprechen Fachexperten von Dell, Microsoft, und Intel über die neuesten Innovationen im Bereich der IT-Infrastruktur. Sie sprechen über Technologien, die einfach zu implementieren und zu managen sind. Technologien, die nach der Installation das Unternehmen verändern.

Nehmen Sie an dieser Live-Internetsendung teil und lernen Sie:

  • Wie IT-Ressourcen mit der Cloud einfacher zu managen und zu messen sind
  • Wie die Virtualisierungs-Performance, das Management und der Stromverbrauch verbessert werden können
  • Wie die Arbeitsbelastung verringert und die Effizienz verbessert wird durch Virtualisierung
  • Wie Sie eine Private Cloud Architektur so einfach wie nie einsetzen und verwalten
  • Wie die konvergierte Infrastruktur die Effizienz erhöht
  • Die Anwendung konvergenter Technologien für den Fernzugriff auf Ihre Niederlassungen

Nehmen Sie an dieser informativen Unterhaltung teil und diskutieren Sie im Anschluss mit unseren Experten!

 CIO Interview: Kevin Broadway of MetroPCS
E2 Radio  
11/4/2013   617 comments

Have you ever wondered just how far outsourcing and the cloud can take your IT department? If you follow the lead of MetroPCS, they can take you to millions of customers.

MetroPCS has built an IT infrastructure without building massive datacenters or huge IT network infrastructure. According to Kevin Broadway, CIO of MetroPCS, they did it that way without compromising performance, security, or reliability. In this episode of E2 Radio we'll talk with him about how they did it, why they did it, and how he managed the organization that made it all happen.

Kevin Broadway has led an IT organization that managed to support a large organization with low overhead and headcount. Join us to hear him talk about his philosophy of IT, and of managing IT people.

 Be a Better Manager With 'Thank You'
E2 Radio  
10/29/2013   726 comments

There are books filled with advice on how to manage a business, but sometimes the simple tips are the best and it doesn't get much simpler than "thank you."

In this special episode of E2 Radio we'll talk about the importance of saying "thank you" to those who deserve it. Our guest for this show is someone who is doing something about saying "thank you" to many of those who deserve a bit of gratitude. Capt. Jeff Brown is the founder of Copout Outdoor Adventures TV, which takes deserving individuals on an outdoor trip as a way of saying "thanks" for the work they do to make their communities better. It's an organization that springs from observations about the importance of the work that many individuals do -- for which they're never recognized -- and the huge boost that a simple act of gratitude can provide for their attitude and their continuing effort.

Capt. Jeff Brown is a retired career law enforcement officer. He is married to Pam Brown and together they have two children and two grandchildren. Both children (Matt and Jessica) are also members of the crew. Jeff has been fishing since he was old enough to go with his dad. His experiences have taken him from Alaska to the Bahamas fishing for just about every species of fish. Before leaving his career in law enforcement he started Copout Offshore Fishing Charters as a way to move into another field after retirement. Along with his wife and co-host Pam, they have moved forward now and have come out with Copout Outdoor Adventures TV, which is their way of giving something back to those who give so much and ask for so little. As he says, “the concept of the show is contagious and makes you want to become involved."

Join us for this very special hour of interview and discussion about the importance of saying "thank you" and the many different ways in which you can make gratitude a central part of your management practice. You, your employees, and your organization will be glad you did.

 Virtualization & the Path to the Cloud: Getting the Most out of Your Virtual Environment With Dell & Microsoft
E2 Radio  
10/10/2013   734 comments

Sponsored by Dell and Microsoft

Join us for an interactive discussion about implementing, refining, and improving your virtual environment. Whatever stage of the virtualization process you are in, you can benefit from new features, technologies, and advances in virtualization deployment and management offered by new products like Windows Server 2012R2 and Dell Hardware like the new VRTX.

Specifically we’ll discuss pain points virtualization can solve and those it can create and how to prevent them. New technologies on the horizon allow for automated VM backup, automated VM activation, and multi-host, multi-vm replication. Will you be ready? Many customers are experiencing success and efficiency from virtualizing their infrastructures, including faster recovery, reduced datacenter power consumption and size, hardware consolidation with less to manage, performance improvements, and rapid server/application deployments. You can achieve the same results and benefits from virtualization. It is achievable, it is attainable, it is the future…

Join us on Thursday, October 10, at 2:00 p.m. EDT as we explore the path to virtualization.

 Live From Interop NY: An E2 Radio Special
E2 Radio  
10/3/2013   652 comments

Can't be at the Javits Center for Interop NY? Afraid you'll be the only one who doesn't know about all the great technology on display? We've got you covered!

Join Enterprise Efficiency editors as they talk with Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ, live from the heart of the Network Operations Center at Interop. You'll hear about the latest in technology, the latest developments in standards and interoperability, and what everyone at one of the IT industry's leading shows is talking about while at the conference. You'll want to set your alarms to be with us for this special show -- there may well be surprise guests to help keep you up to date on the latest!

Don't miss this great episode of E2 Radio!

 Virtualization to Convergence to Private Cloud: Transforming Infrastructure & Business
E2 Radio  
10/3/2013   580 comments

That's Thursday, October 3, at 2:00 p.m. BST, 13:00 GMT

Is your IT infrastructure stuck in the past? Some organizations have delayed implementing virtualization and cloud, but there's never been a better time to leverage these technologies to propel your business forward.

This Radio Show will feature subject matter experts from Dell and Microsoft who explore recent innovations in infrastructure. They'll discuss technology that has evolved to become easy to deploy and manage, but makes a big difference when implemented in the enterprise.

In this Radio Show, you can expect to learn:

  • How IT resources are easier to manage and scale with cloud
  • How to improve virtualization performance, manageability, and power consumption
  • How to increase workloads and efficiency with virtualization
  • How a private cloud architecture is easier than ever to deploy and manage
  • How converged infrastructure increases efficiency
  • Applying converged technologies to remote/branch offices

Join us for an informative conversation followed by a live discussion.

 Gathering Clouds: Building a Winning Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
E2 Radio  
10/2/2013   635 comments

Sponsored by Dell and Intel(R)
You've put the effort into developing your private cloud, but now the real work needs to begin. Join this radio show to learn how to really leverage the benefits from your hard cloud-building work.

From this radio show, you'll learn:

  • How to maximize your IT efficiency with the cloud and get the IT department closer to your business needs
  • How far you can push your private cloud and what you can do with hybrid clouds when you find that limit
  • How to identify the apps fit for your purpose and when to ditch the ones that aren't
  • Who you should try to emulate for cloud success

The Intel logo, and Intel are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries

 A Mindful Executive in the Real World
E2 Radio  
9/27/2013   730 comments

Mindfulness is the biggest trend in management right now, but many executives are confused about how to turn the calm, thoughtful language into action that works in their high-stress, highly competitive world. In this episode of E2 Radio, we talk with someone who is putting mindfulness into practice -- and leading a growing, successful company while doing it.

Join us as Enterprise Efficiency executive editor Curtis Franklin and Enterprise Efficiency blogger George Colombo talk with Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble CRM about what mindfulness means to him -- and to his company.

Jon has over 20 years of experience in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA). An entrepreneur at heart, Jon founded GoldMine CRM in 1989 with a college friend and turned it into a very successful venture that he eventually sold to FrontRange. In 2009, Jon founded Nimble, Inc.

Join us as we explore how mindful practices are being employed in the real world!

 ESDN Preview: An Interview With Ray Le Maistre
E2 Radio  
9/26/2013   515 comments

Software-defined networks are re-defining enterprise networking. Ray Le Maistre, editor in chief of Light Reading, will talk about what the changes mean -- and how to get in front of them, in this exciting preview for the Ethernet & SDN Expo, scheduled for October 2nd and 3rd at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, NY.

There has been a tremendous amount of confusion around the term "software-defined networks," and Ray is one of the rare individuals who can help cut through the fog and help you understand how SDNs can make your network infrastructure more efficient -- and a more effective platform for your critical enterprise applications.

Join us for the interview and online conversation that will help you turn SDN into an important new competitive advantage rather than just another acronym. You'll be glad you got the chance to talk SDN -- and preview the Ethernet & SDN Expo.

 Interop Preview: Interview With Mark Headd
E2 Radio  
9/25/2013   786 comments

Interop NY begins September 30, but E2 Radio has a preview of the conference in this special episode. We're going to talk with Mark Headd, chief data officer for the City of Philadelphia. He is one of the keynote speakers for Interop NY and a thought leader on open government.

In this interview and online discussion we'll talk about how open data and open collaboration techniques can foster innovation and create value for the organizations that embrace the principle of "open by default."

Mark is a writer, speaker, teacher, and thought leader on communication technologies, web development, and open government. Self-taught in programming, he has been developing telephone, mobile, speech recognition, and messaging applications for almost 10 years.

In August 2012, Mayor Michael Nutter selected Mark to become the City of Philadelphia's first chief data officer, to lead the city's open data and government transparency initiatives. Mark previously worked as director of government relations at Code for America, culminating in a period of almost two years of collaboration with the organization on open government and civic hacking projects across the country and in Philadelphia.

Mark has worked for technology companies from the Delaware Valley to Silicon Valley. He previously served in government, working for three years as the chief policy and budget advisor for the State of Delaware's Department of Technology and Information. He has also served as director of the Delaware Government Information Center, as technology adviser to former Delaware Governor Thomas R. Carper, and in the New York State Senate as a budget and finance analyst.

 Interop Preview: Interview With Charles Araujo
E2 Radio  
9/24/2013   526 comments

E2 Radio's Interop Preview series continues with an exciting interview with Charles Araujo, founder and CEO of The IT Transformation Institute.

In this interview and online discussion, we'll talk about changing IT market forces, the impact they have had on enterprise IT, and what it means to the future of the enterprise. In light of this changing landscape, Charles will describe the impact those changes will have on the skills required of IT professionals.

Charles is the founder and CEO of The IT Transformation Institute and author of the book The Quantum Age of IT: Why Everything You Know About IT Is About to Change. He is a recognized leader and expert in the areas of IT transformation and IT organizational change; is presently at work on two new books; and is the creator of DeepRoots, an organizational change methodology designed for IT teams. He speaks and writes frequently on a wide range of subjects related to his vision of the future of IT. Charles serves on the boards of itSMF USA and The Executive Next Practices Institute, is a regular contributor to CIO Insight Magazine, and has been quoted or published in magazines, blogs, and websites, including ZDNet, IT Business Edge, ITSM Portal, TechRepublic, itSMF USA's Forum, HDI SupportWorld, Computerworld, USA Today, and Time.

 Interop Preview: Applications in the Cloud
E2 Radio  
9/20/2013   508 comments

Interop NY 2013 kicks off on September 30. Enterprise Efficiency is kicking off its coverage of Interop NY with a special series on E2 Radio. This conversation with Ken Griffin, director of IT services and operations at Harvard Business Publishing, will be an in-depth look at an important topic: getting applications ready for the cloud.

Join us for the interview and online discussion as we look at what is required for a successful migration from a traditional infrastructure to a private, public, or hybrid cloud deployment. It's an Interop preview that packs a huge information punch!

 Social Media: What CIOs Should Know About the Law
E2 Radio  
9/18/2013   743 comments

Social media is critical for the modern enterprise. Making sure social media use lies within the laws and regulations governing the enterprise is critical for the CIO. That's why this episode of E2 Radio is so important.

In this episode, we'll be talking with Richard Santalesa, senior counsel at InfoLawGroup, LLC, about what CIOs need to keep in mind as they're helping their organization develop strategies and policies governing social media use. The answers may surprise you -- and might just help keep your enterprise on the good side of the law!

Richard Santalesa is Senior Counsel in Information Law Group's east coast office, based in Fairfield, Connecticut and New York City. He focuses on representing clients on electronic commerce and internet issues, software and content licensing, privacy and data security, outsourcing, cloud computing, software and website development transactions, and other commercial arrangements involving intellectual property and technology-savvy companies. He also counsels clients on the creation and development of technology-focused businesses and the global protection and exploitation of their intellectual property assets.

Join us for the conversation and the live discussion -- it's an hour well invested in doing things right.

 Customer Relations: An Interview With Ian Jacobs
E2 Radio  
9/12/2013   687 comments

The customer relationship is the most important relationship in business. It's IT's job to help get it right.

In this episode of E2 Radio, Enterprise Efficiency editors will talk customer relationships with Ian Jacobs, a noted expert in the field. Join us as we learn about the changing nature of customer relationships in an era defined by apps and mobile devices, and hear Ian talk about the keys to building the right kind of relationship with customers on all the different platforms they use.

Ian Jacobs is the customer experience evangelist for Genesys. He explores the intersection of technology, culture and process, as well as the ways consumers embrace and live with new channels. He speaks regularly to customers, prospects, partners, press, and analysts about best-practices and trends in customer care.

Prior to joining Genesys, Ian held several senior-level analyst positions in the contact center and CRM space. Most recently, he was a principal analyst at Ovum, spearheading an effort to focus on business benefits and drivers for customer interaction technologies. He brings with him 20 years’ experience as a marketer, journalist, and analyst in the enterprise software market.

Join us for a lively and information-packed interview and discussion. Sign up today and add your voice to the conversation on customer relationships!

 Executive Interview: Mitchell Sprinsky of Spectrum Pharmaceutical
E2 Radio  
8/29/2013   777 comments

The pharmaceutical industry is unique for its mix of legal oversight and regulatory requirements. When you add the challenges of a widely dispersed organization it can make for a true CIO headache. In this Executive Interview, we'll talk with Mitchell Sprinksy, CIO of Spectrum Pharmaceutical, about how he manages to keep the organization flourishing in the face of internal and external challenges -- and with the ongoing requirement for greater productivity, security, and functionality.

Join us for this intense interview and the lively discussion that will be going on alongside the on-air talk. It will be a great opportunity to learn the lessons this cutting-edge CIO has pioneered for his organization.

 The Mindful CIO: George Colombo
E2 Radio  
8/23/2013   683 comments

Join us for this executive interview with George Colombo, who writes the Mindful CIO blog for Enterprise Efficiency. We'll be looking at mindful practices in the enterprise, how they can have a measurable impact on IT performance -- and whether several executives in recent news stories might have benefitted from being more mindful.

Take a deep breath, and join us for the interview and the lively discussion that will accompany the show. It will be a radio show with real impact on your IT practice.

 Executive Interview: Myron Weber of Northwood Advisors
E2 Radio  
8/20/2013   625 comments

Join us for an information-packed conversation with Myron Weber, founder and president of Northwood Advisors. In this Executive Interview we'll look at one of the big questions that goes along with big-data: How is it that we continue to be so bad at something that's so important?

Myron Weber is uniquely qualified to talk about the subject of data in the enterprise. He works with successful executives every day, helping them better understand their needs and construct smart business intelligence (BI) solutions that incorporate roadmap, governance, and best-practices. Weber draws from more than 20 years of experience consulting with executives nationwide to implement BI programs in ways that strengthen teams and boost ROI.

His insights, systems thinking,, and creative approaches to problem-solving have helped him to collaborate on some of the most high-profile and results-driven BI systems in the country. Weber’s own successful entrepreneurship provides him with a unique perspective of understanding the demands and requirements of organizational leaders. He co-founded a technology consulting firm and grew its workforce from four to eighty-five employees before selling the brand for over $10 million.

Don't miss this exciting Executive Interview and the dynamic on-line discussion with Myron Weber!

 Executive Interview: Gib Sorebo of SAIC
E2 Radio  
8/15/2013   611 comments

Security is top-of-mind for every IT executive. This episode of E2 Radio will bring you the latest news from the cybersecurity technology wars.

When the government needs deep thinkers, it often turns to SAIC. When SAIC needs guidance on cybersecurity technology, it turns to Gib Sorebo, chief cybersecurity technologist for the organization that leads the way in providing expertise and planning for government departments and agencies.

Join us as we have a wide-ranging conversation with Gib about IT security and the ways in which technology can support the mission -- and areas in which the IT community needs to look beyond technology for answers. The audience for this episode will hear us discuss:

  • The current state of the cybersecurity wars
  • The technology that defines the "leading edge" of IT security today
  • How IT should be approaching security technology in the enterprise
  • Which attacks are beyond technology's reach
  • How to develop a coherent security strategy built around the latest technology
 Executive Interview: Michael Callahan of UCF
E2 Radio  
8/14/2013   513 comments

It's late summer in North America and that means it's time for the school year to begin. Join us as we talk to Michael Callahan, director of IT for the Burnett Honors College at the University of Central Florida about what this new year will mean for students and educators -- and for the IT professionals who support them.

With MOOCs taking the headlines, it's easy to forget that there are still innovative, revolutionary things happening in IT for traditional classroom educators and their students. The University of Central Florida in Orlando, Fla., is the second-largest university in the nation. Its Burnett Honors College develops curricula and courses for the best and brightest undergraduates across all of the university's schools and colleges. In this episode of E2 Radio listeners will hear Callahan discuss:

  • Which devices students and professors are bringing to the classroom
  • How university IT is supporting new demands from faculty and students
  • Which features from MOOCs are being incorporated into the traditional classroom
  • What education IT pros see coming for the future of their field in education
 How to Become a CIO
E2 Radio  
8/13/2013   657 comments

So you want to be a CIO, eh? Want to know if you have what it takes? Want to know what steps you need to take to get you closer to that goal?

Then don't miss this episode of E2 Radio, How to Become a CIO. Our guest, Martha Heller, will explain what executive recruiters are looking for in a CIO and how to craft a resume that will rise to the top of the CEO's short list.

Martha Heller is the president of Heller Search Associates, an executive search firm specializing in recruiting CIOs and other senior IT executives. She is also the author of The CIO Paradox: Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership.

Join us Tuesday, Aug. 13, at 2:00 p.m. EDT (11:00 a.m. PDT), and learn about:

  • The IT experience hiring managers are looking for in a CIO
  • The business skills every CIO needs
  • What education recruiters want in a candidate
  • How to craft a story that convinces employers you’re ready to take on the CIO job
 Discover Even More Ways to Maximize SQL Server Performance
E2 Radio  
8/8/2013   749 comments

Sponsored by Dell

Your ability to maximize database performance in a virtualized SQL Server environment increases immensely when you have a clear understanding of your requirements. Learn more about these requirements – and whether or not you can meet them with a virtual server – in a live E2 Q&A with renowned SQL Server guru Brent Ozar.

A Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) and MVP, Ozar will discuss why organizations are implementing virtualization, and what it means for you as a DBA. He’ll also discuss the best techniques for managing physical and virtual SQL Server implementations, including:

  • Questions to ask yourself and your team before you get started
  • Configuration considerations and best-practices
  • Red flags and common mistakes
  • Monitoring and ensuring high performance of your entire SQL Server environment

 Real Management for the Virtual World
E2 Radio  
7/25/2013   723 comments

Sponsored by Dell and VMware

You've heard the siren call of the virtual server, and you've reaped real benefits, but you still want more. You think there must be a better way to manage all of those virtual machines.

The right management strategies, practices, and tools should let you reduce complexity, automate key functions, and control costs while maximizing the productivity of your IT resources. It all sounds reasonable, but how do you make it happen? That's the question this episode of E2 Radio, Real Management for the Virtual World, will answer at 2:00 p.m. EDT on July 25.

Making the most of virtual servers means wringing the most utilization out of hardware and keeping an eye on software resources. Our expert guests will talk about how your existing hardware can be more productive and your VMWare licenses can truly "earn their keep" -- all while allowing your staff to maintain their sanity and improve their responsiveness to the business units and the accounting department.

Virtualization is a great idea -- and smart management can make it even better. Mark your calendar for this important episode of E2 Radio and bring your questions for the live text chat. Join us at 2:00 p.m. on July 25 for Real Management for the Virtual World!

 A Partnership With Lawyers
E2 Radio  
7/23/2013   572 comments

Most IT executives avoid all possible contact with the legal department. When it comes to key policies, that can be a huge mistake.

That's why Enterprise Efficiency is bringing you a very special episode of E2 Radio this week. In this episode, our guest, Kirk Nahra, JD, will talk about what the legal department (or outside legal counsel) can do for the IT department, which policies they should consult on, and when it's best to involve them early in the planning process. It's a critical issue -- and Kirk is the perfect guest to address it.

Kirk Nahra is a partner with Wiley Rein LLP in Washington, D.C., where he specializes in privacy, information security, and data breach litigation and counseling for the companies facing compliance obligations in these areas. He is chair of the firm’s Privacy Practice and co-chair of its Health Care Practice. A long-time member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, he is the editor of Privacy Advisor, the monthly newsletter of the IAPP. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and Harvard Law School. He can be reached at 202.719.7335 or knahra@wileyrein.com. Follow him on Twitter @Kirkjnahrawork.

Register for the show now and plan to be part of the online discussion as well, when Mr. Nahra will answer questions and give more examples of just what you can expect when you get over your jitters and treat the legal department as partners.

 Librarians in the Digital Age
E2 Radio  
7/19/2013   573 comments

From the time of Alexandria, great cities, and great universities, have been defined by their libraries. Vast storehouses of human knowledge, organized and protected by dedicated librarians, have enlightened, educated, and inspired scholars and citizens for thousands of years. Does all of that change when books become digital images rather than ink-bearing paper or papyrus?

That's the question we'll ask and answer in this episode of E2 Radio. Join us as we talk with K.G. Schneider, University Librarian at Holy Names University in Oakland, Calif., about the role that librarians -- and the libraries they manage -- play in the modern university.

When books are more likely to be bought with a download code than a dust jacket, and libraries are more likely to hold espresso machines than card catalogues, does the old model of the librarian still make sense? We'll look at that issue and talk about how librarians and their libraries are working to adapt to the needs of modern scholars, professionals, and students.

Those who listen to this show and take part in the chat can learn:

  • How the role of librarian is evolving
  • How libraries are changing to meet changing user needs
  • How IT is playing a greater role in successful libraries
  • Which lessons corporations can learn from the ways that libraries are changing
  • What the library of the future might look (and sound) like

Join us for this outstanding episode of E2 Radio, and be prepared to join what's sure to be a lively chat. We promise there will be no electronic shushing!

 Datacenter Performance & Manageability – Coming to an Office Near You!
E2 Radio  
7/17/2013   749 comments

Sponsored by Dell & Intel

Organizations of all types and sizes are challenged to find solutions specifically designed for office environments and the unique problems they present. The solutions currently available on the market today are typically designed for datacenter environments where power, cooling, space, and even noise characteristics can be tightly controlled by IT. Office environments, including those organizations that have remote office environments, often require an infrastructure solution that can easily adapt itself to conditions that are not optimal for typical IT equipment. The question is how to move high performance, reliable server-based computing out of the datacenter and into the field.

This special sponsored episode of E2 Radio will bring you answers to that question. Join E2 editors as they talk with experts from Dell and Intel about servers and supporting infrastructure designed for deploying a virtual architecture in office and remote office environments. New designs like Dell's VRTX combine server, storage, and networking resources into a single scalable chassis. We'll look at how these merged functions can change the way the enterprise thinks about servers in remote locations -- and how changes in branch and remote office computing can have a huge impact on the services you deliver to employees, partners, and customers.

 Address Your IT Stack With Application Performance Monitoring
E2 Radio  
6/25/2013   729 comments

Sponsored by Dell

Helping your organization prosper is considerably easier when you have complete visibility into the critical transactions driving the business -- including an accurate assessment of the impact of cloud or virtualization on performance. With applications becoming much more modularized and distributed, and the environment into which they're being deployed becoming more dynamic, you face new challenges that can only be addressed by application performance monitoring (APM).

Join us on June 25 at 2:00 p.m. ET (11:00 a.m. PT) for the next episode of E2 radio with E2 executive editor Curtis Franklin and Bernd Harzog, analyst for The Virtualization Practice and CEO and founder of APM Experts. Hear how APM has evolved to incorporate new analytics and transaction-based approaches so you can properly address issues in the entire stack.

At The Virtualization Practice, Bernd Harzog publishes original, analytical articles about infrastructure performance management and applications performance management for virtualized and cloud-based environments. APM Experts is Bernd's strategy marketing consulting company. He provides product strategy, marketing strategy, and business development services to vendors in the industry. Bernd has been the CEO of RTO Software (recently acquired by VMware), the VP of products for Netuitive, the research director for Windows Server and Desktop Operating Systems at Gartner, a general manager at Xcellenet, and has had several other significant roles in the software industry since 1980.

Don't miss this live discussion on ways you can maximize transaction performance.

 Lessons From the Schoolhouse Datacenter
E2 Radio  
6/18/2013   767 comments

Sponsored by Dell

If a school's servers go down, hundreds or thousands of students can be left marking time rather than making the grade. IT in education is all about delivering multiple media types on a hard deadline -- and keeping highly confidential information secure and private in the process.

In this special episode of E2 Radio, join Enterprise Efficiency editors and their guests, Kevin C. Dorsey, director of technology, and Ginny Wexler, network manager, as they talk about the challenges of preserving and protecting the data and applications that are critical for modern education. They'll be discussing how virtualization is growing as a tool in educational IT, and what all the changes of the past decade have meant for "nuts and bolts" tasks like backup and recovery in the school district datacenter.

These two IT pros from the Springfield Township School District in Pennsylvania will bring real-world experience and serious IT credibility to E2 Radio at 3:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 18. Join us for the interview and live text chat to learn what's going on in IT behind the schoolhouse doors -- and how the lessons learned in the school district datacenter can mean better reliability and security for your enterprise data.

 Executive Interview: Glenn Evans of Acrux
E2 Radio  
5/30/2013   514 comments
Join us as we talk with Glenn Evans, CEO of Acrux Consulting, and the chief architect of InteropNet.
 CIO Coaching Session: Gerber & Hugos
E2 Radio  
5/28/2013   603 comments

In this new series of E2 Radio shows, we bring an executive coach together with an experienced executive to talk about issues of leadership. The coach will talk about his or her experience with leadership principles, while the CIO will bring real-world experience to the conversation.

This first episode will feature Kimberly Gerber of Excelarate as the coach and our own Michael Hugos as the CIO. These two experienced leaders will discuss what it takes to be a leader in the modern IT organization, and how an effective leader can put best-practices in motion at their organization.

Join us as we begin this important new series of shows at E2 Radio. Like our executive interviews, these will help you become a more capable leader -- and a better CIO!

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TGen IT: Where We Are Now

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TGen is breaking new ground in genomic research by using Dell's storage, cloud, and high-performance computing solutions.
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TGen IT: Where We Were

4|27|12   |   06:45   |   10 comments

The Translational Genomics Research Institute wanted to save lives, but its efforts were hobbled by immense computing challenges related to collecting, processing, sharing, and storing enormous amounts of data.
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1,200% Faster

4|18|12   |   02:27   |   12 comments

Through their partnership, Dell and TGen have increased the speed of TGen’s medical research by 1,200 percent.
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IT May Improve Children's Chances of Survival

4|17|12   |   02:12   |   8 comments

IT is helping medical researchers reach breakthroughs in a way and pace never seen before.
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Medical Advances in the Cloud

4|10|12   |   1:25   |   5 comments

TGen and Dell are pushing the boundaries of computing, and harnessing the power of the cloud to improve healthcare.
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TGen: Living the Mission

4|9|12   |   2:25   |   3 comments

TGen's CIO puts the organizational mission at the heart of everything the IT staff does.
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TGen Speeding Up Biomedical Research to Save More Lives

4|5|12   |   1:59   |   8 comments

The Translational Genomics Research Institute is revamping its computing to improve speed, storage, and collaboration – and, most importantly, to save lives.
On the Case
Computing Power Helping to Save Children's Lives

3|28|12   |   2:13   |   3 comments

The Translational Genomics Institute’s partnership with Dell is enabling them to treat kids with neuroblastoma more quickly and save more lives.
Tom Nolle
The Big Reason to Use Office

3|18|14   |   02:24   |   16 comments

Office and personal productivity tools come in a first-class and coach flavor set, but what makes the difference is primarily little things that most users won't encounter. What's the big issue in using something other than Office, and can you get around it?
E2 Editors
SPONSORED: Mobile Security — A Use Case

3|4|14   |   04:27   |   6 comments

New mobile security solutions can accommodate a wide array of needs, including those of a complex university environment.
Tom Nolle
Killing Net Neutrality Might Save You Money

1|16|14   |   2:13   |   11 comments

The DC Court of Appeals voided most of the Neutrality Order, and whatever it might mean for the Internet overall, it might mean better and cheaper Internet VPNs for businesses.
Tom Nolle
The Internet of Everythinguseful

1|10|14   |   2:18   |   19 comments

We really don't want an "Internet of Everything" but even building an Internet of Everythinguseful means setting some ground rules to insure there's value in the process and that costs and risks are minimized.
Tom Nolle
Maturing Google Chrome

12|30|13   |   2.18   |   25 comments

Google's Chrome OS has a lot of potential value and a lot of recent press, but it still needs something to make it more than a thin client. It needs cloud integration, it needs extended APIs via web services, and it needs to suck it up and support a hard drive.
Sara Peters
No More Cookie-Cutter IT

12|23|13   |   03.58   |   21 comments

Creating the right combination of technology, people, and processes for your IT organization is a lot like baking Christmas cookies.
Sara Peters
Smart Wigs Not a Smart Idea

12|5|13   |   3:01   |   46 comments

Sony is seeking a patent for wigs that contain computing devices.
Tom Nolle
Cloud in the Wild

12|4|13   |   02:23   |   15 comments

On a recent African trip I saw examples of the value of the cloud in developing nations, for educational and community development programs. We could build on this, but not only in developing economies, because these same programs are often under-supported even in first-world countries.
E2 Editors
SPONSORED: Is Malware Evading Your IPS?

11|18|13   |   03:16   |   4 comments

Intrusion prevention software is supposed to detect and block malware intrusions, but clever malware authors can evade your IPS in these five main ways.
Sara Peters
Where Have All the Mentors Gone?

9|27|13   |   3:15   |   38 comments

A good professional mentor can change your life for the better... but where do you find one?
Tom Nolle
SDN Wars & You Could Win

9|17|13   |   2:10   |   5 comments

VMware's debate with Cisco on SDN might finally create a fusion between an SDN view that's all about software and another that's all about network equipment. That would be good for every enterprise considering the cloud and SDN.
Ivan Schneider
The Future of the Smart Watch

9|12|13   |   3:19   |   39 comments

Wearing a bulky, oversized watch is good training for the next phase in wristwatches: the Internet-enabled, connected watch. Why the smartphone-tethered connected watch makes sense, plus Ivan demos an entirely new concept for the "smart watch."
Tom Nolle
Cutting Your Cloud Storage Costs

9|4|13   |   2:06   |   3 comments

Cloud storage costs are determined primarily by the rate at which files are changed and the possibility of concurrent access/update. If you can structure your storage use to optimize these factors you can cut costs, perhaps to zero.
Sara Peters
Do CIOs Need an IT Background?

8|29|13   |   2:11   |   23 comments

Most of the CIOs interviewed in the How to Become a CIO series did not start their careers as IT professionals. So is an IT background essential?
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